Parking Problems? Not With an Electric Bike!

Don’t ya love circling the block for that perfect parking spot?  And then worrying about the parking meter running out when you are running errands downtown that are taking longer than expected.  Well the cool thing about an electric bike (and regular bike) is the ability to pull up and park as close as possible to where you are going.  Oh yeah, and it’s free to park your electric bike!

Parking a bicycle is so much easier than parking a car.  It is really nice to be able to pull up to where you are going and find the nearest bike rack or tree and lock your bike to it.  That’s it. Done 🙂

Parking a car on the other hand can be a frustrating experience.  Circling the block or parking lot for that perfect spot that is as close to the store you are going to is frustrating!  Finding that perfect spot is also time consuming.  When you consider [Read more…]

Making Electric Bikes More Affordable

Sometimes people get sticker shock when they hear that an electric bike will cost a few thousand dollars.

What you should factor into the equation is that using an electric bike to commute and run some errands that you would normally use your car for will be saving you money that is normally spent on gas, oil changes, maintenance of the car, and parking fees.

With that in mind the overall cost of an electric bike is not so bad considering it is one of the least expensive electric vehicles available!

To make it even more reasonable there are a few financing programs available that make owning an electric bike easier than paying the full cost up front.  The following are a few of the programs available.

1. First of all, check with your local electric bike shop to see if they have a financing program set up.  GE and Citi have partnerships with some of the local shops.  And here is one from Way2Go Leasing.

2. There are the new peer to peer loans that are becoming popular and offer competitive loans.  Here are the two most [Read more…]

The Electric Bike: Your Ultimate Green Bragging Rights!

“My Prius gets WAY better miles per gallon than your car!”. The green bragging that is going around is great! Some people have really taken going green to keeping up with the “Jones’s” (or your neighbors). Well if you really want to take it to the next level why not say ” My electric bike doesn’t even use gallons of gasoline!”

Electric bikes are really one of the lightest electric vehicles around. From a pure physics perspective you can imagine how much less energy it takes to move around [Read more…]

Would You Like To Rent an Electric Bike?

That’s right, I have a question for you! I recently read an article on a bike shop that rents electric bikes in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and I thought of two reasons why renting an electric bike would be a good idea. Below are the ideas and at the end of the article I would like your opinion on if you think you would rent an E-Bike.

First of all the price of an electric bike can be a little daunting. (Actually, when you break it down it is a very inexpensive price for an electric vehicle [Read more…]

Electric Bikes in PA Need Your Help!

Electric bikes in Pennsylvania are being treated unfairly and they need your help!  Currently PA law classifies electric bikes as a moped which makes it more of a hassle to own.

Gary DiVincenzo president of  Hybrid Cycles from Chester Springs, PA sent me this letter that I want to share with you.

“Pennsylvania’s electric bicycle law stifles a promising industry and inhibits our citizens from enjoying the benefits of this new technology applied to one of the oldest and most basic forms of transportation ever invented.  The e-bike industry is destine to play an important role in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, lowering [Read more…]

Cambridge Adds Electric Bike Share Program

Here’s a great idea!  Give people the chance to borrow an electric bike on their commute to work or around town for running their errands.  That is what is available to the workers at the Cambridge Science Park.  It is part of a program called Travel Plan Plus that allows the workers to “checkout” an electric bike for a while and use it as an alternative to a car.

Here is a quote from the program co-coordinator Gary Armstrong:

“The idea of the pool bike scheme is to remind and encourage people working in the area that there are alternatives to using the car – especially for [Read more…]

VIDEO: Benefits of Electric Bikes and a Great Way to Afford One

I just watched this video and I was impressed with the way that they presented the benefits of using an electric bike as an alternative to traditional means of transportation and what the UK has done to help employees afford buying an electric bike.

One of the points they make is that as kids we enjoyed riding a bicycle, but as adults many people have forgotten about bikes.  The electric bike is a cool way to get back into riding a bike for some fun and to use it as a practical hybrid electric vehicle to get around.

Another issue is the when riding to work, in general, people don’t want to arrive sweaty and dirty.  The electric assist really helps with [Read more…]

Why an Electric Bike is a Great Alternative to Driving a Car

So I thought I would kick off this new site with some reasons why I think electric bikes are a cool alternative to driving a car. That is really the reason why I have started this site. To encourage you to find another way to get around that doesn’t involve driving a car. I’m not saying that the ebike will replace your car. I’m just saying that it can be used instead of a car for some commuting around town. Oh and riding an ebike can be a lot more fun than driving a car!

Here is a list of reasons that I have developed so far.  I will be [Read more…]