UPDATE: Copenhagen Wheel All-In-One Electric Bike Kit [VIDEOS]

Copenhagen WheelThe highly anticipated Copenhagen Wheel is nearing completion and shipping of the production version is scheduled for spring of 2015.

The Copenhagen Wheel is the all-in-one electric bike kit that made a splash a few years ago and gained a lot of mainstream media attention due to it’s innovative design.

After years of design refinement and quality testing it looks like it is ready for mainstream production.

Here is a video update from Assaf Biderman, founder of Superpedestrian, the company that makes the Copenhagen Wheel:

And here is a video of how the Copenhagen Wheel works:

All-in-one electric bike kits like the Copenhagen Wheel are pretty cool because all you have to do is replace your wheel and you have an e-bike.

One of the unique features of the Copenhagen Wheel is that it can accommodate a single speed or 7, 8, 9, 10 speed cassette.  So far it is the only rear hub all-in-one that offers that.

With wireless smartphone connectivity it keeps the bike looking clean.

At a price of $949 it opens the door to many people who would like to have an electric bike for commuting and fun.

The Copenhagen Wheel features:

Assist Type: Pedal assist only, no throttle.

Motor: 350 watt motor in the US, 250 watt motor in Europe.  Regenerative braking.

Battery: 48 V lithium.  ? Ah, 1000 charge cycles.  4 hour charge time.

Top Speed: 20 mph in US, 25km/h in Europe

Stated Range: 31 miles (50 km)

Weight: 13 lbs. (5.9 kg)

Wheel size options: 26″ or 700c

Gearing: Single speed or 7, 8, 9, 10 speed freehub.

Smartphone compatibility: iOS (iPhone), Android.  Bluetooth 4.0.  The smartphone app adjusts pedal assist settings and locks or unlocks the wheel.  It also provides you with info ride info that can be shared with your friends.

The Copenhagen Wheel was the original all-in-one electric bike kit but since then there have been others that have come to market.  The FlyKly Smartwheel and Zehus Bike+ are similar to the Copenhagen Wheel.  The EVELO Omni Wheel and the Electron Wheel are front wheel all-in-one kits.

It is exciting to see all of these developments in the electric bike world.

E-bike systems like this have the potential to help more people commute by bike.

What do you think?  Would you or a friend be interested in the Copenhagen Wheel?

Please leave your comments in the section below.



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  1. says

    Hi, Pete. Do they know when the Copenhagen wheel is expected to be completed for purchase? I see they are taking pre-orders now, but I have not seen an expected availability date.


      • says

        The shipment date has slipped to December 2014. It’s now September, 2014. The ship date has moved back 3 times. The company is unresponsive and offers no explanation. My card was charged many months ago.

        • Ben Sturdy says

          I ordered two Copenhagen Wheels early on.

          Initially they were going to be a small scale production run but they have chosen to go for a larger scale production. So the production date was moved from early 2014 to end of 2014. The date has now been moved to first quarter of 2015.

          They have been responsive to me and have also invited me to their test rides recently.

          I am looking forward to getting the wheels soon.


        • Cheryl Jenkins says

          I purchased a Copenhagen Wheel on December 3, 2013. They have given very few communications and the ones that they do have always been untruthful. Promised shipping dates: Spring 2014, End 0f 2014, Spring 2015, End of Spring 2015, End of June 2015 – still no product and no response. If you go on their facebook page and criticize them, they remove all your posts and ban you from their page. Something tells me this company will not be here for the long haul. They will sell some wheels but their extremely poor customer service will kill the business.

  2. says

    Hi Pete,
    What is the battery voltage, the range and wattage of the Copenhagen wheel? I have 500 watt hub motor drive KITS for $250 (includes controller, twist throttle & brake lever assemblies that cut out the controller when the brakes are applied). The controller has extra leads for stop lights and battery charge state lights (High=grn, Med=yel, Low=red) and with a 36 volt SLA pack that is a total of about $400, which is about $300 less than the Copenhagen wheel…and I’d bet its faster, has more torque for climbing a hill and goes further. My number is 480-516-6487 if you’d like to call me to discuss the differences between the Copenhagen wheel and the KITS we are offering. Love to talk to you!!

  3. mike says

    Has anyone had a Copenhagen wheel for any length of time, over how many miles, what type of conditions? Is it holding up, performing, wearing, not wearing, etc.?

    What is the short track record data? Are components reliable, robust, and durable? What type maintenance and replacement/failure issues are revealing themselves? Interested in comments from current owners/riders.



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