Clean Republic Hill Topper Electric Bike Kit Specifications & Installation

The Clean Republic Hill Topper electric bike kit has been on my list of kits to review because it is a simple and economical way to turn a conventional bike into an e-bike.

In this post I will cover the specs of the kit along with my experience with the installation.  There are a few videos and a bunch of pictures documenting the installation.

After you checkout the specifications and installation below, make sure you checkout the full review of the Hill Topper with information on what the ride is like, real world speed & range, pros, cons, and who this kit is for.

Clean Republic Hill Topper Electric Bike Kit Specifications

Speed: 15 mph

Range: Please see battery options below.

Motor: 8Fun 250W, 24v planetary geared front hub, brush-less BLDC PWM, 210rpm, weighs 6 lb. Click Here for an image. 36 Hole for spokes. Motor is sealed, rain and mud-proof.  Disc brake mount optional (uses your own disc rotor) 6 screw mounting.  Here is a video showing the planetary gears:

Spokes: Two cross lacing pattern, steel 13 gauge (2.3mm) spokes.

Rim: Alexrims, Alex101, Sturdy single-wall alloy mountain bike rim.  Available in 700c, 26″ and 24″ sizes

Tire: Raised center black urban, 1.75″, 40-65 PSI 

Battery Options:

-10 mile sealed lead-acid (SLA), 24v 8Ah weighs 11 lb., 4 hour recharge rate, 400 cycle life.

-10 mile lithium ion, 24V 4.4Ah weighs 2.3 lb., dimensions = 2.5″ x 3″ x 8″, 500 cycle life.

-20-mile lithium ion , 24V 10Ah lithium weighs 4.5 lbs, 6 hour recharge rate, 500 cycle life,

-40-mile lithium ion  24V 20Ah Made-In-USA deluxe lithium weighs 6 lbs, 500 cycle life

Battery bag & casing: Tough 1050 denier ballistic-grade nylon weatherproof cargo bag with 3 heavy duty straps.  Rugged internal aluminum shock and weatherproof case

Regulator: Included and internally pre-wired into all battery packs. 24v, 7A rated current, 15A max current, 20.5v low-voltage battery protection shutoff, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), advanced TDR motor position sensing

Charger: runs on 120-240 volts, 50/60 Hz., Output: Lithium charger: 29 v, SLA charger: 27v.   Smart auto-shutoff functions, over-charging protection

Throttle: On/off switch with velcro strap attachment to handlebars.

Warranty:  Standard 1-year warranty on ALL parts.  “If you have any quality issue with any electric bike kit component we’ll replace it at no extra charge.”  Additional 2 year warranty coverage available.


-$399 for 10 mile standard sealed lead acid battery option + shipping.

-$499 for 10 mile Sprinter lithium ion battery option+ shipping.

-$795 for 20 mile lithium ion battery option+ shipping.

-$1295 for 40 mile lithium ion battery option+ shipping.

-There is also the option of the “Pro Pack” which is the Hill Topper without the complete wheel.  These Pro Packs are generally $100 less than the Hill Topper kit.  They are intended for bike shops or DIYers who want to build the motor into their own wheel.

The kit I tested came with the Axle Release quick release option.

Clean Republic has a very detailed frequently asked questions page.  They have answers to almost any possible question!

Installing the Clean Republic Hill Topper electric bike kit:

One of the unique feature of this electric bike kit is how easy it is to install (or uninstall) on your bike.  Here is a video that shows the basics:

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You need to check with Clean Republic to make sure the fork on your bike will work with their kit.  Here is a link to the FAQ page where you can find more info on this.

Once the Hill Topper kit arrived I installed it on the “Fixie” style bike from Critical Cycles that I have been testing for review on Commute by Bike.  Here is the video of my experience installing the Hill Topper:

Overall the installation experience was pretty smooth.  I had to move a spacer from one side of the hub to the other to get the motor to fit in the fork.  If you have a similar situation make sure you contact Clean Republic for the proper way to do this.




There is a motor wire connector that makes it very easy to install or remove the wheel from the bike.


Included in the Hill Topper kit was the Axle Release levers.  These are quick release levers that can be added to a traditional threaded axle.  They replace the typical axle nuts and allow you to remove the wheel without tools.  They work well on the Hill Topper kit because the motor wire comes out of the side of the hub, not through the end of the axle (some hub motors are that way).  They installed easily on the Hill Topper and they worked well to secure the wheel and release it quickly.


The kit is controlled by a simple on/off switch that is attached with a velcro strap to the handlebar grip.  I positioned the on/off button under the grip so that I could use my index finger to turn the kit on while still maintaining a secure grip on the handlebars.




When charging the lead acid battery pack you need to make sure that the on/off switch on the battery is in the “on” position.  In case you don’t know the “I” is on and the “O” is off.


Plugging in the charger requires that you disconnect the battery from the bike wiring and plug in the charger.


The charger is pretty small and light!  You can easily take it with you for charging on the go.


Here is a link to Clean Republic for more info on the Hill Topper.

Now, checkout the full review of the Clean Republic Hill Topper electric bike kit!


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  1. Ken Sanders says

    Pricing no bad for the basic kit but sure there will be those that upgrade to the better battery and range

    Good install Video Pete l;look toward to your ride report

    Isn’t it Great fun promoting the use of e bikes

    For Now Ken in Canada


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