Ohm XS 750 Electric Bike Features [VIDEO]


View of the Ohm XS 750 Cockpit

This is a quick video introduction to the Ohm XS 750 electric bike that is currently in for testing and review.  This is Ohm’s high end sport/mountain bike style electric bike.

In the video I go over the features of the bike.  Here is the full review of the Ohm XS 750 electric bike.

Without further ado, here is the video!

You can download the video here or download the video to iTunes automatically and add the video to your mobile device.

Do you have any questions about the Ohm XS 750?  Is there anything you would like me to cover in the review?  Please leave your comments and/or questions below.



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  1. Kauaikit says

    NIce bike…though I’d like to see a rear suspension, especially asking the outragious MSP of $3,700.

    Best to buy a nice used ebike like around $500-$1200 for a NOS Tidalforce M-750X/S-750X/IO cruiser, which by the way was designed here in the USA! I have four for a LOT less than one of these bikes & the 1000watt bikes will smoke (25-32mph) this Canadian neutered bike in full “stealth” silence, beside the M-750X uses the Montague military grade paratrooper folding frame.

    Or if you want to “tip your toe in the water”, a used EV Global bike in the $200-$300 range for a great 36V SX bike. I have four, so I can suggest them. These bikes with run hard to 16.5mph, and great for running the dog. Thoough you will in time want to replace the SLA batteries for a Ping lithium for range. But even an added $600, makes these bikes a bargain & you can even use this battery in any of the above bikes, & so you spread your cost.

    Currently on the hunt for a used Optibike ($1000 range) or a A2B for ($500-750 range).

    How about review of great used ebikes for the best financial deals?

    S.CA USA

  2. R_dimock says

    Pete where is the voltage controller? in the battery case? or included in the hub motor? is it 36 volt only or can it handle multiple voltages, say 48 volts for instance if a battery up grade becomes available in 2012.

  3. Nothappyowner says

    Look real hard at the motor mounting system and what keeps the axle from twisting out and mangling the aluminum frame beyond use/repair…


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