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  1. Until folding E Bikes are allowed on planes, their true potential cannot be realized. What better way to travel than arrive at your destination airport & ride to your hotel, resort or home? Would eliminate those long rental car line ups & the over priced taxi fares while doing your part to reduce Co2. How about a 2 part battery? One half Cathode & the other half Anode? When you arrive at the airport, you snap them together.

  2. I own a Gocycle GX and can attest to how awesome these bikes are – well worth the extra money vs other folding e-bikes – nothing out there rides as well as these things!

    • That’s a great question for really any e-bike manufacturer right now, but I do know from speaking with Gocycle employees at the Big Gear Show that they have a few more shipments of various G4 models on the way to the U.S. If those bikes are already spoken for, I can’t say, but I imagine you’ll see some (limited) stock in the next few months.

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