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Mando Footloose IM Series Hybrid Electric Bike [VIDEO & PICS]

No Chain?! The Mando Footloose is an electric bike without a chain or belt or any other way for the cranks to directly power the rear wheel. When you turn the pedals electricity is generated and added to the battery which then powers the rear hub motor. The Mando Footloose is a series hybrid electric bike. Mando recently introduced the new Footloose IM that is similar to the original Footloose but it doesn’t fold and there are some other feature differences.

Virtue Pedalist Enclosed Electric Trike & Schoolbus+ E-Cargo Trike [VIDEO]

Electric bikes are great for zipping around town but what if want weather protection? Well, Virtue Bike has the answer with their Pedalist semi-enclosed electric trike. The Pedalist is an upright (not recumbent) e-trike with an enclosure that looks somewhat car-like. Right now the Pedalist is still in the prototype stage but Virtue Bike is planning to make it a reality soon with a Kickstarter campaign.

2015 OHM Cycles Electric Bikes [VIDEO & PICS]

OHM Cycles has introduced their new 2015 electric bikes that includes their new XS750 Plus with 3.25″ wide off road tires & BionX D Series system. The XS750 Plus and the XS750 both use the new BionX D series 500 watt motor that provides a lot of torque and is designed for off road riding. OHM is still focused on commuter/touring style e-bikes too with their XU700 and XU700 LS (low step). Both of the road models also feature the BionX drive system. Enjoy the following video and pictures of the these new OHM Cycles e-bikes!

Solar Electric Cargo Bike & Fat Free E-Bike from NTS Works [VIDEO & PICS]

A solar electric cargo bike. It sounds futuristic! But the SunCycle is a real bike from NTS Works. I had a chance to catch up with the CEO of NTS Works, Neal Saiki, at Interbike and shoot a video of the innovative SunCycle solar e-cargo bike. In addition, Neal shows us their Fat Free e-bike that is designed for ease of use for almost any size rider. Enjoy the following video with Neal showing off the SunCycle and Fat Free:

2015 IZIP Electric Bikes: Sumo Fat E-Bike, Peak DS, & More [VIDEOS & PICS]

“Fat” electric bikes were a hit at this year’s Interbike and IZIP presented their E3 Sumo that features 4″+ wide tires with the TransX 350 watt mid drive system. Following in the new off road electric bike options is the new IZIP E3 Peak DS, a full suspension e-mtb with 120 mm of travel front and rear and the TransX 350 mid drive. And that is not all that is new for 2015. A lot of the existing models have improvements in the features as well as looks. Checkout the following videos with Larry Pizzi (President of Currie Technologies) presenting the new IZIP line at Interbike.

2015 A2B Electric Bikes: Galvani, Ferber, Octave, Kuo+, & More! [VIDEO & PICS]

A2B has been hard at work bringing new models to their line up as well as adding some new features to their current e-bikes. For 2015, they are launching the commuter/touring style Galvani and Ferber that offer more of a classic European styling, torque sensor pedal assist, a new display, and a healthy selection of accessories. They have added the Kuo+ which features a new 36V 8ah battery as an upgrade to their existing Kuo model. The Octave is a new name but the bike is very similar to their previous Metro model that has has an easy to ride style. A2B has incorporated the eSocialBike cloud based diagnostic system and smartphone app into their bikes and this will provide a lot more functionality & support.

2015 Grace and Nicolai Electric Bikes [VIDEOS & PICS]

Grace and Nicolai are both high end electric bike brands from Germany and they are now both available in the US. Grace has made waves in the e-bike industry with their powerful and solidly built Grace One, off road worthy MX, urban style MXII, and their sleek looking Grace Easy. Nicolai has been making high end mountain bikes for a long time with options like the Pinion gear box and Gates Carbon Belt Drive, among others. The electric bikes that they are bringing to the US highlights that innovative off road design.

Lapierre Overvolt E-MTB’s & Riding with the Bosch Director [VIDEOS]

Lapierre is a French brand that is bringing their Bosch powered full suspension (FS900) and hardtail (HT900) electric mountain bikes to the US market for 2015. I had a chance to ride the FS900 with Claus Fleischer, the director of the Bosch e-bike division, at the Interbike Outdoor Demo mountain bike trails. The FS900 did an excellent job of handling the rough trails at Bootleg Canyon and it was a great way to get to know the director of Bosch; on the trails! Claus said that he is excited about everything e-bike; from the sport style electric road and mountain bikes, to the commuter/touring bikes, to the utilitarian cargo bikes. He believes that e-bikes enable more people to enjoy a bike ride. And for those that think that electric bikes are cheating, Claus says “how can you cheat on fun?”. Well put!

2015 Easy Motion Electric Bikes [VIDEOS & PICS]

For 2015 Easy Motion is bringing their new EVO line up of e-bikes to the US and they recently showed them off at Interbike in Las Vegas. The EVO line has some new features that improve on the previous NEO line from Easy Motion. The first one is that the battery integration on the downtube of the frame is even more stealth to make their electric bikes look very much like a traditional bicycle. Speaking of the frames, the EVO frames utilitize hyrdoformed aluminum tubes to create some cool looks and in some cases, more standover height. Another improvement is the ability to charge the battery on or off the bike in the EVO line. Easy Motion also had their Bosch powered City Wave commuter style electric bike on display.

New Pedego Electric Bikes: Stretch E-Cargo, Boomerang Step Thru, & Ridgerider E-Mtb [VIDEOS & PICS]

Pedego has been busy this year! For 2015 they are introducing an electric cargo bike, a super e-step thru, and an electric mountain bike. And that is in addition to new features that they will be adding to their existing line of e-bikes which includes beach cruisers, commuters, a fat bike, and a tandem. Pedego showed off these new 2015 e-bikes at Interbike in Las Vegas; the largest bicycle trade show in the US.

The Stromer ST2 at Interbike 2014 [VIDEO & PICS]

The highly anticipated Stromer ST2 was on display at Interbike 2014 to tease us for it’s 2015 arrival in the US. The ST2 is a very high tech electric bike with smartphone integration and GSM wireless connectivity using it’s OMNI system. In addition to being on the cutting edge of tech, the ST2 features a HUGE lithium battery with 814 watt hours of capacity. Most bikes have 360 or 400 watt hours.

The ProdecoTech Electric Bike Line Up at Interbike 2014 [VIDEOS & PICS]

ProdecoTech had a large piece of real estate at this year’s Interbike to show off some of their new electric bikes for 2015. Notably there was the Outlaw 1200 (1200 watts of power), their new Speed Pedelec with torque sensor pedal assist, and the folding Mariner 500 e-bike. They showed off a chain torque sensor can be added to any of their current bikes as well as some of their older models. In addition to those new e-bikes and torque sensor, there was the rest of their range of off road and street style electric bikes.

EcoSpeed Launches Kickstarter to Ramp Up Production

EcoSpeed, the Portland, Oregon based maker of mid-drive motor systems has launched a Kickstarter campaign and only ten days into the project says it had achieved 53% of its $75,000 goal. According to EcoSpeed General Manager Brad Davis, “With just over twenty days to go, we’re feeling very good about reaching our goal. The outpouring from existing and potential customers has been very gratifying.” Davis says that even though the company has built more than 450 systems over the past decade, it is hoping to take advantage of the huge surge in the e-bike industry by moving out of the one-off business and set up an ongoing manufacturing line to produce its motor kits in quantity.