Pictures of the Ohm XS 750 Electric Bike in for Review

Ohm XS 750 Electric Bike

The Ohm XS 750 has recently arrived at Electric Bike Report headquarters for testing and review.  I thought you might enjoy some teaser pictures of this high end sport electric bike 🙂

This is a mountain bike type electric bike that is decked out with a lot of accessories that also makes it handy for commuting around town.   For all the specifications check this out.

A full review and video will be coming soon.  Stay tuned!


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Ohm XS 750 Electric Bike



View of the Ohm XS 750 Cockpit

Ohm XS 750 with Bionx Motor and Magura Disc Brakes

Ohm XS 750 Battery Pack

Shimano Generator Front Hub for Light System

Bionx Display on Ohm XS 750


  1. Cottagethyme says

    Love the 700 wheel upgrade. Did the battery compartment rattle? Nice to see red. Did you test the Urban too?


  2. TronJockey says

    It’s an electric bike. It has a battery, but it uses a Shimano hub generator to supply power to the lights?

    Am I the only one who thinks this is an odd choice?

  3. says

    TronJockey has a point about the idea of a generator for the lights on an electric bike. If you had a side generator you could engage while going down hill to recharge the battery then I could see having it.
    Looks like a good all around ebike for trails and the road.

  4. says

    Ok, I should have read the specs more closely, it does already have regenerative braking to charge the battery. I now see no use for the generator in the front hub then. The lights should have been wired directly to the battery then since the battery is recharged while braking. I like the ebike even more now.


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