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  1. I have a Specialty Turbo Com 5 e-bike, and plan on doing CharlestonSC to San FranciscoCA in may of next year.
    please tell me which is the BEST rain-protective plastic cover I can buy.

  2. Hi in your calculations it the battery at 100% at the start of the journey and how low do you let it run down.
    I have 250 motor and a 17ah battery on a flat (eg tow path ) I got 35 miles with 25% left in my battery how low would you suggest I let my battery run down

  3. Check out fabulous ebikes from Montréal canada. One of the biggest battery on a bike that I found so far. Cheers.

  4. I don’t see the need on spending serious cash on an ebike , unless it’s just the fact that one can afford it,so why not…But for those many, like myself that have to debate wether spend the money on an expensive ebike or investing it into something more meaningful or just flat out saving the cash for a rainy day… ANCHEER offers the best options (My opinion!) in the market.
    The best $650.00 (that’s what I paid for my AM 1907 MAX ) I have spent.. And after reading your report about the range that one should get based on our bikes specs …I am more satisfied to say the least on my investment . I’m averaging 2. 1/3 hours on an single charge .
    Next ..I’m buying an extra battery, just because I can afford it… lol

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