No Chain?! Mando Footloose IM Series Hybrid Electric Bike [VIDEO & PICS]

mando footloose electric bike side

No Chain?! The Mando Footloose is an electric bike without a chain or belt or any other way for the cranks to directly power the rear wheel.

When you turn the pedals, electricity is generated and added to the battery which then powers the rear hub motor.

The Mando Footloose is a series hybrid electric bike.

Mando recently introduced the new Footloose IM that is similar to the original Footloose but it [Read more…]

Folding Electric Bikes Guide

gocycle folding electric bike

Folding electric bikes are very convenient if you travel a lot, use multiple forms of transportation, or if you want a bike that can be stored in a small place.

It is amazing how small some of these folding e-bikes can be when they are completely folded up!

Folders are great when combined with other forms of transportation like the bus, subway, train, ferry/boat, taxi, car, etc.

They are also handy if you have limited storage areas at home or work.

To give you some ideas on the different types of electric folding bikes out there, I have put together this guide. [Read more…]

E-Bike News: E-Kid Trailer, SBA & Electric Bikes, E-Trikes, E-Bike Skeptics? [VIDEO]

Ridekick just announced their new electric assisted child trailer!  This could also work well as a larger electric cargo trailer.

The nice thing about electric bike trailers is that they can easily add or remove assistance to your current bike.  For some people they want assist only when they are hauling heavier loads, like kids and/or cargo.

Ridekick is currently [Read more…]

Series Hybrid Electric Bike Compared to Traditional E-Bikes: Efficiency, Ride Feel, Cost & More!

Recently the Mando Footloose series hybrid electric bike was announced and it is definitely a paradigm shift in the way we think about electric bikes.

The series hybrid type e-bikes have an alternator at the cranks that creates electricity from your pedaling.  The bike then uses that electricity plus the electricity in the battery to power the motor of the bike.  This type of e-bike eliminates the typical bicycle drivetrain (chain, chainrings, cogs, derailleurs, shifters, etc.)  Checkout the Mando Footloose for more detailed info on a series hybrid e-bike.

A friend of mine, David Calley, who is very technically minded, mentioned [Read more…]

Mando Footloose: The Future of Electric Bikes? [VIDEOS]

The Mando Footloose is a very different kind of electric bike.  Instead of a traditional bicycle drivetrain, it has an alternator in the cranks of the bike that converts your energy into electricity to power the motor of the bike!

This is a paradigm change in the e-bike world for sure.  It is a clean and simple design.  It removes all of the typical bicycle drivetrain components: the chain, chainrings, cogs, derailleurs, and shifters.  This also removes the dirty, greasy chain!

Of course it adds the alternator and some other electronic components but overall [Read more…]