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  1. Would someone address the needs of the more elderly rider?? Pretty please. I have had a few electric bikes. I experience some pain in my right hand around the thumb joint after pressing on a throttle button, braking, etc. I try to use the left brake (gingerly, I might add) to alleviate the repetitiveness using my right hand. I would love coaster bikes on my electric bike! The self-propelled bike doesn’t really work for me as I could just touch it and off it goes, whether I am standing next to it or on it! So my husband removed that feature. It seems like there are quite a few older riders who have arthritis, etc. in their hands. Is any manufacturer considering how to make it easier for us? I cannot bear the thought of giving up biking.

    • I am VERY GLAD that someone else is making a comment about “older” riders. I am 83, and ride a RAD-Mini (folding) Step-Thru. I have severe arthritis in my hands, fingers and wrists. Putting the “backward pressure” on my hands, while “leaning” on my handlebars puts extreme pain in both of my hands. I am trying to figure out how to redesign handlebars, so lower arms and wrists are more in a “direct line” rather than the “bent backwards”, as on regular handlebars. Twisting my “pedal assist” ring on my right handlebar is difficult for me and rarely can I use it.

      • Sometimes ERGO grips can keep your wrists from rolling down on the handlebar.
        Also I would suggest, if you feel you are pushing away or pulling towards the handlebars, sometimes a slight movement of the saddle on the rails forward or aft can make a huge difference in your ride. Also, with your throttle, you can loosen it and roll it forward on the bar. So you will not have to twist it far down to get to work.
        More comfortable ride, means a longer ride!
        Have fun be safe go fast

        Greg. C
        Bike Angel

      • I, too, have accumulated a few years! We have a Radrunner, and I have fitted handlebars so that my hands are in the position you describe. The monkey bars fitted as original look ‘cool’, but just are not comfortable. The throttle fitted definitely needs to be a thumb throttle. To the lady called Suzanne, it is definitely possible to get an ebike with coaster (back-pedal) brake. I put another comment on here, but it seems to have vanished.

        • Where can I find an electric bike with coaster brakes? I am a small woman, 5’2″, and I like my feet to easily touch the ground when stopping. I currently have a folding bike that is small enough for me to do that. Now, if I could also get a “fingers” throttle rather than a thumb one I think I might be able to start biking again. Yahoo.

    • Just a thought,
      Weather you have hydraulic or mechanical brakes you can get a coupler that will actuate both brakes by pulling one lever. ( I have used them for riders with compromised hand or arm issues.)
      When the lever is pulled the rear bake is engaged first followed by the front brake with one action. This can be installed on the left side to off set the reputative right hand use, will take a little getting use to it. But you will be able to ride linger and safer.
      Bike Angel

  2. I’m 84 and I ride a Sondors folder. I developed such severe carpal tunnel/wrist/thumb pain it became intolerable making me consider surgery for it. The annoying button throttle is part of the problem but not all of it. The shock of a bike with no suspension is the major reason. I wouldn’t buy another bike without suspension (nor another Sondors either). The Sondors is OK but for the money it should have had at least a front suspension fork. For what it’s worth, I got a tip to take 3 grams of vitamin C daily for the carpal pain and dang if it didn’t gradually go away after a few days. Anyone my age can tell you their aches and pains rarely get better, (only worse). Sur[risingly I have no more carpal pain ever. More than that, when I ran out of the supplement for a few days, the pain returned. I never fail to take it anymore and I recommend it whatever your age.

  3. Hi, I too am an OLD FART, 70 years old, I have cancer, 3 Screws in my hip and I would not be cycling if I could not ride ELECTRIC. I find that 750 watt is the bare minimum of
    power and prefer and have more power due to the steep hills. Fat tires are the only way to go and step-thru’s are nice, Especially moped style. Full suspension a must and FULL TWIST THROTTLE. HALF TWIST AND SILLY THUMB THROTTLES are a useless idea made up for E-bikes, There is a reason EVERY Motorcycle, Scooter and Moped in the world have full twist throttles and if your fingers get tired, You can still operate the throttle using a flat hand to maintain your speed on long stretches of bike trails. (also works with gloves on) Hope this helps.

  4. OH, I forgot to mention, The first thing I do to an E-bike is disable that PEDAL-ASSIST, Which I find is more of a problem than a help…

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