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The Electric Bike Report Mission

We are very enthusiastic about electric bikes and the potential for them to enable many people to enjoy riding a bike for transportation and recreation.

The primary goal of Electric Bike Report is to get the word out about electric bikes and all of their benefits through news, reviews, rider stories, guides, etc.

The Electric Bike Report Team

Pete Prebus 

Pete Prebus 1Pete Prebus founded Electric Bike Report in 2010 to provide a central resource of electric bike information for everyone.

Pete has nearly 30 years of experience in the cycling world. At the age of 13 he began riding and racing bikes and working as a bike shop mechanic. He raced mountain bikes for many years, including a few years of racing professionally on the U.S. national cross country mountain bike circuit.pete_prebus

Pete’s professional work background includes more than 10 years in the structural and civil engineering field.  

Pete combines his cycling experience, passion for electric bikes, and the power of the Internet to promote this new form of transportation and recreation.

Here are articles by Pete Prebus.

Paul Willerton 

Paul WillertonPaul Willerton is a former professional road and mountain bike racer who has gone on to apply himself to other areas of cycling. He is currently a partner in DeFeet International and is working on several e-bike and bike sharing related projects.

Paul has written for numerous publications on e-bikes. He says “Besides being really fun to ride, e-bikes can help reshape lifestyles, urban and rural transport,  and city design while improving the health and wellness of those that use them.”

His workshop and studio in Bend, Oregon is “e-bike centric”, focusing on the design, development and testing of multi-wheel systems that amplify human power.

Here are articles by Paul Willerton.

Richard Peace 

Richard PeaceRichard Peace is an experienced cycle journalist whose work and range of cycle publications can be found at richardpeacecycling.com

electric bicycles bookRichard has written a book on eBikes called “Electric Bicycles” and it is a great way to immerse yourself in the world of electric bikes.

Richard has also written and published over 20 cycling titles, including the best-selling Ultimate C2C Guide (Sea to Sea by Bike) plus many of the country’s most popular Sustrans routes. Richard lives in Huddersfield, England.

Here are articles by Richard Peace.

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