Dillenger Bafang Mid Drive Electric Bike Kit Review Part 1: Pictures & Specs

Dillenger Bafang mid drive kit

The Bafang mid drive from Dillenger Electric Bikes has arrived for testing and review!

Bafang offers one of the few mid drive electric bike kits that can be installed on a traditional bicycle.

A lot of the mid drive systems (Bosch, etc.) only come on complete bikes with a specialty frame.

This system from Dillenger is the 750 watt version of the Bafang mid drive. Dillenger also offers Bafang mid drive systems in 250w, 350w, and 500w sizes.

750 watts is the highest power allowed by US law to still be considered a “bicycle”.

Since this system is being used on the Xtracycle Edgerunner cargo bike, 750 watts seemed like a good idea to haul heavy loads!

This kit is priced at $1,299 USD at the time of this review.

In this first part of the review there are a BUNCH of detailed pictures and specifications to get you familiar with the Dillenger Bafang mid drive kit.

Part 2 of the kit review will give you info on the ride characteristics, results from the range test, pros, cons, and overall thoughts on this e-bike kit.

Alright, let’s get into the details!

Pictures of the Dillenger Bafang Mid Drive Kit

Dillenger Bafang mid drive kit

Here is a look at the major components that are included with the kit.  The motor, cranks, chainring and chainring guard, LCD display, battery (and charger), and brake levers.  There is also a package of small parts not shown.

Dillenger Bafang xtracycle Edgerunner

Now let’s take a look at the installation of the system on the Xtracycle Edgerunner. The old cranks and bottom bracket were removed from the Edgerunner.

The following pictures and info is for demonstration purposed only. Make sure you follow all of the installation instructions provided by Dillenger Electric Bikes.

Dillenger Bafang motor uninstalled

Here’s a look at the left side of the Bafang mid drive motor. 8FUN is the shortened Bafang name.  To the right of the motor is the gearbox and bottom bracket spindle.

Dillenger Bafang motor side

This is a look at the right side of the motor and gearbox.

Dillenger Bafang chainring install

Installation of the 46 tooth chainring with the included screws.

Dillenger Bafang motor installation

Installation of the motor spindle assembly into the bottom bracket of the frame.

Dillenger Bafang motor installed

The motor spindle assembly installed in the frame.

Dillenger Bafang motor attachment

A fixing plate has “teeth” that lock into the bottom bracket of the frame. The fixing plate fits over the spindle assembly and……

Dillenger Bafang motor mount

Is then attached to the motor with the included screws.

Dillenger Bafang lockring 2

After the fixing plate is attached then the first locking is attached and tightened.

Dillenger Bafang lockring

And then a second lockring is attached and….

Dillenger Bafang tool

Tightened to secure the motor to the frame.

Dillenger Bafang left crank

Then the left crank arm is installed on the spindle. The inside of the crank near the pedal attachment indicates a left or right crank arm.

Dillenger Bafang crank install

Lining up the crank with the spindle.

Dillenger Bafang crank

The crank is attached and the crank screw tightened.

Dillenger Bafang pedal

Then the left pedal is attached and tightened.

Dillenger Bafang chainring

Next, the chainring guard is attached to the chainring with the provided screws. Then the right crank arm and pedal are installed just like the left side.

Dillenger Bafang speed sensor

A wheel speed sensor is installed at the rear wheel.  The magnet attaches to the wheel spokes and the sensor is attached to the frame. I used a Bafang speed sensor extension cable because the rear wheel on the Xtracycle Edgerunner cargo bike is further back than most bicycles.

Dillenger Bafang downtube battery mount

This is the battery mount that is normally attached to the water bottle mounts on the downtube of most bikes.

Dillenger Bafang battery mount

The Xtracycle Edgerunner has an area in the frame between the seat tube and the rear wheel where the battery mount can be installed to keep the battery out of the way.

Dillenger Bafang battery key

In this view, the Dillenger 48V 8ah lithium battery has been installed on the battery mount. The included key locks/unlocks the battery from the bike. Above the key is the on/off button for the battery. The battery must be turned on before the Bafang mid drive can be turned on via the control pad at the handlebar. More on this in a bit.

Dillenger Bafang charger

On the right side of the battery is the charging port. The battery charger is about the size of a laptop charger and can be plugged into any normal wall outlet.  It takes about 4 hours to fully charge the 48V 8ah lithium battery.

Dillenger Bafang battery charger

The battery can be easily unlocked and removed from the frame for charging inside.

Dillenger Bafang USB

Bonus! A USB charging port is located on the right side of the battery for charging smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, etc. while out and about.

Dillenger Bafang smartphone

The Xtracycle Edgerunner has side bags or the flat cargo platform for placing a smartphone while charging.

Dillenger Bafang display

The Dillenger Bafang display is large and easy to read.  It is positioned front and center on the handlebars.  The LCD display provides info on: speed, odometer, trip distance, battery level, pedal assist level, and time.  It also has a backlight for visibility while riding at night.

Dillenger Bafang display connection

The display is attached with clamps and 4 screws.

Dillenger Bafang control pad

The simple control pad has the on/off button and the pedal assist adjustment buttons (+ -). Using the combination of these buttons allows you to set the custom features of the Bafang system; like up to 9 levels of pedals assist! To the right of the control pad is the thumb throttle that adds boost to the pedal assist or you can use it as a pure throttle without the need to pedal.

Dillenger Bafang brake levers

Brake levers with “kill switches” are included with the Dillenger Bafang mid drive system but I did not use them because the Xtracycle Edgeunner that I am testing the system with has hydraulic disc brakes and these levers are not compatible. For cable actuated brakes, these levers will send a signal to the system to stop the motor assist when the brake lever is engaged.  It is a nice safety feature to have.

Dillenger Bafang connector

Once all of the components were installed the connection of the wiring was easy because the inside of the connectors were color coded to match and there were alignment arrows to help with the correct connector orientation.

Xtracycle Edgerunner Dillenger Bafang mid drive kit

Ready to roll! The Dillenger Bafang mid drive adds a charge to the Xtracycle Edgerunner for commuting and hauling heavy loads.  It makes for a good car alternative or…..replacement?!  Stay tuned for part 2 of the review with more info on the ride characteristics and range test results.

Dillenger Bafang Mid Drive Electric Bike Kit Specifications

Motor: 750 watt mid drive motor. Dillenger also offers the Bafang mid drive kit in 250 watt, 350 watt, and 500 watt kits.  Can be installed in a 68mm or 73mm wide bottom bracket.

Battery: The 750 watt kit for the US market comes with a 48V 8ah (384 watt hour) lithium battery.  The charge time is about 4 hours.  There is a USB port for charging a smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, etc.

Assist Options: The stock setup comes with 3 pedal assist levels as well as level 0 which is no pedal assist. There is a way to customize the system to provide up to 9 different pedal assist levels.  In addition there is a thumb throttle that can be used while you are pedaling or not.

Display: Large LCD display with information on the current speed, odometer, trip distance, battery level, pedal assist level, and time.  There is a backlight for seeing the display while riding at night.

Brakes: The system comes with brake levers with the “kill switches” that will stop the motor assist when the brake levers are engaged. They only work with cable actuated brakes.

Price: $1,299 USD for the 750 watt kit at the time of this review.

Here is a link to the specifications page of the Dillenger Bafang mid drive kit.  And here is the specs page on their Australian site and UK site.

Now checkout part 2 of the Dillenger Bafang mid drive kit review with info on the ride characteristics, the range test, pros, cons, and overall thoughts!


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  1. Aaron Snocker says

    Thanks for the detailed install pics. I just ordered the 350w system from another supplier, should have it in a few weeks. Excited to join the revolution!

  2. Raymond Dimock says

    Would like to see long term reviews of cog wear and tear between actual motor and drive cog, also any heat buildup issues while sustained use climbing steep hills would be appreciated. greatly.. I feel a superb e-bike’s only propriety part should be the actual motor, leaving the rest of the bicycle free for personal customization by the customer. This motor hopefully will be the mid drive choice for those who believe in a reasonably costing (e-bike) of high quality using a BAfang mid drive to achieve this end. Thanks for the review of this mid=drive motor, i will follow this motor with keen interest as it progresses.

    • Doc Holloway says

      I put 2,000 km on a high end Cannondale last summer. Performance was great especially on hills with no overheating. Only problem is the plastic gear inside is getting noisy. I have ordered a replacement for $15.

  3. Raymond Dimock says

    The reason I am not a fan of front or rear drive rim motors is the high torque causes spoke failure frequently not reported, and some direct drive motors have the side effect of rim drag. but try to offset this effect by boasting of battery regen. of less than 13% in most cases when braking or going down steep hills of long duration.

  4. Dave says

    If or when my Bafang rear hub motor wears out, I will be seriously considering replacing the whole system with one of these! With the rear hub motor, I never use the inner or outer chain rings at the front, so the lack of front derailleurs becomes a benefit rather than an issue. Thanks for the good clear photos, seeing those existing brake and gear cables going between the bottom bracket and the motor answered a question I hadn’t realised needed to be asked!

  5. Lynn Ellsworth says

    About 1 year ago I installed a 500 watt BaFung with a 36 volt AllCell battery on a light weight bike with obsolete derailleur system (bike was my second choice) and am happy with the result.
    The derailleur shift is mostly just in the way because with an electric motor only 2 or 3 gears are needed. It is nice to have one gear to get started by peddling and one gear to add more speed by peddling and to give you exercise.
    But please note that your bike’s crank MUST BE STANDARD size: 68mm wide x normal diameter and the BaFung kit will not work with belt drives.
    Hopefully BaFung will update their motor kit to use with belt drives.
    I have a nicer bike with belt drive and even visited a machine shop hoping to adapt the BaFung motor to the belt drive without success.
    I experimented with 3 hub motor bike kits in the past but hub motors just get in the way. Crank systems are better.

      • Pete says

        I think it would be a nice combination. If you use that, check with NuVinci to make sure that the NuVinci hub can handle the power and torque of the Bafang system that you use.

        • Lynn Ellsworth says

          I just read a news story about the Zero electric motorcycle which uses a belt drive without any transmission. The article said that shifting gears adds a great amount of tension problems to a chain or belt so because an electric drive on a car or MC doesn’t need a transmission then a belt drive works fine.
          Maybe because most electric bicycles are actually hybrids (human and motor) and the human needs a transmission this is preventing some belt drives on bicycles.

      • Lynn Ellsworth says

        No experience with the Nuvinci hub and no experience using a mid drive motor with any new hub shift. I WANT a belt drive and hub shift with a mid drive motor but don’t have one yet.

      • Rusty says

        I have the Nuvinci hub.Works great.No more smashing and grinding the rear sproket.My bike has the Bafang 750 watt no problems with at leasted 800 km Lots a fun and sure did.On my second controller becuse of my bike falling over,eventually it need repalcing.
        Many vids on you tube about the topic

  6. Doc Holloway says

    I have built a few of these systems and everyone is impressed. Last year I put 2,000 kms on mine. Only problem I have is the plastic drive gear inside is getting a little noisy. Chain and freewheel are still perfect, but I do lube regularly. My only concern is that the “C” rating of the battery has to be at least 5 or a 8 amp battery will overheat when drawing this amperage. I’m using a 20 amp battery. Other than that, I’d recommend this system to anyone.

  7. andrew says

    a side by side comparison of the edgerunner equipped with the
    bafang 750w motor
    stokemonkey edrive
    bosch edrive
    would be greatly appreciated
    don’t just talk about pure power but which edrive system is the
    ‘nicest’ to use
    the bosch is 350w, 3 sensor, software controlled pedelec.
    stoke monkey 500w? has a torque and PAS sensor with the
    cycle analyst controlling the system
    the bafang is the most powerful by law at 750w single sensor assist
    a difficult job comparing the 3 systems as
    they are a bit apples to oranges

  8. Lee says

    The batteries in that kit must be really expensive because without them there is only about $300 retail value there including the motor, controller and the rest of the stuff. $1300, Not in this lifetime. I can buy two new 50cc mopeds for that much money. These people are out of their minds.

    • Lynn Ellsworth says

      You are probably correct about price and with your gas motor moped you will be able to be a nuisance by making a lot of noise, pollute our air, probably set fire to your garage, and face hours of maintenance.
      Electric vehicles are a lot easier to live with.

    • Larry says

      It’s actually not a bad price for a complete drop-in ebike system to update an existing bike in an afternoon that ends up riding and looking very nice.

      I’ve found that the best delivered price I can get a 500Whr 36V or 48V battery (in that same nice case) is around $650. I think this size battery was close to $1,000 a year ago.

      The Bafang BBS01/02 system is a nicely engineered mid-motor system that cleverly mounts in the bottom bracket of almost any bike. It puts the weight and drive were it should be. It uses a small motor with a double-reduction of ~20:1 to allow the motor to work in its most efficient range.

      I’m sure we will see the cost come down in the future but as far as I can tell, the Bafang system with a 500Whr battery in that same case is the only system I can buy that retrofits probably 90% of the bikes out there and ends up looking and riding so nicely with so little work from me.

      I also like that when I’m finished with the Bafang install I haven’t even touched the rear or front wheel so there are no problem in the future with fixing flats in the field.

    • says

      If you buy your bike products on Amazon,you can get them a lot cheaper,case in point,…..On FaceBook there is a posting about a 5000 lumen headlamp sold by “Outdoor Enthusist”for $69.00 + shipping,….I bought the same Headlight through Amazon for $16.00,and they are identicle……….So you might want to check around,you might be able to find it cheaper,I just checked Amazon and their current price is $510.00 free shipping………

  9. Larry says

    Recently I’ve installed a Bafang 36V 500W motor kit (from another supplier) with a 36 14.5Ahr (522Whr) in three different bikes (Specialized Hard Rock 26″, Mongoose 29″, and a Mongoose Fat Tire w/a narrowed bottom bracket and offset left crank) and have been blown away with how easy it installs, how nice it works and how clean the installation ends up with the nice display, switches and waterproof cabling.

    My gut feel is that the 48V 8Ah (384Whr) is a little small for this application. It seems that most systems I see out there tend to have a Watt-hour capacity of the battery around the same as the Watt rating of the motor (i.e 500W motor paired with a 500Whr battery), with a 500Whr battery generally needed to get a true 30 to 40 mile range with pedal assist.

    I have found that the brake levers with the switches that turn off the motor are more than just safety items but are also useful to cut the power to the motor to shift the rear derailleur quietly. I believe I’ve seen (maybe from a Chinese supplier) little magnetic switches that attach to an existing hydraulic brake lever and even came with the correct connector to connect into the Bafang harness like the supplied levers.

      • Doc Holloway says

        Done a lot of rc helicopter flying and learned about LiPo batteries. Ruined numerous batteries by drawing too much power. I checked with the manufacturer of e-bike batteries and found most are only 2 C so drawing more than 16 amps out of a 8 amp battery will cook it quickly.

        • digger says

          to larry
          i don’t want to go the liPo battery route but
          don’t want to ruin li-on with high amp draw so a 60v rather than 48v system would be better?

    • digger says

      to larry
      the cut out brake levers are mandatory in some jurisdictions
      there is a device called ‘shiftsensor’ from Czech republic that bosch may use and for sure the Impulse drive in europe does
      that installs on the shift cable and senses movement of the cable and momentarily decreases e-assist for a smoother shift and to protect the drive train from shock
      i forget the cost maybe around $60 and easily installed
      all the big name edrives have some variation of that

    • Lynn Ellsworth says

      Yes, I purchased a 500 watt BaFang/BaFun/8Fun (the company has problems deciding on a name) kit for about $500 and added an AllCell battery which sits on a rear rack.
      My power wires are wrapped around the frame but there must be over 22″. Very easy to add some extensions if needed.

  10. says

    i do not understand people comparing mopeds to electric bicycles especially if the bikes have a torque sensor 3 years now i ride bosch and oxyddive kit bikes and i
    Never regret a single moment i allways take the long way home and i feel physically and mentally i do benefit but bd ware a good reaxy made e bike is to be preferred Unless u like to experiment and fiddle around my bosch system has served me without fail day in day out and has i believe kept the doctor further away and me fit as ever despite the assist why its Not just transport u are missing the point if u think that way its a hobby and is fun u onlylive once if u need proof just try a good e bike i bet u will never give it back5

  11. Robin says

    Fitted a 350W 36V mid-drive BAFANG kit to my recumbent trike and have travelled 6000km over the last year and love it ! The only trouble I have had is with the Battery which died suddenly and completely while out riding – a bit of a drag as I was quite a way from home. Replaced under warranty. For that reason I think 2 smaller batteries might be better – carry both and switch when needed ?? The motor is very quiet. I am running a Rohloff 14 Hub in the rear wheel that supplies me with a good range of gearing but far-too-many stages. I think that 8 stages over the same range would be more than adequate . More than I ever hoped for !

  12. says

    I don’t typically comment on Pete’s reviews, however, I felt I must say something on this one.

    I installed one of these kits on a customers recumbent tadpole trike almost a rear ago. It was a very easy install. Upon test driving the unit, everything worked fine with the pedal assist, but when I came to a stop and had the chain on the highest gear, smallest cog, I hit the throttle, the bike lunged forward and stopped working. What happened was the one of the mosfets blew in the controller of which is housed in the motor.

    This owner of this bike has many disabilities so if I had handed it over to him and he was out on the trail somewhere he would of been stuck. The dealer he purchased this kit from was aware of that issue. I’ve heard they increased the amp rating on the controller but I don’t see how that would solve other more severe scenarios. In my opinion that kit should have never gone to market at that time.

    Just letting everyone know what I experienced.

  13. Louisq says

    The controllers draw 15A on the 350, 18 on the 500, and up to 25 on the 750. The battery I’d fine. The price is a big high for a 8ah battery but without knowing which cells were used everyone is just speculating on adequacy. Heat being a problem with the batteries is unlikely knowing Dillengers expertise. Range will be limited. I really wish those that have no idea which 18650’s are being used, or the battery specs would just hush.

  14. Louisq says

    There are universal brake detectors with Bafang compatible plugs available to use the existing brakes. $26 plus shipping.

  15. digger says

    nuvinci only warrantees edrives up to 250w but
    there is a lot of successful experience in real world installs
    with much higher power systems
    i wouldn’t hesitate to use the nuvinci hub at 500w
    if you want to be cautious, momentarily cut the power
    with the brake lever when changing gears or
    install a ‘shiftsensor’ a product from czec republic that automatically momentarily (half a second) cuts power as you shift, cost $60
    all the big name edrives have a system like that, bosch, impulse
    shimano, panasonic, yamaha etc.
    saves a lot of wear and tear on the drivetrain

  16. says

    are Bafang Mid Drive motors reliabil i got a 500 watts hub motor the moment nowt but problems with it .seems to have a mind of its own running slow the moment 10 miles a hour where i used to get 25 miles a hour out of it battery fully charged seems i just not getting the wats to the motor .thinking of getting a road bike are going over to a Bafang Mid Drive .advice please how reliable are Bafang Mid Drive .done 2k miles on the hub motor


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