Losing the Deadweight: Going Car-Free – Part 1


Quintessential Automotive Americana

By Troy Rank

The American automobile. A symbol of prosperity, freedom, and the American dream.

Whitewalls, fins, and a four barrel carburetor are practically synonymous with the colors red white and blue.

Truth be told it is not 1955 anymore, and America’s ambivalence to automobiles has long since waned.

However, it’s absolutely true that as American’s we still love our cars.

After-all, the entire landscape of our fair nation has been constructed, almost exclusively for the almighty motorcoach. To the mainstream, it’s absolutely the case that all other modes of transportation have been deemed either novelty or strictly recreational.

Then why have I, a man of relatively affluent means chosen to live without one for several years? Is it some kind of religious perversion that keeps me from accepting my one-ton of rolling American destiny? Almost.

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