Review of the Hebb Electro Glide Electric Bike

Okay, here is the Hebb Electro Glide electric bike review!  In a nut shell; this has to be one of the more “solid” e-bikes that I have tested.  Hebb refers to their bikes as the “Affordable Luxury Bike” and it seems to be true.

I have ridden this bike for a couple of weeks up hills, on paved streets, down gravel paths, through snow and ice (I used studded snow tires 🙂 ), into headwinds, etc.  The sometimes harsh conditions of Flagstaff Arizona have definitely put this electric bike to the test.

My usual ebike testing circuit is my commute to work (13 miles round trip) and some errand running (20 miles total).  This route does include some very steep hills usually on gravel paths.

Features of the Hebb Electro Glide

Below are some of the features of the bike.  They are also included in the video below if you want to take a look at the bike.

Features and Specs:

The cockpit: Bell, cycle computer, integrated lights come stock

  • Comes in triangle frame or step through frame
  • Black or silver color
  • Adjustable stem for adjusting to riders of different sizes
  • Accessories: integrated LED lights, fenders, rear rack, bell, cycle computer, kickstand
  • Suspension fork
  • 350 Watt front hub planetary gear motor (eZee)
  • 37 Volt 10 ah Lithium ion battery that can be locked to the frame or remove with a key
  • Throttle only
  • Aluminum frame
  • Shimano 7 speed Nexus internal gear rear hub
  • Front disc brake and roller rear brake
  • Schwalbe tires
  • Speed = 20 mph
  • Range = 20 – 30 Miles
  • Price = $2199 MSRP

So What is the Ride Like?

Hebb Electro Glide endured the snowy days (with studded snow tires!)

Like I said before this bike has a very solid feel to it.  Nothing rattles, it is a smooth ride, and the quality of the components are good.  It definitely does feel like it is a luxury bike.

The motor is relatively “torquey” and can accelerate from a stand still pretty quickly even without pedaling.  It does bog down a little on the really steep hills, but it makes pedaling up a steep hill a lot easier!

The range?  So far I have got 20 miles out of it without running too low on battery power.  I have not had a chance to run it all the way down for a full range test yet, but when I do I will add that to this review.

The motor is a little noisy, but I personally didn’t notice it too much especially at higher speeds.  After putting more miles on the bike I have noticed that the motor is a bit noisy.  It is not horrible, but something to note if you are looking for a silent e-bike.

Time for the Pros and Cons!


Lots of accessories: rack, fenders, integrated LED lights.

I really like how durable this bike feels.  The quality of the components are good and the fact that there is nothing that rattles on the bike makes it seem solid.  Here are my thoughts on some of the stock components:

  • The eZee motor has been around for a long time and is a well known brand
  • The Shimano 7 speed internal gear hub is a nice clean touch; no derailleurs.

    Shimano Nexus 7 speed internally geared hub and roller brake

  • The Schwalbe tires are well known for their durability
  • The wheels feel very solid
  • I really like the integrated LED lights that run off the battery
  • So many included accessories, including a cycle computer!
  • The front disc brake and rear roller brake are powerful and they work well in wet weather.
  • The battery charger appears to be high quality compared to other standard ebike chargers.

This bike comes with so many useful accessories that it is almost a turnkey, fully equipped commuter bike.


Okay, the price has to be a con.  At $2199 it is not the cheapest electric bike out there, but you do get what you pay for.  This is a quality electric bike and with that comes a cost.  I wish ebikes were less expensive and hence available to even more people, but that is a topic for another article!

The motor did bog down on some really steep gravel path hills that I tested the bike on, but with a little help from me made it up the hill ok.  It seemed to do pretty well on the steep paved climbs.

The suspension fork could have offered a smoother ride.

The suspension fork that comes with this bike is not the most active.  At least on the bike that I tested it didn’t seem to take the “edge” off of the rough spots in the road as well as other suspension forks that I have ridden on.

This is a small complaint, but the seatpost is fairly low quality compared to the other components on the bike.  I don’t think it will break; it’s just a normal steel seatpost, nothing special.

This bike may not offer the most comfortable position for someone looking for a really upright bike.  I come from many years of cycling so the position felt very comfortable to me.  If you want a more upright position this could easily be fixed by changing the handlebar to a high rise handlebar.

Personally I think it would be nice to have folding baskets or bags that you could carry some groceries with as a stock accessory.  Of course that would add to the price and not everybody would want those.

Who is this electric bike for?

The Hebb Electro Glide, ready to ride!

I think think this bike is for someone who wants a sturdy electric bike for regular commuting and/or recreational riding and doesn’t mind spending the extra money for the quality of the bike.  The smooth and solid ride combined with the plethora of accessories really makes the bike seem luxurious.  I think the Hebb Electro Glide is that type of bike that you can rely on for day after day riding.

Comments or Questions?

Please let me know if you have any questions about this bike.

Also, please keep in mind that this is a relatively short term test.  This testing can’t really give you the long term review of durability and reliability.  My thoughts on the quality of this bike are from previous experiences with similar bikes.  If you own this bike and have some input on the long term durability, please share your comments with the Electric Bike Report community below.



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  1. Sanderskd says

    From previous experience with e bike motors i have found that most planetary motor gear systems use plastic gears that tend to strip the teeth off leaving the bike for repairs that will usually happen again . Best to by a motor that uses the permanent magnet motor system fixed stator 2 bearings – motor casting spokes and rim and tire are the only thing move . A system that uses this design is Bion X . More money for this system yes but no disappointment at the product you have bought and no bike that is always in for repairs. The idea was to ride them not fix them .

  2. says

    We have been selling the eZeebike Sprint model in Canada which is very similar to the Hebb model you reviewed. We can tell you that they have proven very reliable in long-term tests. We have tested many bike with direct drive motors such as a2b and Sanyo eneloop. Most of the riders up here in Canada have opted for the eZee bike with the planetary gear drive. Most riders have also opted for the throttle control vs the pedelec.
    We have had almost no problems with the nylon planetary gears and eZee has been excellent with warranty. If you rev the bike to maximum speed with the front wheel and then drop it off a curve, the sudden transition from free wheeling to maximum torque can shear off teeth…but you can break just about anything if you ride like an idiot.
    eZee makes a great quality product. With regard to price, we have tested many brands and it is our belief that you have to be at least in the $2000 price range to get a quality motor, battery, and controller. Remember – “Pay for the best and only cry once” 🙂

    • Jboris says

      I’m a newbie interested in a Hebb I test-rode. What do you mean by “If you rev the bike to maximum speed with the front wheel and then drop it off a curve, the sudden transition from free wheeling to maximum torque can shear off teeth”? (No jargon, please. Laymen’s language, only. Thank you!

  3. Gary DiVincenzo says

    We have been selling Hebb e-bikes at Hybrid Cycles for over a year and our customers love them. They have proven to be durable as well as reliable and we get fantastic support from the company.
    As you noted, they are a little pricy, but still an excellent value when you consider the quality and standard accessories. A great option is the 14 amp battery which will give you over 30 miles range.
    I never thought the motor to be unusually noisy, maybe just a little on a steep hill, but it is generating a lot of power and it will definitely outrun every other bike that we sell.

  4. Ron White says

    Coming up on my 10th week of using my Hebb Electro Glide 500 to commute to work twice a week (35 miles round trip x2) from my home in Santa Monica to downtown Los Angeles. Surface streets all the way and there are sections I imagine resemble the early stages of the Great Rift Valley, but this bike is awesome, smooth, very dependable, solid. The weight took some getting used to, coming from a 24-pound Cannondale I used to ride, but I’m extremely pleased with it.

  5. says

    On June 3. 2011 I took possession from ELV Motors in Santa Clara CA. of my Hebb Electro Glide 700.  Sold my car so it is my only form of transportation.  So far have, in my retired life, cycled 973.3 miles around the Bay area as well a 4 day trip to Santa Cruz.  In one sentence “A Great E-Bike”
    Very solid, well equipped, and a true pleasure for touring.  Only addition I added is a second battery, what a pleasure to have that “peace of mind” for extra range, which, since I enjoy putting some muscle into cycling as well, easily reaches 70 miles.
    Often I find myself not using any power at all, although the Hebb is no light weight, the well balanced distribution of weight makes for an ease of cycling I did not expect.
    After 2 months of daily cycling I am very pleased with my Hebb 700, and highly recommend
    this wonderful “Green Machine”

  6. compliantz says

    Purchased a Hebb Electro Glide 500 Dec. 9, ’11, virtually sight unseen – my fault. Am very disappointed.  Hard to reach gearshifters and light switch, roller brake that pretty much only stops when going uphill. Was usually a winter motorcyclist and bicyclist, but my new motorcycle was stolen Sep. 11 and decided to go with something I could carry indoors. Not much of a bicyclist, often find myself in the easiest gear whether on the flat or going uphill. Not finding the Hebb to be much of an improvement over my entry level 25-year old bike, wanted to return it but gave it one last midnight chance. Unfortunately, dropped it and it slid on ice that I didn’t notice.  Realized the barely scratched bike was now mine! Later while not using both brakes at once, noticed the rear roller brake does not stop me when going downhill, which I suppose led to my ice accident. Would not trade my old bike worth about $90 plus $100 for it I think.  Dealer Bicycle Center of Seattle offered me only $500 for it.  Oh well, was gonna throw the money (thought he was gonna offer $1500, but he meant if I sold it myself) on a Prodeco Stride 500R, and don’t know how that would have turned out.
    Fun for little 9 and 15 mile trips though, where the Caution light stays on unless I stay off the throttle.  But hoped for at least 20 mile trips with a steep quarter mile hill.  Had hoped to never take the bus again.

  7. Simon Lodewijks says

    Update and experience of my Hebb 700 Electro-glide.
    After 20 months and close to 6000 miles of cycling on my Hebb 700, I like to share my experience with you, and love to hear from other Hebb e-bikers.
    I cycle in the Bay area near San Francisco with lots of flat terrain but also hills with 20% grades which I regularly encounter
    Yes, the bicycle frame is well build and all non-electrical components have worked flawlessly. Also the feeling of the bike is very good and am still on my first set of excellent Schwalbe tires.
    As far as the electrical parts of the bike are concerned I am less impressed. Having my 3rd hub motor installed, the first was almost replaced immediately after I bought the bike and now after close to 6000 miles am on my 3rd hub motor. Also had problems with my batteries (3), had to send all 3 back to the factory in Texas to be examined, apparently fuse problems which were over-heating.
    To be fair I must say that Bill Hebb has been forthcoming in solving these problems. Still, since I sold my car over 2 years ago and this bike is my sole form of transportation, the down time of well over a month for those repairs does not make a dependable form of transportation.


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