Electric Bike Touring: 80 Year Old to Ride 2,500 Miles on an Easy Motion NEO Jet!

John Moss electric bike touring

John Moss will ride his Easy Motion Neo Jet 2,500 miles from Washington State to Ohio!

What a great adventure; 2,500 miles of electric bike touring from Washington State to Ohio on an Easy Motion NEO Jet!

At 80 years old, John Moss will start his cross country adventure on June 4th and finish in Ohio around September 1st, 2014.

John is a Korean War veteran who started cycling at age 62 and he has biked across the US several times; including a tour from Yukon to Alaska.

John selected the Easy Motion NEO Jet electric bike for his journey because of it’s low top tube (among other features), which makes getting on/off a heavily loaded touring bike easier.

Mr. Moss will be riding around 60 miles a day, 5 days a week for a total of 300 miles per week.

He will be following the Norther Tier Route from the Adventure Cycling Association.

The tour will finish at John’s favorite bike shop in Ohio, Century Cycles.  It is a shop that his daughter co-founded!

You can follow John’s progress on the Easy Motion USA Facebook page.

The Easy Motion NEO Jet electric bike that John Moss will use on his 2,500 mile tour.

The Easy Motion NEO Jet electric bike that John Moss will use on his 2,500 mile tour.


And here is a video that shows the NEO Jet as well as the NEO City & Neo Cross:

Here is a link to more information about the Easy Motion NEO Jet.

Electric bikes have been mainly been used for commuting or short recreational rides.  But e-bike touring is becoming more and more popular!

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Electric bike touring doesn’t have to be thousands of miles, it could be a 1 day or weekend trip.  Hopefully these stories will inspire you to consider your own e-bike tour!

Have you done any electric bike touring? If so, please share your story in the comment section below.



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  1. Allan Moore says

    Most eBikes have a range of about 30 miles at the most. Is John using more than one battery? It could be a challenge to find somewhere to charge the batterie(s) every night.

    • says

      Same question I have because no 10 or 12 Ah battery will last 60 miles using 100% motor assist. I am assuming that this person will be pedaling a lot since he was a hard core cyclist 18 years ago. He uses the assist only on hills or when he just needs it.
      I have a 79 year old friend John who will ride from SoCal to Washington next week. He was never a cyclist and just started riding his electric bike from EZ Green bikes almost 6 years ago. So far he has ridden over 20k miles on electric bikes for the last 5 years.

  2. William says

    Yes. How does one deal with power management during a crisscountry tour? Even if available at night, not always ready during active riding time. So multiple batteries must be part of strategy. Any other ideas?

  3. says

    My girlfriend and I have done a trip of 47 miles, with battery power to spare. We have Izip Zumas, with 11 amp hour batteries. We mostly use the throttle mode, but we constantly peddle. We also live in Florida where real hills are rare. Good luck to John on this adventure!

  4. ancientcyclist says

    I am presently working on an e-bike feature documentary and plan to ride an e-bike around the world by 2018. I am now working out my itinerary, but have not picked the e-bike yet. This is one of the sights I am using to decide on the bike I will use.


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