Stromer ST1 Platinum Electric Bike Video,Pictures, & Specs

The fast (28mph!) pedal assist only Stromer ST1 Platinum electric bike is in for review and I want to take a minute to share the features of this high performance e-bike with you.

This is part 1 of the review and it will give you an idea of what this e-bike is all about with a bunch of pictures, and info on the specifications.

Part 2 of the Stromer ST1 Platinum review will give you info on ride characteristics, results from the range test, pros, cons, and overall thoughts on this high speed pedelec (pedal assist only e-bike).

Please note that there is also the ST1 Elite that tops out at 20 mph (along with other differences) and it is less expensive.

Alright, let’s get into the details of the ST1 Platinum!

Checkout the Video & Pictures of the Stromer ST1 Platinum

Enjoy this video with riding footage and feature of the ST1 Platinum:

The ST1 Platinum and the open road!

Let’s ride!

The ST1 Platinum just looks fast.

Wow!  That is one heck of a disclaimer.  That is because the Platinum travels up to 28 mph with electric assist.  Technically the US law allows 20 mph max for a bike that has a throttle (no pedaling option), but currently there is some grey area when it comes to pedal assist only bikes because the rider is also contributing some power to get to the higher speed.  Just note that if you are riding this bike on public streets and roads above 20 mph with electric assist, you are doing it at your own risk.

Since the Platinum is an off road only e-bike I decided to give it a go on the local trails.  It was fun, but kind of a rough ride on the rocky terrain here in Sedona.

There is a battery behind that door!  One of the features that make Stromer electric bikes unique is that the battery is housed in the downtube of the frame.  That location keeps the weight of the battery low and centered in the bike, which helps with overall bike handling.

The 36V 14.5ah lithium ion battery can be removed by unlocking the side door and pulling the battery out.  The battery can be charged either on the bike or when it has been removed.

This is the charging port on the opposite side of the downtube from the battery door.  Just plug the charger in here and then connect the charger to any normal wall outlet.  Charging takes about 3.5 hours.

Here is the Platinum’s battery removed from the frame with the battery charger.

Stromer bikes have clean lines because the cables are routed under the down tube.

The seatstays on Stromer frames are rectangular and offer a unique look.

Stromer frames have a solid aluminum construction.  Note the oversized tubing and thick welds.  This contributes to a solid ride when traveling at high speeds.

The 500 watt direct drive rear hub motor provides speeds up to 28 mph and 30 Nm of torque.  The motor on the ST1 Platinum is designed more for speed.  The motor on the ST1 Elite tops out at 20 mph but provides 40 Nm of torque for better hill climbing.

This is the TMM4 torque sensor in the rear dropout of the frame.  The torque sensor determines how much pedal power you are putting in and the system provides proportional motor assistance based on the pedal assist setting you have selected.

The Platinum comes equipped with a high quality Shimano XT rear derailleur.

The FSA Tempo cranks have 3 chainrings and when combined with the 9 speed freewheel give you 27 pedaling gear combinations to choose from.

This is the tough looking carbon fiber fork that comes stock on the ST1 Platinum.  It is designed for the high speeds that the Platinum can travel at.  There is also an option of getting the Platinum with a suspension fork.

The carbon fiber fork on the Platinum has a thru axle to keep side to side wheel flex to a minimum.

Schwalbe Big Ben tires come equipped front and rear.  These are wide tires with an efficient, yet grippy tread.

This is the Magura MT2 front hydraulic disc brake.  The rotors are 180mm in diameter.  The brakes have a nice solid hydraulic feel.

The Magura MT2 rear hydraulic disc brake mounted to the 500 watt direct drive rear hub motor.

The Magura MT2 hydraulic disc brake levers offer plenty of area to grab and scrub off some speed.  The regenerative braking mode is engaged when you use the rear brake.

The display is where you can change the 4 different pedal assist settings: Eco (150%), City (200%), Tour (250%), and Power (300%).  In addition there is a no assist option and 2 levels of recuperation mode.  The recuperation modes turn the motor into a generator to recharge the battery.  The recuperation modes are useful if you have a long downhill and you want to put a little charge back into the battery.  The recuperation 2 mode is automatically engaged when you use the rear brake lever; this is considered regenerative braking.  There is also a “move” mode that will move the bike along at walking speed.  And finally there is the “boost” mode that is sort of like a throttle and can be enabled by holding down the + button on the display in Power mode and the bike will travel up to 12.5 mph with no pedaling required. The display also provides info on the battery level, speed, average speed, trip distance, overall distance, trip time, time, etc.

The ST1 Platinum and an Arizona sunset.

Stromer ST1 Platinum Electric Bike Specifications

Frame: Stromer hydro-formed aluminum with integrated battery compartment in the downtube.

Fork: Stromer carbon fiber fork.  There is also an option to get the Platinum with a suspension fork.

Motor: 500 watt TDCM direct drive rear hub motor with 30 Nm of torque.

Battery:  36 Volt 14.5 amp hour lithium ion battery pack (522 watt hours) integrated into frame.

Assist Options: 4 levels of pedal assist: Eco (150%), City (200%), Tour (250%), Power (300%).  Uses TMM4 torque sensor in the rear dropout of the frame.

Drivetrain: Shimano XT rear derailleur, Shimano Sora shifters and front derailleur, 9 speed freewheel (11-32T). 

Cranks and Pedals: FSA Tempo cranks (30, 39, 50 tooth chainrings) with Wellgo pedals.

Brakeset: Magura MT2 hydraulic disc brakes with regenerative braking.

Tires: Schwalbe Big Ben

Seat: Stromer

Sizes: 16.5″ and 20″ frame sizes.  Also available in a step thru frame.

Colors: Black, white, and red.

Weight: 62 lbs.

Price: $3,999 (at the time of review)

Here is a link to the specifications page of the Stromer ST1 Platinum electric bike.

Now, checkout part 2 of the Stromer ST1 Platinum review with info on the ride characteristics, the range test, pros, cons, and overall thoughts!


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  1. Will says

    I have the Stromer ST1 Elite and after a month of use, I managed to accumulate 800+ miles already! I can’t wait for your review. Just curious if your experience with this beast is the same as mine. By the way, I did not know about the “boost” mode. Hehe. That could be useful at times.

  2. andrew says

    the warning sticker, is that applied to sell it in the USA?
    if this is to be an off road bike only, it has the wrong tires but
    of course it will be ridden mostly on road but at the rider’s risk of being caught (albeit a small risk if ridden sensibly)
    it is a very stealthy ebike but for anyone ‘in the know’
    the larger than needed downtube and the rear hub motor, give it away
    i like the battery in the downtube but i don’t like the price of proprietary shaped batteries, what is the price to replace this battery?
    if stromer were to go belly up,
    it would be difficult and expensive to find a replacement battery
    i like the battery placed in a slightly longer frame that has space between the seatdowntube and the rear wheel
    it’s not as stealthy as the stromer but a good compromise
    kalkhoff and others install it there but then they put it in a proprietary shaped enclosure so the buyer is held ransom to buy a replacement from them at an inflated price because it is a proprietary shape
    batteries should be in a standard enclosure so consumers can shop around to find the best price for the battery only and
    not have to replace the enclosure too and
    from the original ebike manufacturer

  3. Dave says

    Have a platinum in white coming in about 2 weeks. Test ride was ridiculous. Couldn’t stop grinning like an idiot. Almost dangerous amounts of speed easily achievable. Covers lots of ground very easily. Feels like the future.

  4. says

    Rode this at Interbike last year. Very quick and very stable. As far as vendor support, BMC now owns Stromer so I would expect above average.

  5. KJDNYC says

    I just bought the ST1 Elite and it kicks ass! I test drove the Platinum version and was too stiff without front shock and actually too fast if you can believe that and not worth the extra $1000 bucks. I got my Elite for 3 grand cash out the door, cash is king especially in NYC. My top speed is 24 mph the platinum says it goes 30 but I only got test bike up to 28. I got all the features of the platinum just 4 mph slower and a hell of alot cheaper!


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