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  1. First and foremost, you called the Big Red S “Trek” and I’m here for it! Their bikes are all made in the same factories. Honest freudian slip.

    That specialized isn’t that big of a revelation. Bulls, R+M and others have been putting multi surface tires, full fenders, lights, racks and kickstands on FS bikes for years now. Hell, even Raleigh had one!

    I’m also not sure why David Hon won’t pick up the phone and talk to his son about how to design a proper ebike. Tern has been KILLING it and Dahon still looks like trash. I do like the folding bakfiets scenario, though. Super trick.

    The Sadpower is 21% more expensive that the last model and it can still kill children and burn your house down. Yay? I guess?

    Lastly, no Aventon bike is compelling. Even when they jumped on the fixie bandwagon a decade ago… They’re leaches and always will be.

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