Haibike XDURO FS RX Video, Pictures, & Specs

Haibike FS RX electric mountain bike 1

The Haibike Xduro FS RX electric mountain bike is a solid off road machine with the new 350 watt Bosch Performance mid drive system, 120 mm of front and rear suspension (RockShox & Fox), and a health mix of Shimano SLX components.

In this first part of the review there are a BUNCH of detailed pictures and specifications to get you familiar with the FS RX.

The Haibike XDURO FS RX is priced at $5,200 USD at the time of this review.

Part 2 of the Haibike XDURO FS RX review will give you info on ride characteristics, results from the range test, pros, cons, and overall thoughts on this e-bike.

Alright, let’s get into the details of the Haibike XDURO FS RX electric mountain bike!

Checkout the Video & Pictures of the Haibike XDURO FS RX

Haibike FS RX trail 5

The Haibike Xduro FS RX.

Haibike FS RX frame

The Haibike frames utilize hydroformed 6061 aluminium tubes to create a bike that is engineered to provide a good fit/geometry and reinforcement in the high stress areas.

Haibike FS RX internal cable

Internal frame cable routing is found all over the FS RX. Note the wild shapes of the hydroformed aluminum tubing.

Haibike FS RX bosch motor

For the US market, the Haibike’s come equipped with a Bosch mid drive 350 watt motor (60 Nm of torque) compared to the 250 watt motors found on their European bikes. Mid drive motors power through the drivetrain of the bike and that enables you to climb the steepest hills by shifting to lower gears. The Bosch system is a very advanced system that uses a torque sensor, cadence sensor (crank speed), and wheel speed sensor that takes measurements 1,000 times per second. With that kind of measurements it can sense when you are going to shift the gears and reduce the motor power to make the shifting smoother.

Haibike FS RX battery

The FS RX comes equipped with the Bosch Powerpack 400 lithium battery. This is a 36V 11ah (400 watt hour) lithium pack that weighs a surprisingly light 5.5 pounds!

Haibike FS RX battery 3

On the left side of the bike there is a key lock at the top of pack.

Haibike FS RX battery on off

On the lower left of the battery pack is the on/off button, level of charge indicator, and the charging port for on the bike charging.

Haibike FS RX charger

The Bosch charger is a little larger than a laptop battery charger and it weighs less than 2 pounds. It can charge the 400 watt hour battery pack to 50% in 1.5 hours and 100% in 3.5 hours.

Haibike FS RX battery removed

Removal of the battery pack is easily accomplished by unlocking it with the supplied key.

Haibike FS RX battery charger

It is nice to be able to charge and store the battery in your house or work place; especially when it is too hot or cold outside.

Haibike FS RX battery iphone

The Bosch Powerpack 400 is surprisingly small! This is it next to my iPhone 5.

Haibike FS RX suspension

The Haibike FS RX uses a 4 bar linkage rear suspension system with 120 mm (4.75 in.) of travel. Note how the rear shock is mounted in the seat tube area; wild! The chain pulley is used to route the chain around the suspension design.

Haibike FS RX suspension 1

Here is the back of the rear suspension linkage and 27.5″ x 2.25″ Schwalbe Nobby Nic rear tire.

Haibike FS RX fox shock

The Fox CTD LV shock has 3 different suspension adjustments that can be changed with the blue lever: climbing mode, trail mode, and descend mode. The air pressure can be changed with the valve stem on the left to fit the riding style and rider weight.

Haibike FS RX shimano slx derailleur

This is the Shimano SLX rear derailleur with clutch system to prevent chain slap.

Haibike FS RX shimano disc brake 1

Haibike spec’ed the Shimano M615 hydraulic disc brakes on the RS FX. The rear brake uses a 180mm rotor.

Haibike FS RX handlebar

A view of the Haibike FS RX cockpit!

Haibike FS RX bosch display

The Bosch Intuvia display is front and center on the handlebar. There are 4 levels of pedal assist (Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo) in addition to a no assist option that are adjusted on the left side of the handlebar. The display offers information like: odometer, trip distance, max speed, average speed, trip time, clock, and estimated range! There is a USB port on the side to charge your phone or MP3 player on the go. It is easy to remove the display to take with you when you lock up the bike.

Haibike FS RX left grip

On the left side of the handlebar is the Bosch control pad where you can adjust the pedal assist level (+/- buttons) and the information button will cycle through info on the display: odometer, trip distance, max speed, average speed, trip time, clock, and estimated range. Also, you will see the front Shimano hydraulic disc brake lever and lock on grip.

Haibike FS RX brake lever 1

The front view of the left side of the handlebar. There is a button on the front of the Bosch control pad that is a walk assist button for providing a little assist while walking the bike uphill (steps, etc.).

Haibike FS RX right grip

On the right side you will find the RockShox suspension fork lockout button, the Shimano SLX 10 speed shifter and rear hydraulic disc brake lever, and the lock-on grip.

Haibike FS RX brake lever

The front side of the right handlebar.

Haibike FS RX suspension fork

The FS RX comes equipped with the Rock Shox Reba R with 120mm travel and a lockout option. This fork has a 15mm thru axle for added front wheel stability.

Haibike FS RX lockout

The suspension fork lockout is controlled by the button on the right side of the handlebar. Locking out the fork is handy if you are riding on relatively smooth surfaces and want to maximize your out of the saddle pedaling efficiency.

Haibike FS RX fork air

The air spring of the suspension fork can be adjusted by removing the cap and using a shock pump.

Haibike FS RX front tire

Here is a close up of the front 27.5″ x 2.25″ Schwalbe Nobby Nic tire on the FS RX. It has some good tread for off road riding!

Haibike FS RX shimano disc brake

The front Shimano M615 hydraulic disc brake uses a 203 mm rotor for solid stopping power.

Haibike FS RX seat

The Haibike saddle is narrow and has a racing/performance style to it.

Haibike FS RX trail 7


Haibike XDURO FS RX Electric Bike Specifications

Frame:  Aluminum 6061 hydroformed tubes, 4-bar linkage suspension system, Fox CTD LV shock, 120mm frame travel

Fork: Rock Shox Reba RL Tapered, Pushloc, 120mm travel, 15mm thru axle

Motor: 350 watt Bosch mid drive Performance System

Battery:  Bosch PowerPack 400 lithium-ion, 36V 11ah (400Wh), 5.5 lbs

Battery:  Bosch performance charger. 50% charged in 1.5 hours, 100% charged in 3.5 hours

Assist Options:  Pedal assist (torque sensor, cadence sensor, and speed sensor) with levels 0-5

Display:  Bosch Intuvia LCD multi-function display with variable boost modes: current speed, trip distance, odometer, and estimated range

Drivetrain:  Shimano SLX 10 speed

Brakeset:  Shimano M615 hydraulic disc, 203/180mm rotors

Tires: 27.5″ x 2.25″ Schwalbe Nobby Nic Performance, foldable

Colors: Black-lime or black-white

Sizes: 40cm, 45cm, 50cm, 55cm

Weight:  48 pounds

Price: $5,200 USD at the time of this review

Here is a link to the specifications page of the Haibike XDURO FS RX electric bike.

Now checkout Part 2 of the Haibike XDURO FS RX review with info on the ride characteristics, the range test, pros, cons, and overall thoughts!


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  1. mike says

    Just received my xduro fs rx in Canada. Walk assist is not enabled and the distributor tells me it is not enabled for north America?? Was is available on your test bike? Anyone else have the walk assist enabled? Label says 250 watt/20 mph. mph indicates north America. 250 watt??

    • Pete says

      Hi Mike,

      The walk assist was not enabled. The label on the frame of the bike I tested also said 250 watt but Currie Tech told me that it was a 350 watt motor. It did feel comparable in power to other 350 watt mid drive motors that I have ridden.

      I hope that helps.



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