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  1. A couple of considerations for Seniors buying an electric bike –
    Falling from a 2 wheel bike puts you at risk of hip injury so consider a smaller wheel size than the common 26 inch wheel. Be careful of throttle types. We have seen incidents where the thrumb throttle has been snagged getting on & off a bike causing the bike to lurch forward & throwing the rider to the ground. In a couple of incidents requiring an ambulance & hospitalization. In one incident the rider had removed his helmet & of course hit his head when he lost his footing. Many E Assists can be set up as a “pedal first” before thr throttle will engage & this might be advisable for you. The disadvantage is it can mean a harder time getting started if you are on an incline. For safety, comfort, not getting buzzed by passing drivers consider a recumbent trike, they really are the best of both worlds when it comes to cycling.

  2. I’m 70 and have been riding bicycles and motorcycles for over 50 years. I’ve lost interest in motorcycles and currently ride a class 3 Trek Allant +8S ebike with a step through frame. It works great for me but would be even better with a throttle for when I get tired which happens sooner than it used to. I don’t understand why some ebike and non powered bike riders are so prejudiced against throttles on ebikes. The other nice to have feature would be a suspension front fork since the roads around here in NJ are very poorly maintained.

    • Hi Jeff, I’m 79 and a life-long bicyclist. I’ve got over 5 years and 10K on a Pedego Stretch (heavy cargo bike) that has a throttle. There is no thumb protrusion, one must use finger and thumb on right hand to activate. I never ride the throttle, I always pedal. However where the throttle is most helpful is starts; especially at busy intersections or where the start is uphill. As a safety factor, I always keep a couple fingers on one of the brake levers as brake lever pull disconnects power from battery to motor. In using throttle, it’s only 1 or 2 seconds at start up is sufficient and I’m pedaling and releasing the throttle. The only other time I throttle is if I get an unexpected, very short steep section I may use it for just a few seconds, rather that go through downshifting or adding assist level where the added help will only be needed for a few seconds. Also, I have a Brompton folding, non-electric. I’m considering replacing it with a e-bike version. My only resistance is there is no throttle. I’m thoroughly in favor of throttles, but, only for those very brief moments of boost needed as explained above. I don’t like to see someone zipping down a trail or street running only on throttle and believe this is irritating to standard bicycles when someone is invading their environment running on a throttle.

  3. Hi Bicycle Comrades do any of you have any knowledge or experience with the electric trike it’s been around since 2003 it’s all steel which I like. It’s the DWMEIGI G-1703 Fat Trike 750W” it used to be called They Day Win it sells for
    $2.45oo All the reviews are very positive.
    Have a good week 😃 Thanks Carmen

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