Clean Republic Hill Topper Electric Bike Kit Review

Time for the full review of the Clean Republic Hill Topper electric bike kit!

Make sure you checkout this post about the kit’s specifications and how the installation of the kit went.  There are a few videos and a bunch of pictures!

Now let’s talk about what the Hill Topper kit ride is like, the real world ride results, pros, cons, and who this kit is for.

What is the ride like with the Hill Topper kit?

The Hill Topper is meant to assist you in getting over that tough hill!  Please note the “assist” part.  It is not meant to help you “fly” over the hill!

With that said it really does add a nice assist to your bike to help you when you need it.  The idea with this simple and minimalist electric bike kit is that it will help you when you really need it, with the simple push of the button throttle.

Since the Hill Topper uses a 24V battery and a 250 watt geared front hub motor, it is not a super powerful kit, but it has enough assist to help pull you up the hill (some hills in San Francisco may still be pretty tough!).  The beauty of the 250 watt motor is that it “sips” energy from the battery pack.

If you have a fairly small range that you need for your commute (10 miles) then you could use the SLA pack or the new lithium ion Sprinter pack that is very small and light (2.3 lb.).  Tip: You could buy an extra charger to have at work for charging for the ride home, instead of buying a bigger battery (which can cost a lot more than an extra charger).  Clean Republic also offers 20 mile and 40 mile lithium ion battery packs as well.


The cool thing about geared hub motors is that they “freewheel” when they are not in use, so there is no resistance from the motor when it is not engaged.  Direct drive motors tend to have a little resistance from their magnets when not in use, so it makes unassisted pedaling a little tougher.

Clean Republic put together this informative video on the best riding techniques to get the most range from their kit, which also can extend the overall life of the battery, provided it is charged up regularly.  These proper riding techniques apply to any type of kit or complete e-bike.

As you can see the Hill Topper is a kit that provides the assist when you really need it, not a free ride all the time 🙂  Here are 10 tips on how to improve your electric bike range.

The Hill Topper is a nice assist kit.  I found that it really did make climbing hills much more enjoyable!  It also works well as a way to maintain a higher speed on the flat areas (while pedaling) to overcome a headwind.  It also does work well to help you accelerate through a crowded intersection quickly.  For best energy usage, you should avoid using the assist from a total stop.

Actual Ride Test Results 

Max Speed: Clean Republic claims the top speed is 15mph but the kit that I was using maxed out at about 18mph.  That could be because I used the 700c wheel size.  The 26″ version may max out at 15mph.

Range: As you can see from the GPS info that I recorded, the bike traveled 10.2 miles and did a total elevation gain/loss of around 900 ft. Considering that I weight 190 lbs and I pedaled lightly, the 24 Volt 8.8 ah battery pack (192 Watt Hours) lived up to it’s claim of 10 real world miles.

Please keep in mind that if you pedal more, weight less than me, ride slower and/or you use the bike in terrain that is not as hilly you will get more range.  These results are from tough testing.


Weight: The standard kit with the lead acid battery adds about 17 lb. to your bike.  The weight distribution is pretty good on the Hill Topper.  Since it is a front hub motor, it is generally a good idea to place the battery near the center or back end of the bike.

I used the straps on the bag to place it behind the seat and it worked pretty well.  The weight is a little higher than optimal but it is not bad.  You can also mount it on the top tube and seat tube, but from my experience, the bag was not as secure in this location.


Simple kit:  The simplicity of the Hill Topper is definitely a highlight of this kit.  The installation is pretty straight forward and it can be easily removed if you decided you only want to use it for certain rides (for example carrying cargo) or switching the kit between bikes.  The ability to remove the kit quickly is made much easier with the Axle Release quick releases for the front wheel!


The on/off button control may seem overly simplistic but I found it to be a nice way to add the assist only when needed.  Please note that there is no modulation to the power.  It is either on or off, but it does seem to “ease” into the assist so that it is not a abrupt power feeling.


Economical:  The Hill Topper that I tested was the lead acid battery option and the complete kit costs $399.  That is a great price for anyone wanting to add electric assist to their bike!

Since the Hill Topper was installed on the Critical Cycles fixie style bike, the total price for this e-bike was in the $650 range; pretty impressive!


Upgrade-ability:   The standard Hill Topper kit comes with the 10 mile lead acid battery which can be a great starter kit, especially if that is all the range you need.  You could start out with 10 mile pack and see how that works for your routes.  If you need a bigger battery (or extra battery) you could always buy one later.  Clean Republic does offer 20 mile and 40 mile lithium ion packs if you need more range.

Another range tip:  You could bring the battery and charger with you into the office or coffee shop for charging.  The lead acid battery charger is small and light!


Lead Acid Battery:  What makes the standard Hill Topper kit so economical is the lead acid battery.  There are always compromises when you go with a lower price point, i.e. you get what you pay for.

Lead acid batteries are heavy!  The Hill Topper lead acid is 11lb. for 10 miles of range.  Their “Sprinter” lithium ion battery is 2.3 lb. for what they claim is a 10 mile range battery but is adds $100 to the kit price.  Seems like it might be worth the extra $100!

With the weight and size of the lead acid battery, the battery bag flops around a bit when the straps loosen up after a ride or two.  It would be nicer if the bag straps were a little more secure.

Along those same lines it would be nice if Clean Republic offered a battery lock box accessory to prevent battery theft.  It can be a little cumbersome to take the battery on and off the bike when you park your bike somewhere.  According to Clean Republic, they may offer a lock box or other attachment in the future.


Lead acid batteries also need a little TLC compared to lithium ion batteries.  Make sure you top off the lead acid battery as much as possible and try not to drain it completely.  By taking care of your battery you will get more overall life out of it.

With the lead acid version of the kit you need to remember to charge the battery while the switch is in the “on” position.  I forgot to do this on a few occasions and it was a bummer to charge the battery for a few hours and then realize that it did not charge!  After using this kit for a while it will probably become second nature to make sure the switch is on.

You also have to remember to turn the battery off when you are not riding because it can drain some energy from the battery even when you are not riding.  Most e-bike systems on complete bikes turn themselves off after a certain amount of time when they are not in use.

Noise:  All geared hub motors make some noise.  The Hill Topper is a little noisy, but it is not bad.  Just something to be aware of if you are looking for a silent ride.  If you want a quiet ride then you should go with a direct drive motor kit.

Who is the Hill Topper e-bike kit for?

The Hill Topper is a great electric bike kit for you if you want some electric assist to make your pedaling that much easier.  It will literally help you top the hill that has been giving you a hard time on your non assisted bike.  Adding the Hill Topper will make your current bike a lot of fun!


This kit is also a good option for adding electric assist to a cargo bike.  Electric assist added to a cargo bike can make hauling 4 bags of groceries up a hill much easier!  Electric cargo bikes are great car alternatives.

The standard Hill Topper kit is a great entry level kit and then you could always upgrade later to a better lithium ion battery if you feel that you need it.

This kit is not for you if you want a free ride (no pedaling) up a hill.  But that’s not as much fun as pedaling 🙂

Please keep in mind that this is a relatively short term test.  This testing can’t really give you the long term review of durability and reliability.  My thoughts on the quality of this electric bike kit are from previous experiences with similar kits.  If you own this kit and have some input on the long term durability, please share your comments with the Electric Bike Report community below.

You can get the Clean Republic Hill Topper electric bike kit at their website.

Do you have any questions about the Hill Topper kit?  Do you own the Hill Topper kit?  Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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  1. Jeffrey says

    I’ve got over 2000 miles on my SLA Hilltopper. I could not be more satisfied. My daily commute is about 11 miles. This in open rural country with a couple good hills and open to the wind from all directions. My battery charges in less than 1.5 hours after this ride! I have ridden 30+ miles without totally depleting the SLA. I never have the motor engaged when I am not pedaling. Why would I do that? I am 65 years old and 250 lbs. I just love not having to worry about hills or wind. My Hilltopper will get me through.

  2. says

    The article says it “freewheels” when not engaged.
    I never experienced this.
    There was enough drag that peddling on flat land was hard like uphill.
    The only time I didn’t have to use the motor was going down hill. Perhaps it was defective. I hope so. I bought it in October last year and the battery suffered Click of Death in March. From there it lasted almost til October of this year til the lithium battery needs to be refurbished.

  3. Carol says

    I am 82 and absolutely love my Hilltopper Kit. I have the SLA battery and only use it going up hill. I only use my car when going to my doctor or friends who live quite a distance away. I have 2 very eco-friendly neighbors with solar panels on their homes and they think this Grandmother is pretty groovy. Ed Begley, jr. gave me a solar charger for my cell phone in case I needed someone when I am out on a ride. Now if there was a solar charger for my battery that was small enough for my trike’s basket that would be GREAT!! Have saved almost as much in gas purchases as I paid for my Hilltopper & my Schwinn Trike.

    • Robert says

      Carol…I have a Schwinn Meridian adult Trike. I was curious if the Hilltopper was strong enough to assist on small hills. I assume you use this kit on a Meridian? Thanks

  4. Frank Battung says

    The review was great. Finally a really detailed discription and clear pictures. I ordered two hill toppers because this information was just what I was looking for. I also liked the Prodeco Stride but could not find one to test ride.

  5. darryl tilden says

    after using my hilltopper 6 times the battery will not charge the battery and is useless……..after contacting clean republic they told me that they upgraded their batteries and charger right after i bought mine…they also said they had issues with the unit i bought, however they have refused to help me in any way, except for spending another $1200 on their newer unit that they “should” work better…….their customer service is the worst i have expierenced………..beware and i would reccomend buying somewhere else…..

    • says

      Dear Darryl,
      We are sorry you feel this way and that your customer service experience was less than you expected. We stand behind our product and always do everything possible to resolve issuers that arise with our product that are within our clearly posted warranty.
      Clean Republic

      • says

        Its not the warranty part that I’m upset about,I understand warranty… its the lying by anthony and now he stole my battery charger that i sent him and i will not rest until something is done…
        another part that bothers me is the inferior battery and charger that i paid $1200 for…I was told by one of your employees that it was not long after my purchase that you changed the battery to a much better one with many more cells…
        I am self employed and take care of my customers and they get white glove personnal attention from me…
        all i get from Clean republic is lies, deception and now thievery, which i will not tolerate….
        I was mislead into buying another charger for my battery,, chris told me it would work guaranteeed 100%…another lie….i have sent it back and if my credit card account is not credited immediately,I will take more action against clean republic for these new chargers of credit card fraud…Sincerely Darryl

    • Pete says

      Hi Juanita,

      It should work, just make sure you get the correct wheel size to match your current front wheel size.

      • says

        there are other better brands out there and i would stay away from hilltopper……there customer service dept. is one of the worst i have ever expierenced….they will not stand behind there products.

  6. Chrisw says

    I tried to buy one today but since I live in Alaska, my busness is not welcome. I get UPS, FedEx, and of course USPS. I am not in a village, I live in the Capitol for crying out loud!! Sure be nice to be treated with same care they show for the lower 48 states!!!!

  7. Eric says

    Hilltopper is working great! I have been using it daily for a hilly, windy 15 mile round trip commute to work and I could not be happier. I love leaving my 15mpg pickup truck in the driveway every morning and the electric assist gets me to work on time feeling energized. Great way to get into electric biking without spending thousands especially if you already have a bike gathering dust in the garage. Highly recommend this product!

  8. James kaiser says

    1 month ago I bought a economy clean republic electric kit. It was my first electric conversion kit so the first 2 weeks I rode my bike without pedaling. Then I read that I need to pedal to less the load on the battery and extend battery life. So I now pedal while the motor is on. The battery is good for 8 miles per charge so I only use the battery for 4 miles and ride rest way to work. My problem is that two weeks ago the bike started jerking. The power would shut off then come back on with little delay. I be tried riding bike without bike bags , without back pack and it still jerks. I had my uncle ride it this weekend on a different route. He went 4 miles without and jerking, only pedaling when starting from a dead stop. Today I road my bike same route to work (4 miles) and it jerked so bad that the bike almost stopped. I ve emailed the tech reps of clean republic with no response. Does anyone own a economy kit bike and has had the same jerking problem? Is it my bike or the battery or motor? Can someone please help? Thanks


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