InterLock Seatpost & “Hidden” Lock Review [VIDEO & PICS]

Interlock seatpost locked 1

Sometimes remembering to bring your bike lock is a pain, and that is where the InterLock comes in.

The Interlock is a very convenient lock because it is “hiding” in your seatpost and it is always on your bike.

I am a fan of making the bike convenient and easy to use for everyday riding to work, errands, and cruising downtown. The more convenient it is to simply grab your bike and go, the better.

I look forward to the day when are bikes are “turn key” like a car.  They will be easy to ride (electric assist) and they will have all the convenient accessories to make riding your bike to work an easy choice. [Read more…]

Iceland Challenge Short Film: Electric Bike Touring in Iceland! [VIDEO]

In this short film of the Iceland Challenge, the crew from Pedelec Adventures shows off the amazing beauty of Iceland and their adventures on eFlow electric bikes.  Also, the outtakes at the end of the film are pretty funny!

There is a full documentary film (23 minutes) that will be shown at trade shows, film festivals and other events.

Here is a video of the 4,000 km route that they covered in 4 weeks: [Read more…]

ABUS Granit Bordo X Plus Lock and ABUS Bordo Big Lock Review

Keeping your electric bike secure is very important.  U-locks have been the “standard” for tough locks for a while but now there is new option that is more compact and flexible; the ABUS folding locks.

These ABUS folding locks offer the security of a U-lock with the versatility of a chain.  They can wrap around the bike and parking structure in addition to being folded down to a compact portable size.  The ABUS folding locks come with a carrying case that attaches to your bike frame.

The bars, the links, as well as supporting elements of the locking system are made of [Read more…]

Two for the Road – Review of Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell and Buckshot Bluetooth Speakers

By Gary Kaye.

For those of us who enjoy taking our tunes on the trail, there are a ton of options.  Lots of companies are making Bluetooth speakers that either attach to your handlebars or fit into a water bottle cage.

Of course, there are performance variations as you’d expect, but one of the biggest challenges is in mounting.  Any speaker, especially one that’s going to go off-roading, needs to be able to take a licking and keep on ticking (my apologies to Timex).

And that’s exactly what Outdoor Tech was aiming to do with two of its bike mountable Bluetooth speakers. [Read more…]

Light Up the Night! Ferei Bike Lights Review

If you are looking for bright LED lights for your electric bike, you may want to take a look at the high performance lights from Ferei.

The Ferei lights have high power LEDs that help you see the road or trail and helps you be seen by others.

I noticed that the really bright Ferei lights definitely helped alert car drivers to where I was!

These lights are not cheap and their feature list reflects that. [Read more…]

Ibera PB9 Smartphone Case Review: An Electric Bike Dashboard! [VIDEO]

It’s amazing what smartphones can do these days!

One of the new trends is to mount your smartphone to the handlebars of your bike and use one of the many smartphone bike applications that are available to provide you with traditional cycle computer info and GPS tracking.  Plus, in many cases you can share this info with your friends!

To jump into this new trend I tested the Ibera PB9 Smartphone Case and the 3 different mounting systems that Ibera offers with [Read more…]

Burley Travoy Trailer Review: E-Bike Cargo Hauler & Shopping Cart! [VIDEOS]

Electric bikes are great for carrying cargo!  And the Burley Travoy commuter trailer makes carrying cargo on your e-bike super easy!

I have been using the Travoy for the past month+ and I am impressed with how easy it is to use everywhere.  

One of the best parts is that when you park your bike, you can take the Travoy and/or its accessory bags with you into the office or into the store.  You don’t have to worry about [Read more…]

E-Bike Gear: Showers Pass Portland Jacket Review [VIDEO]

In the dimly lit streets of Vancouver, BC, I could see the jacket of the rider ahead of me light up every time a car passed from behind. I admired the looks of the jacket as we had ridden from restaurant to pub to pub.

As we neared the end of the six hour urban bike tour of Vancouver – which is a great way to see that city – I rode up next to the rider and asked “What kind of jacket is that?”. He replied, “It’s the Portland jacket by Showers Pass.” That was 2009, and the Portland jacket had been on the market for about a year.

We live in a time where it’s considered normal for a [Read more…]

Enjoy a More Comfortable E-Bike Ride with a Suspension Seatpost!

bodyfloat-isolation-seatpostAre you looking for a way to smooth out the road and enjoy a more comfortable ride on your electric bike?

If so, you may want to check out a suspension seatpost as a way to economically add a little bit of rear suspension to your bike.

A suspension seatpost replaces your existing seatpost and provides a little bit of cushion using either elastomer bumpers, a coil spring or in some cases, an airspring system.

I personally use a suspension seatpost on my electric cargo bike and it really [Read more…]

Review of the NuVinci N360 Hub on a Greenspeed Recumbent Trike with EcoSpeed Electric Bike Kit

This is a guest post from Gary Kaye, founder and chief content officer at In the Boom Box.  “In The Boombox is intended to be the place for baby boomers to find products best suited for us, with clear, concise information to help them make smart purchasing decisions.”

There are no good figures for the number of Americans who ride bicycles.  Back in 2007 the National Sporting Goods Association generated this factoid: [Read more…]