Raleigh Misceo iE Sport Electric Bike Review Part 1 – Pictures & Specs

raleigh-misceo-ie-sport-electric-bikeThe Raleigh Misceo iE Sport is here for testing and review and it features the Shimano STePS mid drive system with a healthy selection of other Shimano components.

The Misceo iE Sport is a sporty commuter/touring/recreational road style eBike that is priced at $2,699 USD.

In addition, the Misceo iE Sport comes stock with a full accessory package (lights, fenders, rear rack, kickstand) ready for commuting or touring.

In this first part of the review you will get a detailed look at this bike with a BUNCH of pictures and the specifications.

Part 2 of the Raleigh Misceo iE Sport review will give you info on the ride characteristics, results from the range test, pros, cons, and overall thoughts on this e-bike.

Alright, let’s get into the details!


The Misceo iE Sport has a stealth all black look.


Here’s a closer look at the 6061 aluminum frame. The top tube has some curvature to add to the sporty style of this commuter/touring eBike.


This is a view of the seat tube intersection with the top tube and seat stays. The aluminum welds have a thick, solid look. Also visible in this picture is the rear rack attachment to the seat stays.


The Misceo iE Sport comes equipped with a carbon fiber front fork for lighter weight and for some shock absorbing capabilities.


And here is the STePS mid drive motor! The 250 watt motor (500 watt peak) at the cranks powers through the 10 speed Shimano SLX drivetrain to leverage the low gears for climbing steep hills and the higher gears for cruising along flat roads up to 20 mph. The pedal assist system uses 3 measurements: torque sensing, cadence sensing, and wheel speed sensing.


Here’s a look at the left side of this Shimano mid drive motor. It is mounted to the frame with 3 bolted connections.  Shimano claims that it weighs 7 pounds; one of the lightest on the market.


A Shimano SLX rear derailleur shifts through the 10 speed 11-36t Shimano HG50 cogset. The rear dropout derailleur hanger is replaceable if it were to be damaged. You can also see the rear rack and rear fender attachments at the dropouts.


The Shimano STePS lithium battery is a 36V 11.6ah (418 Wh) and it sits on the down tube of the frame for centered and low weight distribution. Both the battery and mid drive motor are in a good location for a balanced bike (not too heavy in the front or back) that has good overall handling characteristics.


On the left side of the pack there is an on/off button and a battery charge level indicator. There is also a battery charge indicator on the display in addition to an estimated range remaining. More on that in a bit.


After unlocking the pack, the battery slides to the side for removal.


The STePS battery weighs 5.7 pounds.


Here’s a look at the bike when the battery pack has been removed. The bike comes with an ABUS key that can be matched with an ABUS lock so that you only need one key for the battery lock and lock for the bike. Here is a review of 2 of the folding ABUS locks.


This is a view of the bottom of the battery pack and the frame attachment.


The Shimano STePS charger is about the size of a laptop charger and it takes about 4 hours to fully charge the battery. The battery can only be charged when it has been removed from the bike.


Now let’s take a look at the control center on the Misceo iE Sport.


On the left side of the handlebar is the control pad that adjusts the pedal assist levels with the up and down buttons (walk, off, eco, normal, and high). The “walk” feature is also controlled with the down arrow and that provides a little bit of assist if you are walking with the bike up a steep hill or pushing the bike up stairs.  The top black button cycles through the different info on the display like trip distance, odometer, etc.


On the right side is the Shimano SLX 10 speed rear derailleur shifter and the Shimano M425 hydraulic rear disc brake lever.


The STePS display is front and center on the handlebars with the traditional info like: the battery level, current speed, time, pedal assist level (walk, off, eco, nomal, high), trip distance, odometer, average speed, max speed, and……….


Estimated range!  In this view of the display you can get an idea of how much range you have based on the current battery level and which pedal assist level that you are using. You can also take the display with you when the bike is locked up. There is a quick release lever under the display.


This is the front Shimano M425 hydraulic disc brake with 160 mm stainless steel rotor.


And the rear Shimano M425 hydraulic disc brake with 160 mm stainless steel rotor.


Here’s a look at the Kenda Kwik Bitumen 700 x 35c tire.


The Kenda Kwik Bitumen tires have a center ridge for rolling efficiency and side grooves for shedding water.


The Raleigh saddle has a comfortable profile with plastic edging to protect it in the event of the bike falling.


The lights are connected to the STEPS battery pack so that you don’t have to worry about charging the lights separately.


The rear rack is capable of carrying a wide variety of bags, panniers, or baskets for commuting or touring. The SKS fenders front and rear are a nice stock accessory.

Raleigh Misceo iE Sport Electric Bike Specifications

Frame: 6061 aluminium frame

Fork: Carbon fiber fork with fender mounts

Motor: Shimano STePS 250 watt mid drive motor. 500 watts peak power

Battery: 36V 11.6ah (418 Wh) lithium battery, ~5.7 pounds

Assist Options: 3 pedal assist options; eco, normal, and high

Display: Large LCD display with information on: battery level, current speed, pedal assist level, trip distance, odometer, average speed, max speed, estimated range

Drivetrain: Shimano SLX 10 speed, 44t front chainring and 11-36t cogset

Brakeset: Shimano M425 hydraulic disc brakes front and rear with 160 mm rotors

Tires: Kenda Kwik Bitumen 700 x 35c

Sizes: Small, medium, and large

Accessories: Integrated lights, front & rear fenders, rear rack, and kickstand.

Weight: 45.7 pounds

Price: $2,699 USD at the time of this review

Here is a link to the specifications page of the Raleigh Misceo iE Sport electric bike.


Now checkout part 2 of the Raleigh Misceo iE Sport review with info on the ride characteristics, the range test, pros, cons, and overall thoughts!


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  1. says

    Nice bike. Two separate deal breakers, though:

    1) “The battery can only be charged when it has been removed from the bike.” – I garage my bikes, and charge them in there. I don’t need the extra hassle of taking the battery off. This bike is thus a city bike, and not for suburban users.

    2) “up to 20 mph.” – No way I buy a 20 mph bike when the new pedelec laws in CA allow 30 mph. I’ve got some older 20 mph bikes, and two newer 30s. At 3o, the bike is better than a car for city errands. At 20, the bike is always second fiddle to my car, when time is a factor (i.e. often).

  2. says

    I rented a similar Raleigh Misceo Electric in Portland for two days, one on the Banks/Vernonia Rails to Trail. It had 4 levels not 3. I like the extra range provided by four levels.

    It handled very well in the turns, had great traction and charged easily and quickly. I want to charge indoors because I live in Colorado and my garage is very cold.

    I was able to go over 2o mph a few time on the flats. I loved the bike. I rode in Eco mode most of the time and had .5 charge left after 44 miles and some significant climbs.

    For the money, this is one great bike. The only complaint I had was that I had to give it back.


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