E-Bike News: New Rides, Snow E-Biking, Drift E-Trike, E-Cargo Bikes, E-Bike Share, & More! [VIDEOS]

The Swiss Cruiser Happy Maker electric bike.

The Swiss Cruiser Happymaker electric bike.

Checkout the Swiss Cruiser Happymaker electric bike! I just got word that they will be available in the US soon.

Speaking of new e-bikes, Stromer recently released a bunch of info on their new high tech Stromer ST2 electric bike!

The Gi Bike is a futuristic looking electric bike that is a full size folding bike.

Here is a video teaser of the wild looking Gi Bike!

Recently Gates Carbon Drive challenged 12 custom bicycle builders to design custom electric bikes for this years North American Handmade Bicycle Show.

The custom electric bikes featured the following systems: the Bosch mid drive system, Gates belt, and NuVinci continuously variable rear hub, the SRAM E-Matic & Gates belt, and the BionX with 3 speed internal gears & Gates belt.  Lots of custom electric bike pictures!

“Fat” e-biking in the snow in Aspen Colorado! Enjoy this a video from Surface 604:

See what goes into designing and producing a Juiced Riders electric cargo bike. Plus pictures from Tianjing E-Bike show in China.

Copenhagen has just launched an electric bike share program!  “Copenhagen has unleashed its new weapon in the fight against global warming: the electric City Bike”

Madrid has also launched an e-bike share program with 1,500 e-bikes!

LG, the large electronics company, is about to jump into the electric bike market. “LG Chem is reviewing a plan to plunge into the business of making e-bike batteries after seeing a clear sign that the market is indeed growing.”  They will join other large electronics brands (Samsung, Bosch and Panasonic) currently in the e-bike market.

The Newport Beach, CA police just got their new custom Pedego electric bikes to patrol beach areas.  “The bike can whiz along the boardwalk and pier, places a police car or motorcycle can’t reach. And its speed means a faster response to police calls up and down the Balboa Peninsula.”

Kevin Aiello, a UCLA chef, rides his Stromer ST1 e-bike to work for fun and health! “For a diabetic to get two workouts in one day… that’s huge, plus, I’m saving money on gas, car registration, insurance, gym membership and parking fees.”

How an electric bike paid for itself in 3 rides.  David Somers shares his interesting story of how an OHM electric bike has improved his health and saved him money!

A retired police officer from England stays fit by riding his Pedego electric bike after a knee injury.

This London author was “suspicious” of electric bikes, but after riding one for a while she changed her tone a bit….

USA Today did a story on Uncle Adam’s Uphill Bikes, a ProdecoTech e-bike shop in Lafayette, Ind.  “I think the bicycle should be enjoyed all the time. And this is how you can enjoy it all the time….”

Here is a video about the inventor of ShareRoller, a friction drive electric bike kit that can be easily added or removed from a bike share bike.

LESS CAR, MORE GO is a crowdsourced and crowdfunded documentary on the cargo bike revolution going on right now. Cargo bikes are a good car alternative. And when you add electric assist it makes them even better! Checkout these videos for more about this cargo bike documentary.

This is good cargo bike news:  “Cycling in the inner city actually saves time and money and DHL has plans to expand its pilot programs in more cities and more countries. Economically viable arguments that increase our commitment to cycling is reduced costs, employees that are less stressed, saving time and distance covered.”

Speaking of cargo bikes, here is the full review of the Xtracycle EdgeRunner with the Falco eMotors electric bike kit.

And more cargo; here is a rack attachment that can enable you to carry more cargo on your bike.  I like their moto “If your bike can do more, you can ride more”.  Note that some electric bike racks (if they carry the battery) may not work with this accessory.

The International Cargo Bike Festival is going on this weekend, April 12-13.

I just came across this economical cargo bike company called Oak Cliff Cargo Bicycles.

Super capacitors could be a useful device for electric bikes in the future.  Some researchers from Oregon State University have discovered a way to use wood cellulose for super capacitors.

Charged Up!  Interbike is hosting an electric bike media event in New Jersey, May 14-15.  They have partnered with Outdoor Retailer to also display outdoor technology to major media companies.

Alright, this is not an electric bike, but the Verrado electric drift trike from Local Motors looks like a lot of fun!  They currently have a Kickstarter project going on now.

The Stigo Scooter is a highly portable electric scooter.  Stigo has been chosen as a finalist for online voting at prestigious EDF Pulse “Electricity and Smart Living” Awards, the global green energy solutions contest sponsored by world’s largest producer of electricity, Électricité de France (EDF)

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more e-bike news and reviews!


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