Emotion Neo Xtrem Electric Mountain Bike in for Review [VIDEO, Pictures & Specs]

Emotion Neo Xtrem Electric Mountain Bike

Recently I had a few days to ride and test the Emotion Neo Xtrem electric mountain bike on the trails as well as on a local street route here in Sedona Arizona.

This e-mountain bike has some unique features!  Below are the specifications of the bike along with a video and some close up pictures that will give you an idea of what this electric mountain bike is all about.

Here are the specs of this electric mountain bike.

Emotion Neo Xtrem Electric Mountain Bike Specifications:

Frame: Alumium 26″ Neo Xtrem

Fork: Suntour XCT MLO Suspension Fork

Motor: 350W, geared brushless.

Battery: Samsung Lithium Ion; 36 Volt 9Ah

Drivetrain: Shimano Alivio 8sp

Brakeset: Hydraulic Disc Tektro Auriga e-comp

Tires: Continental Explorer

Total Weight: 49.2 lbs.

Warranty: 2 years

Price: $2600 (USD)

Here is a link to the detailed specifications of the Emotion Neo Xtrem electric mountain bike.

Here is a link to the European Emotion website and the North American Emotion website.  Please note that Pete’s Electric Bikes is the North American distributor and that is not my company.  It’s just a coincidence that they choose that cool name for their company 🙂  You can also purchase Emotion bikes in the US at The New Wheel.

Checkout the video and pictures of the Emotion Neo Xtrem!

You can download the video here or download the video to iTunes automatically and add the video to your mobile device.

The Emotion Neo Xtrem battery is mounted to the top of the downtube for a "clean" look.

Here is the battery and you can see where it fits on the downtube.

This is the battery lock and controller location near the cranks of the bike.

The Emotion Neo Xtrem has some curvey lines that make the bike unique. You can also see that the cables/wires go through the frame to keep the looks clean.

The display is clean and simple. The center button turns the bike on and off and the pedal assist is adjusted using the up and down buttons. This is a pedal assist only bike, no throttle.

The Emotion Neo Xtrem uses a brushless geared 350 watt hub motor. You can also see the torque sensor (silver) on the dropout of the frame. This measures your pedal power and then provides the additional assistance based on what boost settings you selected on the display.

The Emotion Neo Xtrem uses Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes front and rear.

View of the wires near the cranks of the bike. The wires are concealed in the downtube of the bike which is a nice detail.

The Emotion Neo Xtrem comes with a Suntour XCT MLO suspension fork. The fork has a lockout lever for maximum riding efficiency on the streets or smooth off road climbs.

The Emotion Neo Xtrem uses the Shimano Alivio drivetrain and Continental Explorer mountain bike tires.

View of the Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brake levers and Shimano Alivio shifters.

Time to hit the trails! The Emotion Neo Xtrem is made for trails, dirt roads, and riding around town.

Well that about wraps it up for the preview of the Emotion Neo Xtrem electric mountain bike.

Make sure you check out the full review of the Emotion Neo Xtrem electric mountain bike.

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