IZIP E3 Compact Electric Bike Video, Pictures, & Specs

The Currie Technologies IZIP E3 Compact electric bike is in for review and I would like to show off the details of this folding electric bike.

This is part 1 of the IZIP E3 Compact electric bike review and it will give you an idea of what this bike is all about with a bunch of pictures, and info on the specifications of this folding e-bike.

Part 2 of the IZIP E3 Compact review will give you info on ride characteristics, results from the range test, pros, cons, and overall thoughts on this e-road machine.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Checkout the Video & Pictures of the IZIP E3 Compact E-Bike!

The IZIP E3 Compact folding electric bike is a road ready e-bike that can transform into an easily portable or store-able bike.

The IZIP E3 Compact frame is made by Dahon, a well known folding bike brand.  The frame is constructed with large aluminum tubing.

This is the mid frame quick release that allows the Compact to be folded in half.

This is the stem/mast quick release that allows the handlebars to be folded down and to the side to move the handlebars out of the way.

This is the handlebar rotating quick release.

This is the handlebar rotation and height quick releases.

Begin the transformation! Open the handlebar quick release, rotate the handlebars so that the brake levers are pointed towards the ground and then close the quick release.

Open the stem mast quick release.

Fold the handlebars down.

Open the seatpost quick release and move the seat down and then close the seatpost quick release.

The pedals of the Compact fold down to provide a low profile when folded.

Open the mid frame quick release and fold the frame in half.

The Compact gets very compact!

Compact and portable.

The Compact comes with a 250 watt geared front hub motor.

The rear rack houses the 36 volt 8.8 ah lithium ion battery and controller.  Rack bags can be added to carry items around during your commute to work or when running errands around town.

The battery charging port is located on the back of the battery.  Simply plug in the charger cable and plug the charger into a normal wall outlet.

The battery can be locked into the rack for security or removed for charging/storage in another location.

The 36 volt 8.8 ah lithium ion battery and charger.

View of the Compact’s rear rack and 1 speed drivetrain.

Keeping it simple.  The Compact has a 1 speed to minimize clutter, weight, and maintenance.

View of the cockpit of the Compact.

The Compact has both throttle and pedal assist settings.  The throttle mode allows you to add as much assist as you want; pedaling or not.  The pedal assist mode adds up to 50% of the total power and you can add more by twisting the throttle for maximum assist, but you need to keep pedaling.

Here is the left side of the handlebars; keeping it simple!

This is the Tektro front v-brake.

IZIP E3 Compact Electric Bike Specifications

Frame: Dahon Aluminum Folding, Bottle Bosses, Rack Mounts

Fork: Dahon Alloy Unicrown

Motor: Exclusive Currie Electro-Drive®, Alloy Shell, 250W DC Brushless Planetary Geared Hub Motor  

Battery: EV Rated Rechargeable Lithium Ion, Advanced BMS, Locking Rear Rack Mounted, 36V8.8Ah 315Wh 

Assist Options: Throttle (TAG) or Pedal Assist with Throttle Boost (PAS).

Drivetrain: 1-speed 

Cranks and Pedals: FSA Alloy crankset with 53 tooth chainring with single chainguard, folding non-slip pedals

Brakeset: Tektro Linear Pull with Tektro Motor Inhibit Levers

Stem & Handlebars: Dahon staight compact bar and alloy folding stem, dual density grips

Tires: Kenda K193 20″ x 1.5”, Slime Self-Sealing Flat Tire Prevention System

Seat: Velo Sport and Micro-Adjust Post

Sizes: 1 size fits all

Weight: 42 lbs.

Price: $1,899 (at the time of review)

Here is a link to the specifications page of the IZIP E3 Compact electric bike.

Now checkout the full review of the IZIP E3 Compact with info on the ride characteristics, the range test, pros, cons, and overall thoughts!


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  1. James Scott says

    Cool looking bike, but prodeco offers virtually the same bike with the same specs for $899. Why is this ebike so much more expensive?

  2. says

    Hi James,

    Thanks for your question as its very relevant on any folding bike and especially a folding ebike. The quality of the frame, its folding mechanisms and the key folding bike components, such as handlebar stems, bars and seat posts are critically important. Our supplier on these parts is Dahon, (the industry experts in folding bikes with various patented technologies in these areas) who supply those components to Currie because we feel they provide the very best user experience which generally come at a premium. As a point of comparison, the non-electric version of this bike from Dahon, the MU Uno is $700. Also, we add some of the safest and best battery packs and ebike electronics. The E3 Compact offers a premium quality ride and user experience that we feel justify its price point and place in the market.

    With that said, the Prodeco may offer a great value for some but the performance will not be the same. Thanks again!

    Best regards,


  3. says

    IZIP and Currie did a nice job building this bike. It is almost a copy of the Prodeco Mariner 7 which went on sale in January 2012. The Mariner 7 has a 300 watt motor and lacks the Pedal assist feature but Factory Direct Electric Bikes sells quite a few Prodeco Mariner 7 bikes to boaters and campers. The Mariner 7 lists for $1299 while the Prodeco Mariner lists for $999. A small electric bike, like the Mariner 7 or the E3 Compact Folding electric bike, having gears is a real plus as a one speed electric bike doesn’t allow a rider to pedal at top speed. Due to Currie and Prodeco’s efforts their electric bikes have both made a leap in quality and even share the same components.


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