GenZe Sport (e101) Electric Bike Review Part 1: Pictures & Specs

GenZe Sport electric bike sideviewThe GenZe Sport (e101) electric bike has arrived for testing and review and in this first part of the review you will get a detailed look at this bike with a BUNCH of pictures and the specifications.

The GenZe Sport features an integrated frame battery (36V 8.7ah), with a 250 watt hub motor, cadence/torque sensor pedal assist & throttle, and a Shimano drivetrain for $1,499 USD.

GenZe is an electric bike and scooter brand that is owned by Mahindra, a very large and established Indian company.  They are in the process of establishing a network of dealers in the US.

Part 2 of the review will give you info on the ride characteristics, results from the range test, pros, cons, and overall thoughts on this e-bike.

Alright, let’s get into the details!

Pictures of the GenZe Sport E-Bike

GenZe Sport electric bike profile

The GenZe Sport e101 out on the open road!


GenZe also makes a step thru e-bike with a more upright position called the GenZe Recreational e102.  It has very similar specs and it is also priced at $1,499.

GenZe Sport electric bike battery

The 36V 8.7ah lithium battery is housed in the downtube of the aluminum frame. This location keeps the weight of the battery centered and low on the bike for good overall handling.  The battery uses Samsung cells and can be charged in 4-5 hours.  It is very easy to remove the battery if you want to charge and/or store it inside.  At ~4.5 pounds it is pretty lightweight.

GenZe Sport electric bike key

There is a lock on the other side of the frame that secures the battery.  Removing the battery is accomplished by unlocking the battery with the included key and removing the battery at an angle.

GenZe Sport electric bike charger

Charging the battery can happen when the battery is installed on the bike or……

GenZe Sport electric bike battery charger

When the battery has been removed from the bike.

GenZe Sport electric bike battery off bike

And here’s a closer look at the 36V 8.7ah Samsung lithium battery removed from the bike.  It’s relatively small and lightweight (~4.5 pounds) for easy transport.

GenZe Sport electric bike cranks

A look at the cranks with single chainring and chain guard.

GenZe Sport electric bike crank sensor

GenZe uses a cadence and torque sensor combination to activate the pedal assist.  The cadence sensor measures the cranks initial rotation (1/4 to 1/2 rotation) and then engages the torque sensor.  The reason for this is to delay the assist so that the bike doesn’t accidentally jump off the line when the rider puts their foot on the pedal at a stand still.

GenZe Sport electric bike motor

This is the 250 watt geared rear hub motor and the 7 speed Shimano cogs. Since it is a geared hub motor it is relatively small in size and lighter than a direct drive hub motor.

GenZe Sport electric bike disconnect wire

There is a quick disconnect for the power cable to the motor near the hub.

GenZe Sport electric bike derailleur

A Shimano rear derailleur takes care of shifting through the 7 speeds.

GenZe Sport electric bike rear brake

Here’s a look at the rear Promax mechanical disc brake.  GenZe uses 160 mm rotors front and rear.

GenZe Sport electric bike rear tireThis is a look at the rear Alton 26″ x 1.75″ rear tire.  It has some off road tread with a nice center tread for efficient riding on the road.

GenZe Sport electric bike rim

And a look at the tire and rim.

GenZe Sport electric bike front brake

The front Promax mechanical disc brake.

GenZe Sport electric bike handlebar

The handlebar control center!

GenZe Sport electric bike display

The LCD display provides info like the current speed, pedal assist level, trip distance, odometer, and battery level. A backlight can be turned on so that it is easier to see the display when riding at night.

GenZe Sport electric bike left handlebar

On the left side of the handlebars is the control pad (on/off button, setting button, and the +- for changing the pedal assist), front brake lever, and bell.  Both brake levers have sensor that will stop the motor assist when the brake lever is engaged.  That is a nice safety feature so that the bike doesn’t keep going when you are intending to be slowing down.

GenZe Sport electric bike right handlebar

On the right side of the handlebars you will find the LED light, 7 speed Shimano shifter, rear brake lever, and twist grip throttle.

GenZe Sport electric bike shifter

And here is another view of the handlebars with the display mounted front and center.

GenZe Sport electric bike seat

The Alton performance style saddle has a cut out in the center to provide a more comfortable ride.

GenZe Sport electric bike kickstand

GenZe spec’ed a double legged kickstand for extra stability.

GenZe Sport electric bike sideview

Stay tuned for part 2 of the GenZe Sport review with ride characteristics and the range test results!

GenZe Sport Electric Bike Specifications

Frame: Aluminium frame with integrated battery in the downtube.

Fork: Steel fork.

Motor: 250 watt geared rear hub motor.

Battery: 36V 8.7ah lithium battery with Samsung cells. ~4.5 pounds.

Assist Options: 5 pedal assist options that use a cadence and torque sensor to activate. Also a throttle only option that is activated with a twist grip throttle.

Display: Large LCD display with information on: current speed, pedal assist level (0 – 5), trip distance, odometer, and battery level.

Drivetrain: 7 speed Shimano drivetrain.

Brakeset: Promax mechanical disc brakes front and rear with 160 mm rotors.  The brake levers have sensor that will stop the assist if a brake lever is engaged.

Tires: Alton 26″ x 1.75″ road/off road tires.

Sizes: The Sport (e101) comes in 16″, 18″, and 20″ frame sizes.  There is also the Recreational (e102) that is a step thru frame and it comes in 16″ and 18″ sizes.

Weight: 47 pounds.

Price: $1,499 USD at the time of this review.

Here is a link to the specifications page and the users manual of GenZe Sport electric bike.

Now checkout part 2 of the GenZe Sport review with info on the ride characteristics, the range test, pros, cons, and overall thoughts!


Review Note: Each company pays a fee for a review on Electric Bike Report because of the considerable amount of time that it takes to provide an in-depth review of each eBike. A lot of time is spent on the full range test with distance & elevation profile, the wide variety of detailed pictures, in-depth video, and the write up with the specifications, ride characteristics, pros, cons, and overall thoughts. The reviews on Electric Bike Report are focused on providing you with a detailed “virtual” look at each eBike to help you determine if it is the eBike for you or not.

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  1. Chester Bosch says

    Good looking bike. Battery well integrated in frame. Would like to know if the 250w motor will give sufficient torque.

    • Alan says

      I rode one last week and intend to buy one for my wife.
      Throttle only: about 16-17 mph easy. I’m 155lb.
      Assist mode: So VERY smooth & quiet. Adequate and power nicely suited for those that enjoy pedaling.
      No suspension but ok handling. Not a MTB but it handled very well in a rough gravel parking lot. Forward position for me and I would go with 18″ @ 5′-8″ body size.
      Good features and build for entry level E-bike. Impressed enough to buy one for my wife who has never been on an electric. (I’ve had four)


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