Easy Motion Neo Jumper Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike Review

Are you looking for a full fledged, trail worthy, full suspension electric mountain bike?

If so, then you should definitely consider the Easy Motion Neo Jumper e-mtb!

The Easy Motion Neo Jumper is a well balanced e-mountain bike with it’s integrated Samsung battery mounted on the downtube and a geared rear hub motor.

It also comes equipped with a solid component package with brand names such as Shimano, Rock Shox, SR Suntour, Schwalbe, Tektro, etc.

All of this combined with 120 mm (about 5″) of front and rear suspension travel makes this a true e-mtb that can handle some rough riding.

Make sure you check out this post that includes a video, a bunch of pictures and the specifications of the Easy Motion Neo Jumper.

What you can expect from this electric bike:

Here is a video that highlights some of the features of the Jumper and shows it in action out on the trails!

First of all this bike is smooth and easy to ride.  The full suspension really provides a great ride on and off the trail.

There are many suspension adjustments (spring rate, damping, lockout, etc.) that can be made to dial in the ride just the way you want it.

I rode this bike with Shimano clipless pedals (not included) and that in combination with preloading the suspension and pulling up, allowed me to bunny hop some obstacles in the trail.  This is pretty cool considering this bike tips the scales around 48 lbs (heavy for a traditional mountain bike but relatively light for an e-bike).  The back end was a little heavy with the rear hub motor, but not too bad.

The full suspension definitely helped with making this heavier bike feel more like a traditional mountain bike; except it was much easier to ride uphill!

Speaking of riding uphill, the Jumper really makes it fun!  I am an avid mountain biker and I have many typical routes near my home in Sedona, Arizona that I ride on my traditional mountain bike (not electric), so I have a good gauge as to how hard a ride can be.

The Jumper really takes the edge off of the hills and makes getting from point A to point B quick and fun.  It made some of my normal routes feel like I was taking a quick ride to the store and back.

I did sweat though, just not as much as I normally do!  On my rides I mostly used the pedal assist setting instead of the throttle.  The pedal assist has some kick for sure and when riding on trails it feels much more natural when compared to the throttle option.  The throttle option seems kind of “boring”.

Even in the lowest pedal assist setting the bike almost had too much kick.  I would prefer to have even less assist in the “Eco” setting (lowest assist setting) for technical riding.

The difference between the lowest (Eco) and highest (Boost) assist settings was noticeable but the difference between other settings (Standard and Sport) was not very noticeable.  I generally used Eco for off road riding and Boost for riding on the road.  Of course, if you want more range, riding in Eco is the best way to go.

Electric spec wise the Jumper has a 350 watt geared rear hub motor and the integrated Samsung lithium ion battery is 36 volts and 9 ah.

The Jumper also features front and rear suspension lockout levers.  The front suspension lockout lever is on the handlebar and the rear suspension lockout lever is on the rear shock itself (see the video for more info).  Locking out the suspension will make your pedaling effort more efficient on the road or smooth off road sections.  This is a nice feature if you ride to the trails or use the Jumper for some around town commuting.

When it comes time to slow the Jumper down, the Tektro hydraulic disc brakes do a good job of scrubbing off the speed.  The brake levers have the electric “kill” switches that will stop the motor from assisting when the brakes are engaged.

I found this helpful on technical trails because the motor will keep assisting for a second even after you stop pedaling, so it helps to tap the brake levers to stop the assist if you don’t want it.

On the other hand, the extra assist helps when you want to get over an obstacle but your pedal might get in the way.  Occasionally I would “punch” the pedals and then let the assist carry me over an obstacle while I kept the pedals out of the way.

The Jumper almost doesn’t look like an electric bike.  From a distance it looks like a normal mountain bike with a big down tube.  Of course, most mountain bikers that I showed the bike to were quick to examine it’s unique characteristics.  Yes, most mountain bikers geek out over gear and could spot something very different about this bike!  For the most part, the Jumper flies under the radar of being an electric mountain bike.

The ride test results:

Here is the real world information on how this bike performed on my typical riding circuit that includes hills, flats, traffic, wind (when available) etc.

The results below are based on a paved circuit that I use for testing other electric bikes.

Here is the range and elevation info using the highest pedal assist setting (Boost).


While testing these bikes I like to put them through the toughest conditions to see where their bottom line is in regards to range and speed.

Range:  As you can see from the GPS info that I recorded, the bike traveled 18.6 miles and did a total elevation gain/loss of around 1600 ft. Considering that I weight 190 lbs and I pedaled very lightly this is very good range for a 36 Volt 9 ah battery pack (324 Watt Hours)!

This range falls in line with other bikes I have tested with similar electric specs (power and battery pack size).

Watt hours are the total energy in a battery pack and it is based on the volts x amp hours of a pack.  This is a way to compare the size of the “gas tank” of electric bikes.

Please keep in mind that if you pedal more, weight less than me, ride slower and/or you use the bike in terrain that is not as hilly you will get more range.  These results are from tough testing.

Speed:  The Jumper in pedal assist mode tops out around 26 mph.  In throttle mode it was around 21 mph.  In pedal assist mode e-bikes can travel faster than 20 mph because the rider is contributing some of the energy.

Weight:  This bike tips the scales at 48 lbs.

The weight distribution on this bike is pretty good because the battery is centered in the middle of the bike and low to the ground.  The motor on the back makes it a tad bit back heavy but it is not too noticeable.  The rear suspension definitely takes the edge off of the rear wheel impact.


Full Suspension:  This is a true full suspension e-mountain bike that can take on rough trails.  There are many ways to fine tune the ride feel for your riding style.

With 120 mm (about 5″) of travel front and rear, it can soak up the rough terrain.  Rock Shox is well known brand name in the bike suspension world.

Battery on the down tube:  The battery is one of the heaviest components of an electric bike and positioning this weight low and near the center of the bike is good for the overall handling.

In addition the Emotion Neo bikes make the battery integration so seamless and it looks cool.  The Jumper has a Samsung battery which is a well know battery brand.

Quality Components:  Shimano, Rock Shox, SR Suntour, Schwalbe, Tektro, etc. are well known brand names in the bike world.  The Jumper even came equipped with a Shimano XT rear derailleur which is pretty high end.

Easy to use display:  The LCD display on the Jumper is simple, easy to read, and easy to use.  It has all the important info you would want; speedometer, odometer, battery level, and current assist level.  It also can be easily removed if you are leaving the bike locked up somewhere and want to discourage theft.


Charging the battery: In order to charge the battery you need to remove it from the bike and plug it in to the charger.  It would be nice to have the option of charging the battery on the bike.

Side note: this does encourage the charging and storage of the battery in your house which is better than charging and storing it in a garage that could have extreme hot or cold temps (not good for a battery).

Lower assist setting:  For technical off road riding it would be nice to have even less assist on the lowest assist setting.  In addition it would be nice to have very noticeable differences in each pedal assist setting.

Motor noise:  Every geared hub motor that I have tested has some noise and the motor on the Jumper is no different.  It is not too bad and after a while I got used to it.

Top tube:  The Jumper that I rode was the medium frame size which fit me pretty well (I’m 5′-11″ ) except that the top tube was a bit high.  It looks like the top tube could be designed to curve down to provide more stand over clearance.


Overall, I really enjoyed riding the Easy Motion Neo Jumper!  It is a true electric mountain bike that can handle some rough trails.  I should know, the trails in Sedona are not the smoothest!

I really appreciate the suspension adjustability, the good weight distribution, quality components, and the overall ride feel that the Jumper provides.

The Jumper could use a few improvements (charging battery on the bike, lower assist setting, lower top tube) but overall it is a very complete e-mountain bike.

For the price of $3,999 it is not inexpensive but it does offer a lot of bike and quality for the money.

Please keep in mind that this is a relatively short term test.  This testing can’t really give you the long term review of durability and reliability.  My thoughts on the quality of this bike are from previous experiences with similar bikes.  If you own this bike and have some input on the long term durability, please share your comments with the Electric Bike Report community below.

Where to get the Emotion Neo Jumper?  Check with Easy Motion USA for a dealer near you.

Do you have any questions about the Emotion Neo Jumper?  Do you own the Jumper?  Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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  1. says

    Great review. Our customers love the Easy Motion Bikes. They are becoming one of our best sellers. See our website for a customer evaluation of the Neo Extreme.

  2. says

    Sounds like tons of fun in Sedona. The Easy Motion Neo line is quickly becoming Va. Bch. Electric Bike Center’s most exciting and popular line of Ebikes..particularly with bike enthusiasts. I really appreciate the quality components, both electrical and bike.

  3. Clint Smith says

    A great review. I, after my experience (below) fully expect to
    do 100k (60 mile) road rides and 35 K (20 mile) mountain trail rides with battery power to spare. I do peddle as much as I can.

    I am a 73 year old with 20+ years of MTB riding experience. I purchased a Jumper last fall just before snow here (Salmon Arm, British Columbia). My riding time has been limited so far but what I have done in sub freezing weather on snow shoe packed MTB/
    Hiking trails has me looking forward to snow free trails with great anticipation. I can climb slippery hills without spinning, (better wheel control with the peddle assist) Downhill requires lots of focus, and great speed control on corners. Lots of fun and low speed challenge!! In colder conditions I got as far as the Fatboys. I can’t wait for the trails to be open for summer use. Battery drain has been well within my expectations, especially considering the temperatures.

    One modification I have made (Sticky downshifting after only 50k): Drilled out the chain stay cable supports and inserted a full length cable housing. Open cable under the chain stay is just asking for sticky shifting in this terrain.



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