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  1. If you leave your bike inside your home or apartment, ALWAYS lock it. Lock it to something big if you can, and if not, lock the rear wheel to the frame. This prevents a burglar from riding off on it easily, and rolling it on the front wheel is difficult. Personal experience – if someone can break in your place, don’t let them ride off with your stuff on your bike. Twice as aggravating and expensive.

  2. Great tips on how to keep your electric bike safe. These tips would apply to regular bikes too I suppose. I’d never thought about taking the display with me when I left the bike parked outside. I think ill do that moving forward. Thank you for sharing these incredible tips with us.

  3. I’m thinking about getting an electric bike to ride to/from the train station (to avoid sweating in my suit before work). It’s a quiet station – only 1-2 trains an hour – but lots of standard bikes are chained up there in a group every day. A couple of questions please – are e bikes more likely to be a target for thieves? Are the motors easily removed i.e. do motors tend to get stolen off e bikes? Thanks

    • Hi Chris, electric bikes like conventional bikes can be targets for theft but it varies depending on the location. It’s always a good idea to lock your bike securely. In general it is pretty difficult to have a motor stolen from an electric bike. Similarly most batteries have a locking mechanism.

  4. Wow – this comments section is pretty old!
    Anyways, if you’re traveling and have your bikes on a car rack overnight, it’s definitely recommended to remove the batteries. It’s also easy to remove the seats to make your bike less appealing. The more locks, cables, straps, and tie downs can’t hurt either.
    It would certainly be nice if most ebikes had removable screens to ‘lock out’ the electronics. That would be a great feature.


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