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Guide to Electric Trikes [VIDEOS]

The electric trike niche is growing and this guide will show you some of the new tilting electric trikes along with the more traditional style e-trikes.

Guide To Electric Recumbent Trikes [VIDEOS]

Complete electric recumbent trikes from ELF, Planet Rider, Outrider USA, RunAbout Cycles, ICE Trikes, Como Trikes; plus ideas on adding electric assist to a recumbent trike.

Guide to Rear Rack Bags (Panniers) for Electric Bikes

Not all bicycle bags work with the rear racks found on some electric bikes. This guide will give you some bicycle bag options for your e-bike.

Glossary of Electric Bike Terms

Enhance your electric bike education with this guide to e-bike terms! Plus, Ed Benjamin’s electricity as water explanation.

Cheap Electric Bikes Guide (~$1,000 and Less)

A guide to buying economical / low cost electric bikes, e-bike kits, and e-trailers. Includes tips on finding used e-bikes.

Guide to “Fat” Electric Bikes [VIDEOS]

What is a “fat” electric bike? Well it’s basically the monster truck of the electric bike world! These “fat” e-bikes generally have tires that are 4+ inches wide and they are designed to handle all sorts of terrain like snow, sand, rough trails, the urban jungle (curbs, stairs) and anything else you can think of.

Electric Cargo Bike Guide

One of the recent developments in the electric bike and traditional bicycle world has been the cargo or utility bike. Cargo bikes are designed to carry loads that are larger and heavier than a traditional bicycle can carry. Electric cargo bikes offer an additional electric assist to the rider which allows them to carry a […]

Your Guide to Electric Bike Locks

So you have spent a lot of money on your electric bike but what about protecting it?  Some members of the Electric Bike Report community recently asked me about locks for electric bikes so I put together this guide to locks and tips on how to keep your e-bike safe. Getting a bike stolen is […]

Guide to Car Racks for Electric Bikes

Are you looking for a good way to carry your electric bike on your car?  This can be a tricky issue because traditional bike-car racks are designed to carry non electric bikes that are generally half the weight of an electric bike. After doing some research I have come up with a few options that […]

Electric Bike Charging Station Guide

Recently I have received some emails from universities looking for electric bike charging station information.  This gets me really excited because I think that providing e-bike charging stations at large institutions is a great idea!  Having charging stations at universities, hospitals, airports, businesses, parks, popular mass transit stops, hotels, etc. can only encourage more people […]

Electric Mountain Bikes Guide

One of the new trends in electric bikes is the electric mountain bike or electric conversion kit for mountain bikes.  An electric mountain bike may sounds strange at first, but it does have it’s place. I am putting together this guide to give you an idea of what electric mountain bikes and kits are available. […]

NEW Electric Bike Store Guide!

Wow, I have been busy!  It may not seem that way from looking at Electric Bike Report, but I have been working on a new project that is the NEW Electric Bike Store Guide. I wanted to create this guide so you and others could find an electric bike store in your town to test […]

I Need Your Help With a New E Bike Store Guide!

UPDATED!  Here is the link to the new Electric Bike Store Guide: E Bike Store Guide If you are a store owner, please add your store to the guide Here it is: I am going to tackle a new project that involves creating a guide to electric bike stores around the world.  I want to create […]