The Electric Bike Expo and The Circuit at Interbike [VIDEO]

Electric Bike Expo ride trackAs a way to promote the electric bike industry in the U.S., Extra Energy Services NA (EESNA) has a launched a multi-city e-bike test track tour named “The Electric Bike Expo”.

The Electric Bike Expo will be several weekend long events in 2016 featuring an e-bike test track in various cities to encourage the general public and potential e-bike dealers to learn about and experience electric bikes first hand.

“The best way for people to truly understand what an electric bike is all about is to provide them with the ride experience. That is why we are taking electric bikes to the people.” Ray Verhelst, President of EESNA.

The demo electric bikes will be available from e-bike brands and e-bike dealerships from around the U.S. and world markets. This will provide riders with the ability to test multiple e-bikes in a short amount of time and compare them on identical riding conditions.

In addition, there will be e-bike components and accessories that will be available for testing.

Electric Bike Expo ride track overview

The test track will consist of a fully fenced track with enough variety of terrain to get a good feel for each e-bike.

Electric Bike Expo ride track ramp

A “hill” structure will be available for testing the hill climbing of each bike in addition to testing it’s descending characteristics. Straight-aways will test the acceleration and top speed while several corners will help riders determine how each bike handles. There will be an optional terrain lane with small hills, bumps and banks to further test the handling and suspension of some e-bikes.

Electric Bike Expo ride track overview 2

The unique floating globes are 2m helium- filled LED lights that allow riders to test into dusk with a soft, even glow over the entire track.

Here is a video with an overview of the track:

A central location of the track will have booths for brands and dealers to set up their electric bikes for riders.

This is the 2016 schedule and locations so far:

January: Tempe/Scottsdale, AZ: In conjunction with the 2016 Interbike IBD Summit

February: Palm Springs, CA

March: Austin, TX: Adjacent to the SXSW (South by Southwest) entrepreneurial conference and festival

April: Mountain View, CA: In the heart of Silicon Valley adjacent to Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many other corporate headquarters

May: to be announced

June: Portland, OR

In addition to offering a professional and safe test riding experience, The Electric Bike Expo will be gathering market information from all attendees to further understand the growing U.S. electric bike market and consumers preferences.

Each Electric Bike Expo event will be promoted locally and nationally through a variety of marketing strategies to maximize local attendance and media exposure:

  • Local advertising
  • Local and national media press releases
  • Local e-bike dealer promotion
  • Promotion through the Electric Bike Expo website and it’s email/social media channels
  • Promotion through Electric Bike Report and it’s email/social media channels
  • Promotion through Extra Energy and it’s email/social media channels
  • An Electric Bike Expo print magazine will be distributed to all attendees and it will be available online at the Electric Bike Expo website.

Electric bike and related companies interested in participating and/or sponsoring The Electric Bike Expo should contact William Sell of EESNA at: [email protected]

The Circuit at Interbike

To kick things off in 2015, EESNA will manage and promote a similar test track called “The Circuit at Interbike”. Interbike is the largest bicycle trade show in the Americas and will be held at Mandalay Bay Convention Center September 16-18, 2015.

“The Circuit at Interbike” is an indoor test track that will have very similar design elements to The Electric Bike Expo test track. It will be available for attendees of Interbike to test electric bikes in addition to conventional bikes (non electric bikes).

Electric Bike Expo will provide a print magazine at The Circuit that will focus on helping bike dealers grow their business with electric bikes and promote the upcoming Electric Bike Expo events.

The Interbike tradeshow is only open to those who work in the bicycle industry on September 16 and 17, but on September 18th it will be open to the general public. This will be a great opportunity to see the new electric bikes on the Interbike show floor and spend some time test riding them on “The Circuit”.

Emerald Expositions is owner of Interbike and other cycling events such as The IBD Summit. Interbike will be a sponsor of the multi-city Electric Bike Expo. As part of the agreement between Emerald Expositions and EESNA, EESNA will build and manage The Circuit at Interbike for 3 years. Both EESNA and Interbike will promote the event.

EESNA will be working with the non-profit group PeopleForBikes and the Interbike team to create e-bike educational seminars that will cover industry trends, technical, and small business development focused on the growing the electric bike dealer network throughout North America.

Electric bike and related companies interested in participating and/or sponsoring The Circuit at Interbike should contact Andria Klinger at: [email protected] or 949-226-5745

The Extra Energy Services NA Team

EESNA is comprised of a strong group of electric bike industry experts. The name is based on the organization ExtraEnergy, an electric bike industry organization from Tanna, Germany that has been providing electric bike test and review services since 1992. They also have been providing electric bike test ride experiences in Europe since 1997 with their mobile Test IT Tracks. Hannes Neupert is the President of ExtraEnergy (EESNA Vice President) and has spent much of his life promoting the electric bicycle industry.

Ray Verhelst (EESNA President) will use his many years of experiential marketing and event development skills, along with in-depth knowledge of e-bike engineering to create and manage these high quality electric bike riding experiences.

William Sell (EESNA Sales Officer) is a recognized leader in the promotion and production of large-scale conferences and trade shows around the world. William’s career highlights include being Vice President & General Manager of COMDEX in Las Vegas.

Sascha Nachtnebel (EESNA Technology Officer) will be bringing his technical expertise to manage the online and data collection components of EESNA events. Sascha is the CEO and Founder of, a powerful online electric bike comparison tool. Sascha will develop a new digital consumer market research tool to capture data from the thousands of expo attendees and tens of thousands of online readers.

Pete Prebus (EESNA Marketing Officer) will market and promote EESNA events through Electric Bike Report and The Electric Bike Expo website along with all of the associated email and social media channels. Electric Bike Report will also be providing new sections for Interbike, business to business, and The Electric Bike Expo. Pete will be editor of The Electric Bike Expo consumer magazine for EBE events and the e-bike industry magazine for the at “The Circuit” at Interbike.

More Information

Electric Bike Expo ride track tents

Stay tuned to Electric Bike Report for more information about The Electric Bike Expo and The Circuit at Interbike.

Electric bike and related companies interested in participating and/or sponsoring The Electric Bike Expo should contact William Sell of EESNA at: [email protected]

Electric bike and related companies interested in participating and/or sponsoring The Circuit at Interbike should contact Andria Klinger at: [email protected] or 949-226-5745.

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  1. John Koenig says

    I am currently looking to buy a new bike. I would LOVE to find a suitable electric folding bike that cam handle a 300 pound rider (current weight is 280). What’s available NOW???

  2. says

    Why will none of these events come to the east coast?
    Perhaps a major hub like Charlotte, Atlanta, or NYC. More people + more dealers=more exposure.

    • Pete says

      Hi Ted,

      We are definitely looking into more events that would include a number of east coast locations. At this point we are launching with the initial 6 locations but it will most likely grow. Stay tuned for more info on this.


  3. Don Gerhardt says

    This a great idea. I am looking forward to an event on the East Coast. Charlotte NC or Wash DC would be good.
    Don Gerhardt

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