Guide to Electric Trikes [VIDEOS]

Butchers & Bicycles MK1 tilting electric trike.

Butchers & Bicycles MK1 tilting electric trike.

More and more electric trikes have been hitting the market and I think it is time to highlight some of these new light electric vehicles.

This guide will focus on upright electric trikes.  Here is a guide to recumbent electric trikes.

First off, let’s checkout some of the new high tech “tilting” electric trikes.  Yes, you can lean them into corners!

Tilting E-Trikes

Butchers & Bicycles MK1 Electric Trike

The name is a bit weird but it is a result of the company being based in the meat packing district in Copenhagen.

This tilting electric cargo trike with a mid drive e-bike system is pretty high tech!  Checkout this video to get an idea of what the MK1 is like:

Here is a link to their website and Facebook page for more info.  No word on price yet and it looks like it may be a little while until they are in the US.

Kaylad-e Electric Trike

This is a tilting electric trike with a mid drive, similar to the Butchers & Bicycles MK1.

Right now the Kaylad-e is a concept e-trike and it is unknown as to whether it will become a production e-trike.

Checkout this video for more information on the Kaylad-e:

Here is a link to more information and pictures of the Kaylad-e.

Trikke Electric Carving Vehicle

This is a trike that uses your leg power from a carving motion (like skiing) along with an electric motor in the front wheel.

Checkout this video to get an idea of what the Trikke Pon-e is all about:

Here is a full review of the Trikke Pon-e 48V to give you an in depth look at this e-carving vehicle.

And here is a link to the Trikke website.

Traditional Up Right E-Trikes

Worksman Trike with EBikeKit

Worksman Cycles has been around since 1898, building their bikes and trikes in the USA.

The Worksman Electric Port-o-Trike is the result of a partnership with E-BikeKit.

The Worksman Electric Port-o-Trike with E-BikeKit system.

The Worksman Electric Port-o-Trike with E-BikeKit system.

This is an economical trike that retails for $1,200.

Here is link to more information on the Worksman Electric Port-o-Trike.

eZip Tri-Ride Electric Trike

The eZip Tri-Ride is made by Currie Technologies and provides an upright trike with seat back.

The eZip Tri-Ride electric trike.

The eZip Tri-Ride electric trike.


Here is a link to more information on the eZip Tri-Ride.  The eZip Tri-Ride retails for $1,399.


That is it for right now.  I will add more e-trikes to this guide as I come across them.

Please let me know of other electric trikes that I should add to this guide.

And remember to checkout the recumbent electric trike guide too.



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  1. Staubli says

    It would look better proportioned with the 22″ wheels up front. I had one of the 1st gen electric bikes and upgraded the tires to Faction’s F22s and got so much more range from a charge.

  2. says

    Thank you for posting this article on electric trikes. My opinion is as the population ages they will seek easy transportation to get to the store and other activities. E-Trikes are the perfect solution to carrying groceries back home with out the expense of a car, with no maintanance and only having to plug them in it is a natural solution to quick and easy transportation.

  3. says

    The KAYLAD-E looks like a fun ride as well as the Bitchers and Bicycles Cargo Trike they are both tilters I have never ridden any tilt machine……..the closest I ever got to ”Tilt” is on a Pinball machine of Yesteryear”’………Ha,Ha,Ha……….LOL 🙂


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