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  1. My only real gripe with our RR1 is that the saddle is too close to the handlebars. I have done various mods, but it is still not a comfortable ride. I took some big lumps of tree to our local tip recently, so as a utility bike it does the job. Searching for possible solutions this morning, I found other people admitting to the same problem. One person had used a bent tube mod, which takes the saddle back a bit, but it means you can’t use a suspension post. Also, this should not be needed. If the frame was a bit longer, you would have a choice in the adjustment. It was designed in the USA, which has tall people, so this should have been sorted. It would not have cost any more. It’s not as if I’m asking for a fifteen speed Swiss hub gear setup! So, if this new model has the same problem, and no proper centre stand as standard, is it worth the extra money?

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