New ProdecoTech E-Bikes w/ Internal Frame Battery!

2015 ProdecoTech Rebel X SProdecoTech just announced 9 new models of their electric bikes with the battery integrated into the downtube of the frame!

This is a big improvement in the battery location when compared to the typical rear rack location because it positions the battery weight low and centered in the bike for better handing.  In addition, it allows the use of a traditional rear rack for carrying bags/panniers.

P XR New Battery

While they were at it, ProdecoTech also made big improvements to the battery capacity and features.

The new lithium battery is a high capacity 36V 14.5ah that has the highest grade Samsung cells utilizing NCA chemistry. NCA chemistry is most notably found in Tesla vehicle batteries..  A battery of that size will provide for some long range rides!

The new battery also has a USB port for charging smartphones, tablets, LED lights, etc. while out and about.

Improvements to the bikes did not stop at the battery.  Most of the new ProdecoTech bikes have been upgraded to a 600 watt motor (geared or direct drive).  They also have internal cable routing to keep the looks of the bikes clean.

P XR New Motor

Like other ProdecoTech bikes, these 9 new bikes come equipped with quality components from SRAM, RockShox, Truvativ, Continental, etc.

The launch of these new ProdecoTech bikes include 3 models of each of the Rebel X, Phantom X, and Genesis series bikes.  The new bikes start at $1,999.

All ProdecoTech electric bikes are assembled at their facility near Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Learn more about the ProdecoTech assembly facility here.

Alright, let’s take a look at these new bikes from ProdecoTech!

Rebel X Series

2015 ProdecoTech Rebel X S

The Rebel X is the new electric fat bike with 4″ wide tires!  Electric fat bikes make riding on snow, sand, and rough terrain a lot of fun.

All of the Rebel X bikes have a 6061 aluminum frame, with components from SRAM and Truvativ.  They use the new SRAM Guide 4 piston hydraulic disc brakes which have been getting great reviews!  Top speed is 20 mph and ProdecoTech states the range to be 20-25 miles.

Here are the highlights of each Rebel X model:

Rebel X: single speed with 600 watt direct drive rear hub motor.

Rebel X S: (pictured above) uses the SRAM E-Matic 2 speed auto shifting rear hub while using the new ProdecoTech frame battery, very cool!

Rebel X 9: SRAM G9 9 speed internally geared rear hub drivetrain with 600 watt direct drive front hub motor.

Phantom X

2015 ProdecoTech Phantom X R

2015 Phantom X RS

The Phantom X series has a mountain bike style to it with street type tires (Continental Traffic).  This series features a 6061 aluminum frame, RockShox suspension forks, SRAM & Truvativ components.  Top speed is 20 mph with a stated range of 25-30 miles.

Here are the highlights of the different Phantom X models.

Phantom X: SRAM X7 8 speed drivetrain with 600 watt direct drive rear hub motor.

Phantom X R: SRAM X7 8 speed drivetrain with 600 watt geared rear hub motor.

Phantom X RS: SRAM XO 9 speed drivetrain with 600 watt direct drive rear hub motor. Upgraded brakes (SRAM DB5) & suspension fork (RockShox XC 32).

Genesis (Version 5)

2015 ProdecoTech Genesis

2015 Genesis R

The Genesis bikes have an upright comfortable riding position for commuting and recreational rides.  Features a 6061 aluminium frame (traditional and low step), RockShox suspension forks, SRAM & Truvativ components, Continental tires, etc. Top speed is 20 mph with a stated range of 25-30 miles.

Here are the highlights of the different Genesis Version 5 models.

Genesis: SRAM X7 8 speed drivetrain with 600 watt direct drive rear hub motor.

Genesis R: SRAM X7 8 speed drivetrain with 600 watt geared rear hub motor.

Genesis RS: SRAM XO 9 speed drivetrain with 600 watt direct drive rear hub motor. Upgraded brakes (SRAM DB5) & suspension fork (RockShox XC 32).

Here is more information on the specs of some of these new ProdecoTech models.

These new bikes from ProdecoTech will be available in March of 2015.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more e-bike news and reviews!


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  1. Lynn Ellsworth says

    Good location for the battery, nice update. Apparently Prodeco didn’t want to make all updates in one year. How many years will we have to wait for Prodeco to add crank motors, belt drives, and rear hub shifting?

    • says

      Thank you Pete for sharing ProdecoTech’s v5 e-bikes with your readers.

      Lynn, regarding mid-drives (center drives), belt and rear hub shifting. You will see those features released in 2015 as well. 2015 will be an amazing year for ProdecoTech.

      During the month of March we will be releasing the details of our mid-drive line of bikes. We have been developing a mid-drive bike line in partnership for over 1 year. The system is sure to please and being considered the most advanced mid-drive system upon going into production.

      Mid-drives are for the true bike enthusiast who make the jump from traditional pedal power to electric. A mid-drive rider needs to know how to properly change gears to run a mid-drive efficiently where many electric bicycle riders are not avid gear changers. There were certain features ProdecoTech required in a mid-drive system for the USA consumer and they were finally made available.

      Rear hub drives do make their entrance into the ProdecoTech line with the Rebel X9 being the first production model. The Rebel X9 will feature a SRAM G9 Internal 9 Speed Gear Hub.

      3rd QTR 2015 will see the release our new 48V 16Ah bikes utilizing 70 Cell battery configurations at the down tube.

      2015 will be the most exciting year yet for ProdecoTech.

      Rob Provost
      Prodeco Technologies, LLC

  2. Mark S. says

    I’m very happy about the update.
    In the new Phantom line, which is better…The Direct Drive Rear Hub Motor or the Geared Rear Hub Motor?
    I do a lot of biking in the city and through parks and I currently have the Phantom X2. I love it.

  3. George Sears says

    Like to know more about the 2 speed hub. A low gear would (could) make a hub drive much more competitive with a mid drive in terms of performance. For hills you would have a climb gear. It’s got to be cheaper,, simpler than mid drive. PT is doing interesting stuff.

  4. Dave says

    Has anyone heard when Produce is shipping out the new
    Phantom XR S?
    I can’t get good information.
    Thank you.

    • says

      I was told last week it would be two weeks. They are waiting on a delivery of motors. I will talk to the factory tomorrow and get an update.
      I believe they are accepting orders from the dealers. What model are you interested in?


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