Polaris eBikes Joins the Electric Bike Expo Events

Polaris Diesel electric bikePolaris eBikes has joined the Electric Bike Expo multi city e-bike test track events!

Polaris is well known for their ATV, snowmobiles, new motorcycle line, and now electric bikes!

In this article Adam Rand, President of Polaris eBikes, talks about what makes Polaris eBikes unique and which models will be available at the Expo events.

Here is a look at a few of the Polaris electric bike models, there are more on their website.


Polaris Diesel electric bike

The Polaris Diesel e-mountain bike has the 750 watt Evantage duo drive rear hub motor with the lithium battery integrated into the top tube of the frame. Pretty wild color scheme!

Polaris Nordic electric bike

The Polaris Nordic is a fat e-bike with 4″ wide tires for riding in sand, snow, or just cruising your local city streets.

Polaris Rail 501 electric bike

The Polaris Rail EV501 is their economical e-mtb with solid mix of components.

Polaris Course 502 electric bike

The Polaris Course EV502 is their urban commuter/touring e-bike.

Checkout the Polaris eBikes website for more of their e-bike models.

Adam Rand is the President of Polaris eBikes and he took some time to answer the following questions about Polaris and their unique e-bike technology.

Pete: Polaris is a well-known brand in the ATV, snowmobile, and recently the motorcycle markets. Why did Polaris decide to get into the electric bike market?

Adam: EVantage USA, Inc., backed with 15 plus years of manufacturing, engineering and design of electric systems, approached Polaris and introduced our new motor system technologies. Emerging technologies established the relationship.

Pete: Why is it important for Polaris eBikes to exhibit and demo at the Electric Bike Expo events?

Adam: Exposure and education to the consumer. In order to provide the best product to our end consumer, we have to stay on top of industry trends. One of the best ways of becoming an industry leader is to surround oneself with industry leaders. We want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest electric bike technology. There’s no better way to do that than to be fully immersed in industry events like the Electric Bike Expo.

Pete: Polaris eBikes have a number of unique features when compared to other electric bikes. Could you tell us more about those features?

Adam: Without getting too technical, I would say our Gear Speed technology is one of our defining features. Gear Speed acts like the transmission in a vehicle. It gives the rider responsiveness and handling within each bicycle gear. Secondly, our Regeneration system – our advanced Regen system allows the rider to capture battery power. We can extend the efficiency of the battery by utilizing multiple regeneration features.

Pete: Could you give us an overview of a few of the Polaris eBikes that will be available for test ride at the Electric Bike Expo events?

Adam: We’ll have commuter, mountain bike and fat tire options with our advanced performance models reaching speeds of 25 MPH.

Pete: Can you share any news of the new 2016 Polaris electric bikes?

Adam: Along with optimizing our current models, we’ll be able to showcase new technologies that will ultimately broaden our customer base. Utilizing the most advanced battery and motor system on the market, the 2016 Polaris Electric Bike will become the industry standard.

Thanks to Adam Rand for taking time to answer those questions!

Stay tuned for more about Polaris eBikes and news on the Electric Bike Expo.


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