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  1. Well, the Okai Stride is good. Suitable for anyone to get on and ride. That must be their experience of making hire bikes. I’m not keen on all this smartphone stuff. More complications and more edging us towards the digital trap. The Decathlon cargo bike is attractive, but a thousand euros more than the one from Radpower, so a bit off-putting for many who fancy their own transport. The crossbar looks a bit high, and different size wheels don’t help if you keep a spare tyre and tube. I try to be positive, but the Polder seems a bit strange for a lot of money. Talking of expensive bikes, I found the Hercules range the other day. Lovely bikes, but so expensive, and no hub motors. I did email this site about the Electrom bike. It’s worth having a look just for all the thought that has gone into it.

  2. Aren’t most eBikes frames made in China? Higher quality ones are made in Taiwan, but usually not assembled in China. About 80% of eBikes seem to be made in China.

    • I was thinking the same thing.
      This quote: “Add to this the fact that most e-bike frames are built in Taiwan……” just doesn’t sound right.
      Is there reliable information to back that up?

  3. Help! I am trying to find the article that was posted awhile back about the lightest e-bikes available and how weight has become a big feature for some of the major manufacturers going forward.

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