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  1. I bought a Bakcou storm withe the 25ah battery. The battery does not fit in and lock, is this a problem with the new 25ah battery Ive asked the factory and as of yet no good answer. I have a $7000 bike that the battery disconnects while riding. No factory help so far

    • Interesting…. Mine fits and locks but finicky for sure. It took me a few tries to work out a good system. Hopefully it’s working for you now. They have a great customer service team. Hopefully all is good👍.

  2. I have a Bakcou Storm with a 19″ frame and two 21ah batteries. I’m mostly happy with it. But I do wish the battery would last as long as advertised. I mostly get about 25 miles per charge. But with two of them, I’m able to carry the second battery in the Large Basket from Rad Power Bikes, which I have attached to the rear rack lengthwise using zip ties. That setup works well, and the basket is long enough to hold an extra battery and more. The bike is powerful. My only complaint is battery life. I have no problems with the bike itself. I’m impressed with Bakcou. They are an American company. I also purchased the solar charger, the deer trailer and a Hollywood Racks Sport Rider rack for my truck, plus some random bike accessories. All together it cost me a little over 10K.

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