The New High Tech Stromer ST2 Electric Bike! [VIDEO]

The highly anticipated Stromer ST2 electric bike is finally here!  Stromer has been teasing us with images and some of the high tech features recently, but now we get a full look at what this new and improved Stromer has to offer.

As you can see from the video this e-bike has some high tech wireless smartphone/cloud based technology.  But that is not the only new feature ………

Stromer says that “The Future is Now”.

Yes, the display is integrated into the top tube of the frame just behind the headtube.

The ST2 features the Omni cloud based system that is a fully integrated user-interface with real-time telemetrics, GSM, GPS, and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as the ability to communicate with and receive directions from smartphones via the Stromer App.

Here is what Omni can do!  The bike’s performance settings can be fine-tuned from your phone, wireless firmware update, remote acces to bike information and control functions, remote bike performance tuning via Smartphone App and lock and unlock ST2 via Smartphone App.

And here is what the Stromer App will look like.

The battery compartment is very similar to previous Stromer bikes with its ability to open the door and remove the battery.  The battery can be charged while it is in the bike or off the bike.  The door has a lock to keep the battery secure.

And speaking of being high tech, the ST2 uses EnergyBus which is an open standard for the integration of, and communication between, the components of light electric vehicles.

The battery compartment may be similar to previous Stromer bikes but the new ST2 features a larger lithium battery: a 48V 17ah (814 watt hour).  That is a big battery; more than double a typical 36V 10ah (360 watt hour) pack!

That will probably mean 50-60 miles of range.

The new SYNO Drive motor is a 500 watt direct drive rear hub motor with 500 watts of power and 35 Nm of torque and it powers the ST2 up to 28 mph.  This is a torque sensor pedal assist only bike (no throttle).  It can go above the typical 20 mph e-bike speed limit because the rider has to be pedaling to get assist.

The ST2 also features regenerative braking to put some energy back into the pack when braking.  The brakes are Magura Mt2/4 hydraulic disc brakes.

A Shimano 20 speed drivetrain is used on the ST2.  Front and rear thru axles are used to increase rigidity and security.

Integrated daytime running lights are built into the frame.  A carbon fiber fork comes stock on the ST2.

This is the Sport model frame and it comes in 20″ and 17″ sizes.

This is the Comfort model and offers a low step 17″ frame.

The price and availability date of the new Stromer ST2 have yet to be announced.

Here is a link to the main ST2 page and the ST2 tech page and more information about OMNI.

Stay tuned for more about the high tech ST2!


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  1. Shaun says

    I am not crazy about the look of some of these new bikes. The manufacturers are starting to make them look like motorcycles?
    My thoughts.

    • Derek says

      I agree with you, Shaun. In this way, they lose the “Stealth” factor of being a bike with lots of oomph.


      1) You gotta put the battery somewhere

      2) Have you looked at regular bike lately? They also look more and more like motorcycles. Fewer and fewer top end bikes are made with simple cylindrical tubes.

  2. brent meyers says

    No price has been set yet for the US. Price will be higher then the ST1. Bike is far more advanced than any electric bike to date. Stay tuned.


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