FedEx Uses Electric Trikes for Deliveries in Paris! [VIDEO]

What do you think? Could Fedex use an electric trike to make deliveries in your city or town?

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  1. Malcolm Alllley says

    I will do what I can to make electric vehicles happen in my town and my country so I am forever after information that will help make it happen. I have seen how electric trikes work in CHINA and I figure they can also be used in New Zealand. I will hook up with anyone in New Zealand to help make that happen.

  2. says

    Electric TukTuks might be a better idea. Because of the scare tactics and lobbying of the European Bicycle Federation, ebikes in Europe are really weak and slow, and not practical for freight delivery. In their zeal to “protect” other cyclists from some imagined “safety concerns” ebikes are only 250 watts of power, only pedelecs, and the amount of power assist declines the faster you go. This was all done without benefit of any kind of scientific study, just propaganda from anti-ebike factions.

    • Ronald says

      I’m surprised that ebikes are so restricted in Europe, although I have to say I have found 250 watts to be quite adequate for a pedalec myself. But if you think 250 watts is bad, ebikes are not even legal in New York City or New Jersey, two major urban areas that could really benefit from them. The environmentalists are not much help, either.


  1. […] Businesses that need to make deliveries around town can benefit from the maneuverability of a bicycle in a congested urban environment. Electric bikes with cargo carrying capabilities can also be a great marketing tool for businesses because of there unique look and they make a statement about the businesses environmental concern.  Check out this article for a business who uses an electric cargo bike to deliver sushi and this video of how FedEx is using an electric cargo trike in Paris. […]

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