How to Start Commuting on an Electric Bike – Best Strategies You Need to Know!

Omni Wheel bikeBy David Rodenhiser.

One of the many things people consider when making a lifestyle change is how to make their commute to work simpler and less of a hassle.

They think: wouldn’t it be great to eliminate the pain of being stuck in traffic and then parking your car. The expense of gas, maintenance, tolls and parking.

Or waiting for public transit and making connections that slow [Read more…]

Electric Bikes Part of the Sydney Australia Sustainable Transport Plan

Bike paths being built in Sydney Australia

This is a guest post from Nina at Reef Bikes of Australia.

Worldwide, cities are remodeling themselves and investing in more sustainable transport alternatives. There have been huge investments in improving public transport, building cycle path and pedestrian infrastructure, with the aim of reducing their greenhouse emissions, cleaning the air, and reducing traffic congestion and reliance on cars.

It is shocking that in parts of Australia the transport sector accounts [Read more…]

Join Me & Support People for Bikes

Would you like to see better bicycling infrastructure in the U.S.?  Would you like to see bicycling recognized more in the U.S.?  If so, then you should join me and sign the People for Bikes pledge of support.  And don’t worry, it is totally free.

People for Bikes is an organization that is working towards building a massive list of people around the U.S. to show their support of bicycling.

Here are two quotes from the “Our Goals” page on

“The goal of is to gather a million names of support, to speak with one powerful voice—to let policy makers, the media and the public know that bicycling is important and [Read more…]

VIDEO: Bike Commuting Perks: Take the Side Streets to Avoid the Traffic

So I was just out playing around with my iPhone and I recorded this quick video for you. It’s nothing too mind blowing, but it’s just a reminder that one of the cool things about bike commuting is that you can take the side streets, backroads, urban trails, and other bike routes to avoid traffic.

If you want to find some cool bike routes in your city [Read more…]

Cambridge Adds Electric Bike Share Program

Here’s a great idea!  Give people the chance to borrow an electric bike on their commute to work or around town for running their errands.  That is what is available to the workers at the Cambridge Science Park.  It is part of a program called Travel Plan Plus that allows the workers to “checkout” an electric bike for a while and use it as an alternative to a car.

Here is a quote from the program co-coordinator Gary Armstrong:

“The idea of the pool bike scheme is to remind and encourage people working in the area that there are alternatives to using the car – especially for [Read more…]

How to Find Bicycling Routes in Your Town: Google Maps! [VIDEO]

One of the concerns that I hear from people that are interested in commuting by bike is that they feel like riding around cars is dangerous.  I agree that it is, but you don’t necessarily have to ride with a lot of car traffic.  One of the cool innovations that recently came out is the bicycle directions in Google Maps.

Google has put together a way to get directions from point A to point B with a bicycle route in mind.  This means that Google Maps will give you directions on the less traveled [Read more…]