Ebike Success Story from Tucson Arizona

Here’s an ebike success story that I want to share with you.  I really like this story because the author, Matthew Zoll,  has been using an electric bike to make his commute by bicycle more convenient during the hot summer months in Tucson Arizona.

If you live in a warm climate you will be able to relate this story.  In fact electric bikes work well in cold climates too, where sweating a lot can make you cold if you stop somewhere for a while.

Here are some teasers of what is in the article:

  • Guess how many miles he is able to travel on his electric bike for $4?  (That was the price of a gallon gas back when the price of gas spiked.)
  • Matthew uses his ebike for errand running using a cargo trailer.  Electric bikes are a great way to haul stuff because of the assist.
  • There is a great explanation on how the bike has paid for itself by replacing trips usually done with the car.
  • Finally, I like this quote: “The bike’s a lot of fun, and because of that you just can’t not ride it.” Very true 🙂

And…..here is the article.  Enjoy!

What do you think?  Did you like the story?  Does an ebike make sense for your commute in warm or cold weather?

Please leave your comments below.


– Pete

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