How To Fix A Flat E-Bike Tire

Intro to Fixing A Flat E-Bike Tire

We’ve all been out for a ride that’s borderline heavenly; the weather’s pristine and everything seems to be perfect until BAM! You’re riding around on a deflated tire. The frustration is real, but you can learn quickly enough how to fix a flat e-bike tire.

While a serious flat may be the end of your ride that day, it doesn’t have to keep you off the trails for long. With proper preparation and a few simple steps, it’s only a matter of time before you can resume riding like nothing ever happened. The Electric Bike Report team has outlined simple step-by-step instructions for fixing a flat and getting back on the road.

Before you get started you’ll need

  • 1. A replacement tube
  • 2. Tire levers
  • 3. A way to inflate the tube
  • 4. A wrench (possibly)

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Tips for Riding Electric Bikes in Snow and Ice

Do you garage your e-bike as temperatures plummet and as snow and ice appear? Maybe you think its’s dangerous or even not possible to ride in the worst of winter conditions but as we demonstrate below, e-bikes can be the perfect tool for riding in snow and ice. In fact, once you get the hang of it, you might find yourself grabbing the e-bike and heading out for magical, snowy winter rides…

Riding in snow can be an awe-inspiring experience (copyright Richard Peace)

What Kind of eBike?

It really does depend on what kind of winter weather you get. I’ve ridden an electric powered Brompton with a front hub motor and skinny road tires on through snow, and this has all the worst attributes for an e-bike you would want to ride in snowy or icy conditions, though it does go to show what is possible. Wheel and tire (or “tyre” in the UK) size and design are particularly important when e-biking in snow. E-bikes for riding in snow and ice should ideally (but not necessarily) have:

  • Larger wheels to make for a larger contact patch, providing more grip
  • Larger volume tires with aggressive tread – again widening the contact patch with the tread providing extra grip too.
  • In particularly icy conditions or on very compacted snow, studded tires provide the ultimate in grip and if you live in a real winter climate with snow and ice for many weeks or months of the year studded ice tires might prove give you the confidence to venture out in just about any conditions.

Even narrow road width tires with some tread on can provide good grip on pretty fresh snow, as here (copyright Richard Peace)

Of course, electric road bikes and other frame designs with narrow fork drop-outs simply won’t accommodate much wider tires and so the heavier the snow and ice the more they are at a disadvantage. That said I’ve ventured out many times in winter with patchy or thin snow and ice on the ground on my e-powered Brompton fitted with regular Schwalbe Marathon commuting tires. Indeed many road and e-road bike riders find that changing from ‘skinny’, faster summer tires to winter tires with  just a bit more width and tread can make all the difference when there is just a moderate amount of snow and ice about.
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Tips for eBiking During Coronavirus – Notes and Rider Stories from the US

With around 90% of Americans under stay at home orders because of the spread of coronavirus there are still things you can and should do to stay healthy but prevent the spread of the virus at the same time.

Most of the state lockdown guidelines do permit people to leave the house for exercise if they obey social distancing rules.

EBR have already covered the official advice issued by the UK government in this article and many of the lockdown orders in US states are similar i.e. stay local to exercise, only exercise alone or with members of your own household, practice social distancing when out (6 feet or 2m being the accepted minimum) and, as always, continue to take the advised hygiene precautions including regular proper handwashing. [Read more…] about Tips for eBiking During Coronavirus – Notes and Rider Stories from the US

Tips for eBiking During Coronavirus – Notes from the UK

It is little more than a week since the UK government announced strict new measures to help combat the spread of the coronavirus.

As of writing, people may only leave home to exercise once a day, travel to and from work when it is “absolutely necessary”, shop for essential items and fulfill any medical or care needs.

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Epic European Canal Electric Bike Rides [VIDEOS]

Like river rides, canal rides hold the promise of generally very easy cycling and easy navigation, allowing to cover long distances pretty quickly – especially if you have an e-bike.

Unlike rivers their charms are often in the craft that sail on them and ingenuity and individual nature of the engineering feats along the way, including a bewildering number and variety of locks and bridges.

Some, like the Gota Canal, are havens for wildlife, whilst others like Germany’s Kiel canal are jaw-dropping spectacles of the man-made kind.

Here is our pick of ten of Europe’s best canal rides.  [Read more…] about Epic European Canal Electric Bike Rides [VIDEOS]

Top Tips for a Successful Electric Bike Tour [VIDEO]

Whether you are just heading out on a long day ride or a multi-week odyssey, I’ve found paying attention to a few key areas can make all the difference between an easy, enjoyable e-bike trip, or one that you that ends up meaning you wish you had thought just a little more about your pre-ride choices. 

Of course, everyone is different in what they expect from an e-bike trip and what aspects are most enjoyable.

The following list of pre-ride considerations is my own choice based on all the e-bike trips I have completed over the years.

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Guide to Electric Biking in the National Parks & National Monuments [VIDEOS]

Following a Policy Memorandum from the US Department of the Interior National Parks Service back in August, more dirt roads tracks and trails are now available to e-bikers across the country’s National Parks. 

The memorandum states ‘E-bikes are allowed where traditional bicycles are allowed.  E-bikes are not allowed where traditional bicycles are prohibited, including wilderness areas…… The intent of this policy is to allow e-bikes to be used for transportation and recreation in a similar manner to traditional bicycles.’

In practice this means park visitors will be able to use e-bikes in the same way they use traditional bikes which, according to a National Parks press release, is “on park roads, paved or hardened trails, areas designated for off-road motor vehicle use and administrative roads.”  [Read more…] about Guide to Electric Biking in the National Parks & National Monuments [VIDEOS]