Pizza Delivery By Electric Cargo Bike (In My Town)!

Wouldn’t you like to have your next pizza delivered by electric bike?  Well that could be a reality soon depending on where you live.  I first heard about this happening in Southern California and now it has hit home here in Flagstaff Arizona!  Fratelli Pizza, a local pizza company here in FLG, has added a Thrust electric cargo pizza delivery bike to their fleet of delivery vehicles.

I am particularly excited about electric cargo delivery bikes because they can replace many trips typically travelled by car, especially when considering the food delivery business.

These bikes may have a relatively high price tag (around $5000), but as soon as you get over the hump of the initial purchase they start to pay themselves off quickly when comparing all the costs of car ownership (registration, insurance, gas, tires, tune ups, wear and tear, etc.).  The real advantage to these bikes is that they can get in and out of dense urban areas quickly, which could get you your pizza that much faster 🙂

What do you think?  Would you like to have your next pizza delivered by electric bike?  Electric cargo bikes can be used in so many other ways.  What would (or do you) use an electric cargo bike for?

Please leave you comments and/or questions below.



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  1. Lyons says

    Hi Pete,

    Cool article about the pizza delivery.We are working together with Fooducopia’s ‘Corner Store’ in Denver. They deliver local produce all around town. We put one of our lithium kits on their cargo trike and it gets a lot of attention around town. I will send you a video in a few days.Cheers,JussiClean Republic

  2. bobby says

    i’d go to work and haul groceries!!! work is only 3.5 miles from where i live and the store is only 1.78 miles


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