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European Electric Bike Tour: In The Fields of Flanders – Part 4

Grant Walter reports from the road on his e-bike touring adventures in northern France and Flemish Belgium, being immersed in the e-bike scene, dealing with e-bike shipping challenges, and more!

European Electric Bike Tour: Venice, The Romantic Road, & The River Main – Part 3

In this installment of Grant Walter’s European electric bike adventures he reports on traveling to Venice, riding the ‘Romantic Road’, and enjoying his time on the River Main cycle path in Germany. After 3,001 km (1,864 miles) of e-bike touring, Grant gives his report on the Riese & Müller electric bike that he is riding.

“Down Goes the Bike Thief!” Bait Bikes with GPS Trackers & Mug Shots on Twitter [VIDEO]

Bike thieves in San Francisco better watch out! The San Francisco Police Department is placing “bait bikes” around the city with GPS trackers. If one of the “bait bikes” is stolen they will track down the thief, bust them, and post the thief’s mug shot on their Twitter news stream and website for a bit of public humiliation! You have to watch this video from The New York times, it is brilliant. Checkout how quickly they catch a thief!

European Electric Bike Tour: Not All Who Wander Are Lost – Part 1

Grant Walter shares his electric bike touring experience from the road! So far Grant has ridden in Stuggart, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest and Zagreb. Grant is riding the Riese & Muller, blueLABEL Charger with Bosch, NuVinci, and Gates belt drive set up.

Electric Bike Riding Safety Tips

In this guide you will learn about selecting the right gear, selecting the safest route, watching out for others, and how to handle rough roads. Make sure your next ride is a safe one!

Trip Reports: Electric Bike Touring in Croatia, Austria, & Italy’s Dolomites

Jane & Carolyn share their experiences of touring by electric bike in Croatia, along the Danube River, and in the Dolomites in Italy. Plus e-bike tour tips!

10 Tips for Improving Your Electric Bike’s Range

Are you concerned about your electric bike’s range?  Would you like to know some tricks for extending your e-bike range when you have that extra errand to run but don’t have that much charge left in your battery? Electric bike range is a common concern among e-bikers and I would like to offer some tips […]

Tips for Recovering Your Stolen Electric Bike

Previously I shared my thoughts on electric bike locks and tips on electric bike security.  So what if your electric bike is stolen despite your best efforts to keep it safe and secure?  First of all, that is BIG bummer and I truly feel for you if that has happend, but…….all hope is not lost! […]

Tips on Keeping Your Electric Bike Safe & Secure

You may have selected a good lock from the electric bike locks article but there are some other electric bike safety techniques that can further help you protect your investment.  By practicing these simple habits you can rest easier knowing your e-bike is that much safer. Let’s get into the tips! Park your electric bike in a […]

VIDEO: Bike Commuting Perks: Take the Side Streets to Avoid the Traffic

So I was just out playing around with my iPhone and I recorded this quick video for you. It’s nothing too mind blowing, but it’s just a reminder that one of the cool things about bike commuting is that you can take the side streets, backroads, urban trails, and other bike routes to avoid traffic. […]

How to Find Bicycling Routes in Your Town: Google Maps! [VIDEO]

One of the concerns that I hear from people that are interested in commuting by bike is that they feel like riding around cars is dangerous.  I agree that it is, but you don’t necessarily have to ride with a lot of car traffic.  One of the cool innovations that recently came out is the […]