E-Bike News: Battery Breakthrough?, E-Cargo Trike, New Shimano STEPS & More! [VIDEOS]

Raiooo electric cargo trike.

RAIOOO electric cargo trike.

Time for an electric bike news update!

It appears that a new and improved lithium battery is on the horizon for electric bikes. It is a lithium sulfur battery chemistry and the hope is that the battery could be significantly lighter and less expensive than the current lithium batteries found on e-bikes.  A note of caution; there has been talk of batteries like this before and those batteries still have not come to market. We will have to see if these lithium sulfur batteries make it to market in the next couple of years.

Here is the RAIOOO wooden electric cargo trike. Checkout the following video of it in action:

JIVR Bike just launched their Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for their futuristic looking folding electric bike that has a lot of innovative features. Here is their KS video with more info:

Speaking of innovative electric bikes, here is a good article from Forbes about Gocycle’s efforts to expand into the US market and some history on the company.

Here is a bit of new electric bike technology that vibrates the bike to warn the rider of dangerous riding conditions. Checkout the following video for more info:

Mens Journal is covering e-bikes!  They recently featured a story about the Felt LEBOWSKe fat e-bike with the Bosch mid drive system.

Bosch will be offering their mid drive system to smaller bike brands soon.

The North American Handmade Bicycle Show concluded recently and there were some stylish custom e-bikes on display with the Shimano STEPS mid drive system with Alfine Di2 electronic shifting and the Gates Carbon Drive belt. Fifield E-Bikes showed off their classically styled Chatham and Peacock Groove had a retro moto style e-bike on display.

Shimano has announced a new version of their STEPS mid drive system with automatic electronic shifting, a “light” off -road version, a new display, 80% charging in 2 hours, and more.

Ford MoDe Pro electric bike

Prototype Ford electric bike.

Ford recently announced 2 new prototype e-bikes to “study how electric bicycles can work seamlessly with cars and public transport to deliver faster and easier daily commutes and help businesses operating in urban centers”.  Ford showed off a folding e-bike for the daily commuter and a cargo style e-bike for business use. They both feature smartphone integration with a wide array of features. Find out more about the new Ford electric bikes.

Kia is also hinting at a new electric bike.


Efneo is a company that makes a 3 speed “gearbox” for the cranks and eliminates the need for 3 chainrings and a front derailleur. This could be a good systems for single speed e-bikes or for people who don’t want the 3 chainring and derailleur set up.

kalkhoff tasman electric bike

Kalkhoff Tasman Classic Impulse 8

Kalkhoff and Focus electric bikes are now available in the US!

Momentum Mag interviewed a woman in Sydney Australia who uses an electric trike to take her kids to school and an electric bike for commuting to work. Definitely inspiring!

Here is a story about a woman in rural England that uses an electric bike to transport her 3 children!

Yuba cargo bikes sedona

Yuba Bicycles stopped by Electric Bike Report along their Yuba Power-Up Cargo Bike Tour to promote electric cargo bikes across the US.  In this post and video, Steve Bode from Yuba talks about the inspiration for the Power Up Tour and shows off their elBoda Boda e-cargo bike.

The Telegraph from the UK put together a post on “The World’s Coolest Bikes” and there were a number of e-bikes in the mix!

Sales of electric bikes rose 16% last year in the Netherlands.  That was almost 4 times as fast as traditional bikes!

And The Telegraph notes that the “electric bike revolution has arrived in Britain” with e-bike sales now the fastest growing category in the cycling market.

Paris, Brussels, and London are all investing more in cycling infrastructure and some of that will be for electric bike share programs.

rhat racer electric trike

Rhat Racer e-trike.

The guide to electric recumbent trikes has been updated to include some new e-trikes that have recently hit the market.  And that includes the Raht Racer that amplifies your pedal power up to highway speeds.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more e-bike news and reviews.


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