Custom Electric Bikes with Bosch Mid Drive, Gates Belt, & NuVinci Hub

Recently Gates Carbon Drive (belts) challenged 12 custom bike builders to build electric bikes using their belt drive along with 3 different e-bike systems; Bosch (with NuVinci N360 hub), SRAM, and BionX.

The result was an amazing array of e-bikes that included, titanium bikes, wood bikes, tandems, cargo bikes, a BBQ bike, and more!

These super custom e-bikes were part of the Gates E-Bike Showcase on display at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Charlotte, NC.

In this first of 3 posts you will get to see the custom e-bikes featuring the Bosch mid drive system with the Gates carbon belt, and the continuously variable NuVinci N360 rear hub.

Please keep in mind that all of these bikes are very customized and that prices have not been calculated for most of them.

Kent Eriksen is a custom titanium fabricator from Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Kent used the Gates e-bike challenge to design this rugged titanium electric mountain cargo bike for commuting between his house and workshop in snowy Steamboat Springs.

Here is a close up of the Bosch mid drive, Gates belt drive, and NuVinci N360 continuously variable rear hub.  Also note the custom titanium rear cargo rack!

Yes, this is a wood electric bike!  Craig Calfee from California put together this extremely unique wooden e-bike.

This wooden e-bike has many features.  The seat opens to provide a toolbox area where you can carry tools.  A pair of ax handles were used for the forks and old saw blades were used for the disc brake rotors.

Co-Motion Cycles is a custom bike builder from Eugene, Oregon and they specialize in touring bikes and tandems.  For their e-bike challenge they built this quick looking tandem and it worked out well for them as they won the Best Tandem award at the show!

Look at those belts!  The double Gates Carbon belts on this tandem with the Bosch and NuVinci systems make it stand out.

Dean Cycles is another custom titanium frame builder from Colorado.  In this picture, Rich Running Bull, shows off his creation.

Dean Cycles decided to go with a custom ti commuter with a slightly retro style.  Note the titanium rear rack that is built into the frame.

The split top tube and down tube are a pretty cool and the titanium fork rounds out this custom e-ride nicely.

This custom electric cargo bike may look familiar because it was featured on Electric Bike Report before.  Rob English and his wife have been car free for over 4 years and this e-bike now allows them to take their cat to the vet; something they used to borrow a car for.

This front rack with carbon fiber plates is sized to carry the kitty crate.

The stem height can be adjusted to fit riders of different sizes and to accommodate larger items on the front rack.  Also, note the large Bosch display front and center.

A close up of the Bosch mid drive, Gates belt drive, and the NuVinci N360 continuously variable rear hub.  The battery is placed just behind the titanium mast that has hinge to provide a little suspension.

The rear cargo rack also has carbon fiber plates.

This is the NuVinci N360 twist grip shifter that provides 360% gear range.

And this is the Bosch pedal assist adjuster on the left side of the handlebars.


That’s a wrap of the Bosch/Gates/NuVinci custom electric bikes from the Gates E-Bike Showcase at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show.

Make sure you checkout the custom e-bikes with the SRAM/Gates and BionX/Gates drivetrains.


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