Great VIDEO on Commuting by Electric Bike!

Commuting by electric bike

Are those $80-$100 tanks of gas getting to you?  Do you want to enjoy some fresh air on your commute to work?  I have a cool video for you that may inspire you to consider commuting by electric bike instead of driving your car or truck.

On a personal note, I have used regular and electric bikes to commute for many years.  Nearly 2 years ago I took the plunge and parked my truck in the driveway and it has not moved since.  My wife still has her car but we generally use it for out of town trips and picking up large items at the store.  In a way my electric bikes have become our second car and they are much cheaper to own and operate than a second car!

The following video has some great points (saving money, getting exercise, having fun, etc.) on how electric bikes are a nice alternative to driving.  They also interview a family that uses electric bikes to commute around Washington DC.

Ok, enough chit chat, below is the video, enjoy!

Did you like that video?

Do you think commuting by electric bike would work for you?

Are you currently electric bike commuting?

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  1. Rodge75 says

    Looks great! I think the restrictive and unclear legislation in Australia needs to be something a little more realistic and more people will jump on board.

  2. says

    This video is laughable! The paradigm of automobiles was developed
    and built by the U.S… To suggest that we would have anything else is
    unrealistic. Cities like LA and Portland have public transportation paradigms that
    are ignored by drivers and are left underused and lose millions. That money
    should be used to help improve roads and bike routes. (I’m not suggesting doing
    away with public transportation.) Electric bikes fill the niche that’s there now,
    replacing the bikes that are already on the road. Except for a small minority,
    biking is a fair weather affair.

    Look at that guy in the video, la-de-da-in down the street
    and blocking the CAR behind him with HIS BABY! What do you think the guy behind
    him is thinking!? “Oh what a cute baby!”? More important is, what is the guy on
    that bike thinking!!!? And most laughable is the animation showing the
    evolution of transportation. Flying cars, how insulting. The next step is autonomous
    computer driven cars and then pollution free fuel cell cars.

    The guy there talking about how someday everybody is going
    to be driving bikes is only thinking about his wallet, not the future. Until we
    can build a hydrogen infrastructure to support fuel cell electric vehicles, oil
    will be the boss. That’s why we need cheap oil and good roads, to help build that
    future. No amount of dreaming will stop that; it will only slow it down.

    I’d love to have an electric bike. Unfortunately, I live in
    an Apt and I cannot carry my bike upstairs because of my health. If I was able
    to have an electric bike, I would have to save up for more than a year in order
    to afford one. I do have a car and I keep it repaired, which takes that money.
    If I lost the car, I would be forced to look for alternates. My car gets me
    into town (30 mi.) in all weather conditions and safely. Sorry. 

  3. says

    Thanks Pete for the video. While I don’t have an electric
    bike yet, but have plans for the future, it’s good to know that you’re always
    there with some good information.

  4. Karen Lueken says

    Pete, just wanted to let you know that I passed on your video to the Mayor of Pontiac Michigan for just some thoughts on what they could do for manufacturing in that community. It was just an idea.

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