An Electric Bike Tour Across the USA!

Trans American Electric Bike Tour

Okay this sounds like a lot of fun; touring across the United States on electric bikes to raise awareness about e-bikes and demonstrate their benefits to many people.  That is what Boris Mordkovich and Anna Mostovetsky are doing and I applaud them for their hard work!  That hard work does sound like a lot of fun to me 🙂

Here is a great quote from their overview page:

“We want to meet more commuters, cycling enthusiasts, alternative transportation advocacy groups, and other fantastic individuals along the way to learn more about the transportation needs and issues across the country. We want to find out what’s preventing more people from cycling and how we can tip the scales in the other direction.”

Boris and Anna are currently enroute from New York City to San Francisco.  Their trip is 4400 miles long and it will go from April 7th to June 21st  of 2012.

They will be stopping at 25 cities along the way and they will be providing talks and presentations.  Check out their route here and if they are coming to your city or a city near you, make sure you go to their presentation!

They are doing this tour self supported; no support car.

They are using EVELO electric bikes with cargo touring trailers and they are carrying an extra battery for their 80 mile days.  Here is more info on their touring setup.

Anna with her EVELO electric bike and cargo trailer.

Are you interested in doing your own electric bike tour?  Big or small tour, they have some pointers to get going.

You can stay tuned to their adventures via their blog and Facebook page.

If you are thinking about an electric bike tour it would be great to hear about your plans, even if it is a 1 day tour in your area, let’s hear about it!  Please leave your comments in the section below.



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  1. says

    Hi Pete,

    Boris and Anna stopped in West Chester, PA this past week – just 2 days from starting, they seemed to have lots of energy. Hope you can say the same when you see them on the west coast.

    Boris gave a great presentation, along with other alternative trans advocates, including the Sierra Club, and did a good job making the argument for ebikes competing with standard trans – cars. Loved their sense of adventure and entrpreneurism.


  2. Jim Stack says

    What a great way to see the USA and not burn gas. I’d love to do the same trip but would like to see the new tween tired first that never go flat. Maybe a flexible solar panel on the trailer to charge the spare while biking with peddle assist on the other pack too.

    Enjoy the journey.

    Jim S


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