Pimp My Ride: Review of FoxL Speakers and Bracketron Phone Mount

FoxL Speakers

This is an article by Gary Kaye; a professional writer who is passionate about e-bikes.  Check out Gary’s writing/marketing services at CompellingTelling.com.

We’re starting a new feature at Electric Bike Report.  “Pimp My Ride” will look at gadgets, gizmos, and other stuff that can make your e-biking experience even more fun than it already is (assuming that’s possible).  We start off with two different products that used together can be music to your ears.


FoxL Speakers with ProClip Mount

We all know that listening to tunes on earbuds while you’re on your bike is a dangerous thing to do.  And while there have been some portable sound systems out there, few really make the grade.  Some months ago, I tried out the FoxL portable speakers from Soundmatters.  Hands down the best portable speaker set I’d heard.  Wonderful clarity, great bass, Bluetooth capable and long battery life (they advertise five hours).  If only they made a bike mount.  Well now they’ve teamed up with ProClip to create a really sturdy mount that fits snuggly on handlebars or a stem.  Installation was relatively straightforward and the mount feels quite solid.  As for the speakers, the sound is great, and the system also works like a good quality speakerphone in the event you want to conduct business on the trail.  The FoxL v2 speaker system is priced at $199.  The ProClip Bike Mount kit is $49.

Bracketron Soft Case Phone Mount

Of course, now that you’ve got these nifty speakers, you’ll need a way of mounting your smartphone to your e-bike so you can access your tunes on the road.  Bracketron, which as the name implies makes lots of brackets, now makes what it calls an all-weather soft-case bike mount.  The unit sells for $26 at Amazon.  The bracket has thumbscrews to make it very quick to attach to handlebars, and the zipped closed plastic case lets you view the screen, and still protect it if the weather turns foul.  The case snaps securely onto the mount, and holds its position during the course of a ride.

Bracketron Soft Case Phone Mount


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  1. Daverrr says

    Hello, I purchased the everyday mp3/phone music player / case for my bike this summer and it is great. I picked this up at Canadian Tire for about $30.00. If anyone is looking for a speaker system then this is what you have been looking for. It attaches by velcro and runs on two double A batteries. This speaker runs about a week on two of these batteries. You will only really have to worry about the mp3 up time. in this there is also room for glasses or more AA batteries should you decide you might need them. Well that is about it for this one.

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