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  1. The cost of electricity to charge an ebike is in the noise. It probably takes 0.5 kwh to recharge my 0.360 kwh battery – there are losses both in the charger and the battery when recharging. Even if you do 30 miles a day ( which uses up most of the charge on my Bionx 350 PL, similar to the Ohm) we are only talking about five to six cents for electricity here on the more expensive East Coast.

    The real cost is battery life. My Bionx Li-Mn battery is good for about 500 to 700 cycles and costs over $500 to have rebuilt. So that’s a dollar to go 30 miles. That is the dominant cost, not the electricity.

  2. I used to have this catchphrase : fillup with 5 euros a year!

    daily commuters might have to raise up to 10€.

    +1 with Pete

    Paris, France

  3. Great analysis EBR, but it’s the total cost of ownership that makes cars so expensive. AAA computed monthly automobiles at $707/mo for gas, maintenance and insurance 4+ yrs ago, and even if you set aside monthly maint & insurance of en ebike at $50-60 it would still win in a landslide vs automobiles! How about an acquisition cost comparison – about 1/10th the cost vs a car!

  4. E-bike chargers may have varying degrees of efficiency. Some energy will be lost as heat during the charging process. While this loss is generally small, it’s worth considering if you want a more accurate cost estimate.

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