Washington DC Electric Bike Expo Oct 7-9. Ride the Latest eBikes!

Electric Bike ExpoThe Washington DC Electric Bike Expo is on October 7-9 at Tyson’s Corner Center and it is the place for you to ride the latest electric bikes.

And best of all it’s completely FREE to attend and test ride as many eBikes as you like!

In addition you can be entered to win an electric bike and learn more about the latest ebikes directly from the manufacturer reps.

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New Electric Bikes from the Birmingham UK Cycle Show

bosch-motorBy Richard Peace

Having been to the trade and press day of the UK’s Birmingham Cycle Show for the past three years it was interesting to see an explosion in the number of electric bikes present.

There were more European firms especially keen to get in on the action of an apparently burgeoning e-bike scene.

Taking centre stage were the e-bike motor manufacturers, namely Bosch and Shimano, each with their own stand, making it clear the resources they were putting into a nascent UK market.

The Bosch e-MTB test track apparently involved moving several hundred tons of earth. [Read more…]

eBike News: Big eCargo, Light Folding eBikes, eTrikes, & More! [VIDEO]

procargo-ct1_system-unit-5By Richard Peace

Sortimo Broaden Horizons to commercial e-cargo bikes

Sortimo is a German manufacturer of storage systems integrated into car and van bodies; the kind of thing you see in use every day by tradesmen and other skilled workers who need to carry a range of spares and tools and need to be well-organised with a range of limited stock and mobile.

They have now diversified into e-cargo bikes in a collaborative process with HNF Heisenberg whose titling trike was [Read more…]

The State of the Electric Bicycle Market

ProdecoTech assembly facility

ProdecoTech assembly facility in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

By Forbes Black

When I attempted to build my first electric bicycle (ebike) in 1990, I had to invent all the components of the motorized drivetrain myself, or at least repurpose them from equipment designed for other purposes.  

I used an electric trolling motor and a deep-cycle lead acid battery.  I fabricated all the sheetmetal myself.  Unfortunately, after putting many hours into the project I had to give up.  

Between going to engineering school full-time and working at a local bike shop to pay the rent, I just didn’t have the time or funding I needed to design and build everything from the ground up.

My-oh-my how things have changed.  That first ebike project lit a fire in me that never died.  Since then, I have been the lead engineer at two of the largest electric bicycle companies in North America, Charger Electric Bicycles and Currie Technologies.   [Read more…]

eBike News: eBike-Share Systems, Bigger Batteries, 80 Mile Commute, New Mid Drive, & More! [VIDEO]

co-bikes-1By Richard Peace

UK’s Exeter rolls out e-bike hire from just 75p (around US$1)

The docking stations are being installed for what looks like it could be a groundbreaking e-bike hire scheme in Exeter in the south-west of the UK.

Local media reports say they are currently being tested and that ‘In the first phase of the scheme, 23 bikes will be available to rent for periods of between 30 minutes and 24 hours, with more due to be added as the scheme grows.’

There will be both membership and ‘turn up and go’ options and the Co Bikes website says rental fees will start at a remarkably low [Read more…]

eBike News: Titanium eBike, Forbes on Faraday, Amsterdam eBike Share, & More! [VIDEOS]

budnitz_zehus_ti_stock_b34_white_3000By Richard Peace

Budnitz Titanium Electric Bike 

If you are looking for a fancy eBike then you should checkout the custom Budnitz Model E -titanium electric bike (starts at $7,450) with the Zehus all in one hub and Gates Carbon belt drive.

The titanium version has a claimed weight of less than 30 pounds!

They also make a steel frame version that starts at $3,950. Here is a video with more: [Read more…]

Eurobike Electric Bike Roundup – Part 3

reise-muller-bosch-electric-cargo-bike-1By Paul Willerton

Welcome to the Eurobike eBike Roundup Part III.

We’re in the final stretch with a more innovative electric bikes from Europe’s largest bicycle tradeshow.

Make sure you checkout Part 1  and Part 2 of the Eurobike eBike roundup.

Now, more eBikes from the show floor! [Read more…]

Eurobike Electric Bike Roundup – Part 2

bianchi-electric-road-bikeBy Paul Willerton

Welcome to Part Deux of our 2016 Eurobike Roundup.

As you may have seen in Part One, the eBike has already reached parity with traditional pedal bike market in Europe.

This massive acceleration has been unlike anything I’ve witnessed in the cycling industry in the past 30 years.

Granted, every class of eBIke has benefitted from those 30 years of gradual improvements in bicycle design and production.

Here is more from the show floor. [Read more…]

Eurobike Electric Bike Roundup – Part 1

Haibike Yamaha electric mountain bikeBy Paul Willerton

I’ve been to a lot of bike shows around the world over the past 30 years. I believe that Eurobike, held annually in Friedrichshafen, Germany, is the best there is.

Beautiful location, great riding all around the area, young and energetic attendees, quality food and drink, creative companies and designs, and the list goes on.

2016 marks a turning point in that it was the year the eBike reached parity with the rest of the cycling industry. Equal floor space, basically. From almost nowhere eight years ago, eBike’s have bridged the gap completely. [Read more…]

eBike News: Eurobike Innovations, Titling eTrike, Chainless, New Bosch, & More! [VIDEOS]

CD1_Cargo_02By Richard Peace

The electric bike scene continues to be a highlight at Eurobike (largest European bicycle tradeshow) and we have some of the cool new eBikes from the show for you.

Prizes & Innovation from Eurobike

Notable winners in the Eurobike e-bike and pedelec prize category include Haibike’s SDURO AllMtn 8.0 (innovation being cloud based communication possible for the first time on an e-MTB), and the Elby [Read more…]