Electric Bike News Week of 1-10-11

Time for some electric bike news!  Here is a recap of the news from the week of January 10, 2010.  Lots of exciting things going on in the e-bike world!

And now the electric bicycle news!

City of London police are giving electric bikes a trial run to see how they work is helping police officers navigate quickly through congested areas.

Here’s a new electric bike from Daum that uses a mid motor (motor by the cranks).  Bike Radar did a quick review of their experience riding the e-bike.

Recently I took a trip to Austin Texas to visit the NuVinci design and testing headquarters.  Here is an article I put together with an overview of what their “gearless” drivetrain is all about!

VIV Magazine did a nice article on electric bikes and why they are so cool 🙂

Towards the bottom of this article is a great part on the e-bike scene in Portland Oregon, a place known for it’s biking culture!

Are you looking for a electric bike conversion kit for your mountain bike?  If so you may want to check out the EGO Boost kit.

Powabyke from the UK is expanding into Denmark.  I like this quote from the article “The electric cycle market in Denmark reached 20,000 units in 2010, and the market is growing fast. The market is expected to reach 50,000-80,000 units per year in the near future.”

Here is an organization called “UnDriving” that encourages people to take a pledge to find other ways of getting around besides the car.  You can actually get your UnDriving license!

Germany’s largest bike maker, Derby Cycles, is going public.  Here is a quote from the Derby CEO  “We sold around 50,000 e-Bikes in 2010. Experts are forecasting strong growth in this sector in the coming years in Europe and beyond. We want to benefit from this trend. An IPO would help us to do just that.”

There are some high end electric bikes coming from a team project with Storck bike company and Cosworth (electronics specialist).  The new e-bikes sound like fun 🙂

An electric bike conference was recently held in the UK to chat about some of the hurdles e-bikes have to overcome become more mainstream.

That’s it for now.  Please add any stories that you may have run across in the comment section below.



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